Live 3D Technology At Coachella Was Originally Meant For Michael Jackson


INDIO, California — Anyone who walked into the Sahara Tent at Coachella shortly after midnight on Friday saw something that no one had ever seen before.

The Lucent Dossier Experience — an L.A.-based collective that combines vocal performances with avant-garde performers and aerial artists — gave a groundbreaking performance using real-time 3D Live graphics for the first time.

It’s Lucent’s 11th year performing at the Indio, California, music festival, but it was their first time taking on anything this ambitious. The 3D LED display tracked graphics that reacted and changed in response to the performers’ movements.

“We’ve all been to 3D movies, but to put it in a live event and to put performers in front of an LED and have the images flying around and past and over the performers…. it’s a brand new world,” Lucent founder and creative director Dream Rockwell told Mashable the day after the show.


She said the technology was originally intended to premiere during Michael Jackson’s tour right before he passed away.

“It’s kind of been shelved all this time,” Rockwell said. After she got connected to 3D Live Events, she took the idea to festival founder Paul Tollett, who — after seeing a demo of the performance — offered them the Sahara stage, Coachella’s home for all things dance music….


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Quincy Jones’ Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson Estate To Go To Trial

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter | All Things Michael


A $10 million lawsuit filed by Quincy Jones over projects made after Michael Jackson’s death will proceed to trial this summer, after a judge denied the defendants’ motion for summary judgment on Thursday.

In 2013 Jones sued Sony Entertainment and MJJ Productions, a song company controlled by the King of Pop’s estate, claiming master recordings he worked on were wrongfully edited and remixed to deprive him of backend profit participation on works including the This Is It film and soundtrack album and the 25th anniversary edition of Bad.

Jones’ attorney Henry Gradstein argued the movie “couldn’t have been made without these recordings” and said tracks the Jackson Estate does not control were licensed at fair market value, but the ones they did were licensed for $50,000 despite being worth much more.

Judge Michael L. Stern said there are two basic contracts at issue and both sides’ arguments are rely on fundamental contract law that “you learn in the first six months of law school” without any “diversions or frills.”

Despite the simplicity of the arguments, Stern said there are factual disputes that are going to require extrinsic evidence — including how to define musical terms like “remix” and “coupling.”

Many of Jackson’s mega hits, including “Thriller,” “Beat It,” and “Billy Jean,” were re-edited for the projects. Jones says MJJ breached his contract by allowing third parties to exploit the works “without first providing a reasonable opportunity to Jones to perform such remixes and/or re-edits.”

Defense counsel Zia F. Modabber argues “their position is they have the perpetual right to not have anyone else touch it without Mr. Jones’ permission” although for years Jones did not complain about others remixing songs he produced for Jackson.

Modabber asked the court to remove Sony from the lawsuit on the grounds that any money paid to Jones would come from MMJ, not Sony, but Stern denied that request.

Stern also denied Gradstein’s motion to amend their complaint saying “we’ve come too far” to make tweaks that aren’t consequential.

It’s also worth mentioning that of all the world famous songs at issue in this case Stern said he’s only ever heard of one — although he didn’t specify which.

After the hearing Gradstein said “Quincy has a righteous case” and defendants’ efforts to block it from proceeding to a jury were a “complete and utter failure.”

Modabber had no comment after the hearing other than “We’ll see what happens in June,” alluding to the trial that is set for June 15.

The Jackson Estate is also represented by Howard Weitzman.


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‘Michael And Me’ By Morris ‘Mo’ Pleasure

Sources: Camden Review – By Roisin Gadelrab | All Things Michael


On Friday we saw Mo give a This Is It masterclass at Wardour Street’s Yamaha Music, with full band. Switching between instruments, talking about Jackson – “a prankster”, he confides – and introducing vocalists, including one he discovered at a workshop, Mo demonstrated the music pulsing through his veins. While working on a million projects, he spends considerable time helping budding musicians and those from difficult backgrounds. It was his work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation that led him to Chalk Farm Road’s Camden Guitars, leading to a friendship with owner Deicola Neves.

rock and popMorris  Mo Pleasure IMG_4693 (1)

Musicians wishing to benefit from this maestro’s knowledge – Mo has worked with everyone from Earth Wind and Fire to Roberta Flack, Christina Aguilera to Janet Jackson – should follow this page. He will soon be holding masterclasses at Camden Guitars, helping musicians as the shop’s in-house producer in its new music studio and to find jobs and gigs. His album Mo – Elements of Pleasure and Michael JacksonTribute album are out next year.

