In Honor Of Michael Jackson’s 58th Birthday

On August 29, 1958, a genius prodigy was born in a little town in Indiana called Gary.  

At the time, Nobody could have guessed that the sweet little angel bundled in his mother’s loving arms was destined to be known all around the world.


As he grew in knowledge and favor among his peers and family, people began to take notice of the precocious, little youngster, who first became a Dancing Machine to the rickety sound of the family’s old washer.


Words could not describe the Pride and Joy his mother felt the first time she fully realized the gift that he had when she heard his endearing voice singing in front of an audience at the tender age of five.

As he became the lead singer of the Jackson 5, the sweet Melodie of his voice and his natural charms quickly won the hearts of people. They marveled at his talent and ability to convey such depth of emotion in song. He was an old soul beyond his time and had just as much command of the stage as his idols James Brown and Jackie Wilson.

The Jackson’s immediately shot to fame quicker than anyone could have imagined. Some would even say it was Much Too Soon for a child so young to be a veteran of the stage by the time he was 10.


Then one day, Destiny started to call his name and he felt the pull to answer the call.

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He loved his family dearly, but his heart was leading him in another path. As his faith grew, so did his motivation. He set a written plan in motion and followed it to the letter.


MJ’s 1979 Manifesto

He began Workin’ Day and Night to create a new image and new music like the world had never seen.


Though many thought his career was over after the Jackson’s, he proved them wrong. His albums and short films were one Thriller after another. He could do it all and better than those who came before him. He became a producer, songwriter, actor, director, inventor, artist, businessman, humanitarian, philanthropist, innovator and trendsetter. Everything he touched seemed to turn to gold.


The excitement and the flurry that his dancing, singing and bigger than life presence shot his fame out of orbit to a level of celebrity popularity like we have never seen. He drove all his fans to a frenzy: young and old, male and female.


Many times, the Price of Fame would prove to be many times painful. Though he could not always find a place to Xscape, he never let his personal pain stop him from using his hard earned success to help others and to raise our consciousness about the social issues that troubled him. His heart was even bigger than his fame and whatever he set out to do, he did it with much passion and conviction. He taught us to look at the Man in the Mirror and be the change that we want to see in the world.


Though Michael is no longer with us in the present, his spirit lives through his monumental artistic achievements and humanitarian efforts.

Those of us who were blessed to witness his rise and incarnation as the King of Pop, will always Remember the Time when a Michael Jackson song has been associated to a special memory or event in our lives.  The relevance and joy of his musical body of work will never be forgotten, nor can we ever forget the extraordinary man that he was and the principles he stood for.

Michael, we thank you for all that you have done for your fans and for all mankind.

We will always love and miss you.





This Week In TV History: The Jackson’s Variety Show Began Airing On CBS


The Jacksons was a variety show featuring the Jackson siblings (except for Jermaine, who was signed to Motown while the Jackson group was signed to the Epic/CBS record label). It was the first variety show where the entire cast were siblings.


As with the Jackson 5 regular performances, Michael Jackson was the lead performer in musical and dance performances.

The thirty-minute Wednesday evening show began airing on CBS as a summer 1976 show and it continued into the 1976–1977 season, finishing on March 9, 1977 after running for 12 episodes.

Source: ChildofTelevision 

Committee Wants Gary To Better Utitlize Its Connection To The Jacksons


Some Gary residents are attempting to create excitement around a series of events honoring favorite son Michael Jackson and his family.

They’re asking others, including the city, to get involved in something positive for a city that’s seen better days, WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports.

The Jacksons are “the greatest entertainment family the world has ever seen,” says activist Kwabena Rasuli. “Let’s utilize it, let’s benefit from it.”

Rasuli says the Jacksons could do for Gary what Elvis has done for Memphis and generate millions.

Locals say a steady influx of tourists come to 2300 Jackson Street, the small house where the Jackson family started their career in music.

Gordon Keith, who early on signed the Jacksons to his Steel Town Records label, says the family said they would never forget their roots in northwest Indiana.

“I’m still waiting on them to keep that promise,” Keith says.

For more information about the Committee To Honor The Jacksons In Gary, go to the group’s Facebook page.

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‘Kid of Pop’ Lands In Spotlight With Michael Jackson Moves

Sources: Southbend Tribute – By Kathy Borlik | All Things Michael

He’s got the moves. Ziynne is his stage name. Everyone needs a stage name when you are 8 years old. In grade school in the Mishawaka area, he is Ziynne Ward. Some people call him the Kid of Pop.

For the past four years he has been dancing to the music of Michael Jackson. He comes complete with a red jacket and a sparkly glove. The crowds love him. Recently he performed in Milwaukee with the Jacksons (Tito, Jackie and Marlon) at a charity event at the Wisconsin Center. This past Saturday, he performed at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City.


Ziynne auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” television show in Detroit in the fall. But the family hasn’t heard anything. A promotional video for AGT has images of the young dancer. Check out the video at the 40-second spot

He is the son of Stephen and Stephanie Ward. His dad said it is a “God-given talent. He has never taken a dance lesson. We are proud and amazed with him. It is very natural for him.”

Dad Stephen said he noticed when he carried his infant son and listened to music, the little boy rocked back and forth with the beat of the music. “In preschool, I went into the classroom and he was performing, and the other kids sat in a circle and watched. The teachers all had their phones out and were recording him.”


By the time he was in kindergarten, the movie “Michael Jackson’s This is It” was released. Ziynne was as happy as he could be.

He has performed at local events and festivals. The Jackson family members were impressed, according to Stephen. And that may open more doors for him, according to dad.