“Since Michael died I dedicated myself to recreating his songs in different styles,” said Mo. “Just Another Part Of Me was a major funky tune. I’ve got it as a straight jazz version, like Miles Davis’ So What.” He feels the depth of Jackson’s music production and vocal percussion techniques were not given the recognition they deserved.

“He knew everything about everything – the lighting cues, the CGI, the magic, he was part of every bit of it,” Mo said. “From what I understand, he did the show for his children. They knew he was a superstar but they’d never seen him in concert. It is horribly sad.”

Mo thanks his wife for leading him to Jackson after she learned of his tour from friends. “Us musicians, our wives talk to each other,” he said. Michael’s music director happened to contact Mo and mentioned he was working with Jackson but said they already had a keyboard player.

“Stay tuned,” he added. The keyboard player was locked into an American Idol contract so Mo was brought in three weeks behind in rehearsals.

“I started in March, Michael died on 25th June,” said Mo. “We were days away from coming to the O2. We would have started in August.”

Unsurprisingly, Jackson was very much the perfectionist and required flexibility from his musicians.

“He was adamant about sounding like the record,” said Mo. “We had to learn all songs in three or four keys. When you’re singing, the voice changes and sometimes you can’t sing as high. Michael wanted to be able to choose, so at any given day he could change the key.”


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Mo Pleasure Presents The Music Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's "This Is It."

One of the greatest keyboard players and multi-instrumentalists of our generation, Morris ‘Mo’ Pleasure is in constant demand from some of the world’s biggest musical names. When Michael Jackson put his band together for his This Is It tour, Mo’s name was top of the list. Tragically, that band never got to play the This Is It show, but they can be seen on the This Is It Blu Ray and DVD released after the superstar’s untimely death.

Michael Jackson's "This Is It."

We’re delighted that Mo will be in store this December. As well as playing songs from This Is It, Mo will also talk about the production of the show and about Michael Jackson’s vocal percussion techniques. As a long-time Yamaha Motif Synthesizer player, this is un-missable event both for Yamaha Motif players and fans of Michael Jackson.


Tickets will go fast – book yours today!

In store at Yamaha Music London, Free Entry – Book Tickets here

Standing Room Only (Very Limited Priority Seating)


Judith Hill Reveals What Michael Jackson Was Really Like – EXCLUSIVE

Source: Yahoo Celebrity – By Stephanie Soteriou | All Things Michael


Judith Hill probably isn’t a name that many of you know, but you probably should considering she has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, and John Legend and featured in Oscar-winning documentary, ‘20 Feet From Stardom’, before the release of her debut solo album, ‘Back In Time’.

We mean, that is definitely no small feat.

The amazing singer also participated in the US TV series of ‘The Voice’, sparking complaints and backlash against the show when she was eliminated from the competition, which must have made her departure a little easier for her to swallow.

With such an amazing back-catalogue of musical legends listed as her collaborators, when we caught up with Judith we just had to get all the goss on what it is like working with literal superstars – oh, as well as find out first-hand what the iconic Michael Jackson was really like as a person.

The 31-year-old was selected as MJ’s duet partner for his ‘This Is It’ concert tour, practicing closely with him in the months leading up to his sudden death on June 25th 2009, and Judith attracted global attention when she performed at the star’s memorial at the Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles on July 7th of the same year, leading on his song ‘Heal The World’, and impressing fans across the globe.


Discussing what it was like working with Michael, Judith admitted that he was a little intimidating but mostly just pretty bloomin’ inspiring, telling us: “He’s an incredible icon. You just pinch yourself when you’re on stage and have the opportunity to really see greatness and experience greatness.

“Michael is everything in that way and I think for me at the time, coming out of seniot college, I was very green – I hadn’t really done a huge tour. Working with Michael Jackson was an experience, it blew my mind because everything about him really caught on.


“His spirit made me jam in what he believed in, it really inspired me and showed me that there’s so much that can be done as an artists, not just as a great singer; how much power you have, and seeing it first-hand from Michael, was life-changing.”

We can only imagine.

And with Judith being the one to work with Michael the most in the months before he passed away she knew him incredibly well on a personal level, adding: “He’s very sweet, a very, very kind person. Just very gracious and warm-hearted.

“He was very much a perfectionist, he was an expert and he inspired us to be experts. It was very much a great challenge of how to become greater and he’s very intimidating in that way because you’re sharing a stage with Michael Jackson, but he really encouraged me.

“He directed me in a lot of things and I was very excited to see him as a singer.”

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The Mission Clothing Red Lion Shirt Worn By Michael Jackson In This Is It Has Been Re-issued Exclusively At Tattoo Apparel

Sources: PR Web | All Things Michael


La Habra California (PRWEB) May 18, 2015 – In 2009 Michael Jackson was last seen on stage rehearsing for his upcoming This Is It shows. With the King of Pop’s untimely passing, a movie, entitled This Is It, was released to pay homage to MJ’s vision for this show. Footage of the last rehearsal were a large part of the movie and photographs from that day were used as the artwork for the This Is It Music CD. Michael Jackson spent much of that rehearsal wearing a red button front shirt with a Lion design, large letter M and rhinestone accents on it.


The shirt Michael was wearing that day was the Red Lion shirt by Los Angeles based Mission Clothing. It is easy to guess what attracted him to the shirt. Mr. Jackson was known to be fond of the color red, the Lion is seen as “the King” and the shirt had a large M on it. The M actually stood for the brand Mission Clothing but all these things factored into making it a shirt that was perfect for the King of Pop.

After Michael Jackson passed away retailers including, Perpetual Vogue – Tattoo Apparel who carried the Mission Clothing brand fielded requests from MJ fans worldwide who wanted to purchase the shirt. Retailers saw their existing stock sell out quickly. At the same time some unscrupulous clothing manufacturers in China started making low quality fake versions of the shirt, essentially stealing the design and making counterfeit versions of the shirt. To maintain the integrity of their brand and their design Mission chose to retire the design at that time so as to not be affiliated in any way with the fake shirts being made.

Fullscreen capture 5182015 90911 AM

Much time has passed yet Michael Jackson fans continue to request access to the real version of this shirt. They want the real deal, the hand embellished shirt that is made in Los Angeles by Mission Clothing, just like what Michael wore. Mission Clothing has now re-released the shirt so it is available again to Michael Jackson fans to purchase. In order to control the authenticity of the shirt so that fans will know that they are receiving the real shirt, Mission has decided to only offer the shirt for sale through the Perpetual Vogue Store and the Perpetual Vogue online sales venues. The shirt may, in the future, be available at tribute shows but as of now the only place to purchase the authentic Mission Lion Shirt in store is at the Perpetual Vogue Shop in La Habra California and online at web sites and online venues that are part of Perpetual Vogue such as

The Mission Lion shirt is a trademarked design by Mission Clothing Los Angeles. It is red cotton button front shirt with a touch of spandex for stretch. Each shirt has been individually printed and hand detailed. The shirt is a very slim fitting men’s shirt. Most gentlemen go up a size for the best fit. Since it is slim fitting it was also very popular with ladies who like to wear it over leggings. The shirt care label recommends dry cleaning.

Michael Jackson can be seen wearing the shirt in the This Is It movie trailer and other videos from the This Is It rehearsal. There are also photos in the CD case and many photos online and on fan web sites.

This is the ultimate Michael Jackson fan collectible. It can be worn, saved as part of a collection or framed. The actual shirt design, just like what Michael himself wore is the perfect MJ fan collectible. Fans of the King of Pop can own the same shirt design that Michael himself owned and wore. Available again now for a limited time at

The Perpetual Vogue Store and have been in business for over ten years. They have carried the Mission Clothing line for many years. Perpetual Vogue – Tattoo Apparel carries clothing and accessories that appeal to musicians and rock stars. They have many musicians among their customers and occasionally style bands for music video shoots. The Perpetual Vogue store is located in Southern California. The store is normally open to the public Tuesday – Saturday. Customers can also shop online 24/7 at They ship worldwide.


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Michael Jackson’s Movie Career Summed Up in 7 Minutes

Sources: Indiewire – By Tambay A. Obenson | All Things Michael


This was actually made in 2009, soon after Michael Jackson’s death, and just before the release of his concert movie, “This Is It,” later in the year – put together by Time magazine, it’s a concise 7-minute summary of the King of Pop’s entire movie career, including one or two on-screen appearances you may not be familiar with.

“This Is It” was technically his very last big screen “role,” although it was a documentary – a videotaped pre-concert concert, assembled from rehearsals that occurred from April through June 2009 (right before he died), for a tour that was scheduled for that summer. For roughly 2 hours, it’s Michael Jackson – mostly a very austere Michael – prepping quite rigorously for a concert tour that, due to his abrupt death, never came to pass.

If there’s one thing I took away from watching “This Is It,” it’s that, quite a lot of work goes into producing a concert fit for a king – the King of Pop, that is. There’s the old joke about the guy who asks pianist Arthur Rubinstein how to get to Carnegie Hall; and Rubinstein replies, “Practice, practice, practice.” And that’s exactly what they do here! The dancers, the musicians, the crew behind the pyrotechnics, and of course, MJ himself, who, throughout the entire documentary, is so self-assured and in full control of almost every aspect of the production, never hesitating to express dissatisfaction (as well as praise) when necessary – traits that seem so counter to the almost fragile Michael Jackson that the media often portrays.

Your appreciation for the film will likely depend on your appreciation for the man at the center of it – because it’s really all about him. You, the audience, essentially are made privy to the kind of footage you likely would never get to see under most similar circumstances. You get to witness how much work goes into the preparation for a concert of this magnitude, as each piece is imagined and realized – no frills, no adornments. You get to see the magic that happens behind the curtain – in lieu of what you would have seen live and on stage, but now never will. In a way, it’s like buying a DVD that comprises solely of extra, behind the scenes features, without the completed film.

Regardless, I think any fan of MJ’s will appreciate what “This Is It” offers – a glimpse of a Michael that I don’t think we ever really got to know, and the final steps of a genius, fully dedicated to his craft, as well as the audiences that still love and support him.

It’s on various home video platforms, so look for it there if you want to see his last on-screen appearance in a film.

For everything else that came before it, watch the Times video summary below (underneath it you’ll find one of the films he starred in, the short,directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and co-written by George Lucas – “Captain EO.”

Michael Jackson’s Movie Career – Video

And here’s “Captain EO” in full:


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Sarasota Film Festival To Feature TII At Outdoor Screenings

Sources: Herald Tribute – By Kali Ray Skinner| All Things Michael


SARASOTA – The Michael Jackson film “This Is It,” which chronicled the famed singers rehearsals and preparation for his 2009 concert series that was cancelled when he died, will be shown at a free screening Tuesday in the courtyard of Booker High School.

The screening is part of Booker High’s Black History Month celebration. Throughout the month, Booker will have facts about the celebration on the morning news and essay contests, along with other activities to celebrate.

This is the first Moonlight Movie night held at Booker High. Those attending are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or a blanket for seating. Concessions will be available.

“We’re very hopeful that it will be a good turnout. Booker will market it like crazy the day before the movie and the day of,” said Darby Larkin, Booker High Schools’ assistant principal.

The Sarasota Film Festival is teaming with Booker High to present the film. Other partners include Culture Builds Florida, Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues, Arts and Cultural Alliance, Women’s Exchange and the Sarasota Police Department.

Samuel Curtis, the Education Director of the Sarasota Film Festival, is working with Booker High to enhance students interest in film. He founded “The Sarasota Film Festival Film Academy” for school film programs last summer.

Curtis worked with Booker students over the summer to create a film, “Newtown at 100: A Glimpse Through Our Eyes,” to celebrate Newtown’s centennial anniversary. The trailer will be shown before Tuesday’s film screening. The full-length Newtown documentary will air April 16 at the Sarasota Opera House as part of the Film Festival.

Tuesday’s screening and the documentary showing in April are part of an ongoing connection the Film Festival is cultivating with Booker and other schools in the county.

Curtis said he plans plans to get involved with more schools this summer. So far, the program has reached Booker High, Riverview High and SCTI.

The film festival uses this Moonlight Movie opportunity to give back to the community before the festival season, organizers said. Screenings of “This is It” will also be held at Siesta Key Beach and Lido Beach.

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