Check out his website — — for a look at the performance schedule.


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Funeral Services For Majestik Magnificent

Sources: Helena Arkansas | All Things Michael

Majestic Magnificent  Forever Michael Tribute at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 © RD / Kenney / Retna Digita

Funeral services for Majestik Magnificent will be held at noon Saturday, February 27 at the P.L.M. & D. District Center, Helena Crossing. Reverend Gerald Hunter will officiate.

Visitation will be 2 to 6 p.m., Friday, February 26 at Jackson – Highley Funeral Home Chapel.

Majestik Magnificent was born to Rose Wright Thomas, July 30, 1955 in Helena. Majestik was affectionately named after his late grandfather, Harry J. Wright.

As a child Majestik dreamed of becoming an entertainer and making it big in Hollywood. He began his career as a magician in Las Vegas in the 1970s. Soon after he met Muhammed Ali who introduced him to Michael Jackson. Majestik was personal magician to both Ali and Jackson and was a close friend of both families for over 30 years.

Majestik made an appearance in the movie documentary “Ali the Fighter” (1974) as well as on a variety of talk shows over the years including Dr. Drew (2011), spokesperson for the Jackson family during Michael Jackson trail. He also co-stared on the reality show “Life With Latoya” (2013 – 2014). Majestik was the recipent of the Sherry Gordy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 for his consistent encouragement, advisement, and support of the entertainment family.

Majestik was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, gliblustomia in 2013. He fought courgeously with the love and support of his family and close friends until his transition February 19, 2016. He will be deeply missed by all who loved him.

His sister, Olivie Patricia Wright, and his stepfather, Fready Thomas, preceded Majestik Magnificent in death.

He leaves to cherish his memory his beloved mother, Rose Thomas; a brother, Stephen (Bernice) Wright of Morena Valley, California; three sisters, Rose Evans of Streamwood, Illinois, Blanche Simmons of Sacramento, California and Carol (Billy) Williams of Helena; a stepsister, Delores (Dempsey) Word of Holly Grove; second mom and dad, Joe and Katherine Jackson of Las Angeles, California; a very special friend, Trentina Jackson; and a host of nieces and nephews, cousin, six godchildren and many many friends and fans.

Sources: Helena Arkansas | All Things Michael

Majestik Magnificent Loses Cancer Battle

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Radar Online is reporting that Majestik Magnificent, late Michael Jackson‘s personal magician, lost his battle to cancer at 3:05 a.m. this morning.

Last year it was reported that Majectik was suffering from stage 4 brain cancer. He was a long time friend of the Jackson family.

We pray for his loved ones, family and friends during this time of bereavement.

May he rest in peace.



Monster Releases Names Of Celebrity Lineup For Michael Jackson Tribute

Painting by Kenneth Scott

Today, as promised, Monster electronics released the names of the celebrities who will perform at the Heal the World: A Tribute to Michael Jackson at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Axis Theater on January 7th for its annual awards show and concert.

Among the entertainers will be the Jackson’s, members of Aerosmith, George Benson, Ne-Yo, Christina Milian, Rick Ross and Luis Coronel. NBA legend and entrepreneur Magic Johnson will host the event. Producer and record label exec Vassal Benford will conduct a 30-piece orchestra. Additional special surprise guests are also planned. About 5,000 annually attend Monster’s annual retailer awards and concert at CES.

Monster’s CEO and founder Noel Lee wants to put on an especially uplifting event at this year’s CES. Jackson’s single Heal the World from his 1991 album Dangerous fits right into this year’s theme.

“This year’s tribute to Michael Jackson is truly fitting. His song ‘Heal the World’ truly speaks to the needs of today’s times and Monster feels that it’s part of our obligation as corporate citizens to bring social consciousness to CES to help fight terror, violence, and to clean up the environment for future generations.” 

“I want to highlight a social consciousness of solutions that the consumer electronics field can think about,” he said. “For instance, if you can have a fingerprint reader on a iPhone, why can’t you have one on a gun? My goal is to stir up innovation around affecting the world.”


Sources: USA Today  | All Things Michael

Kim Sledge Of Sister Sledge Says Michael Jackson Is One Of The Most “Dynamic Entertainers” That Ever Lived

Sources: Sunday World | Elke Hassell | All Things Michael


The ‘We Are Family’ singer and her siblings – Debbie Sledge, Joni Sledge and past member Kathy Sledge – toured and performed with the late King of Pop on numerous occasions during his final years in The Jacksons in the 1970s.


Kim got to know Michael and as well as being one of the “nicest people” in the music business she thinks his talent as a musician is only rivalled by a few artists.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: “My memory of Michael was he was one of the nicest people I have ever met and he is one of the most dynamic entertainments I have ever seen in my life. I put him in the category with James Brown, who is one of my all time favourites. There are some people who are born in the small glory on that stage. I think entertainers, the ones that last, have passion. It’s like it’s what they were created to do, for some reason it is in you, it is just a part of what you do, you have to work at it, it may come natural to you, but you are willing to work it because it’s your passion, and that passion shows in someone like Michael’s performances. He was quite a performer.”

Kim can recall Michael and his brothers – Jackie,

Tito, Jermaine and Marlon – used to go to great lengths to try and disguise themselves so they wouldn’t be noticed by their fans.

However, their attempts at subterfuge would backfire as their antics brought more attention to them.

She added: “I can remember when we were touring with The Jacksons. When we were travelling we would get out and stop at regular truck stops and motels. We would just pull up in those truck stops and just jump out of our cubbyholes on the bus, and go into the diner to get something to eat. But The Jacksons would come out fully hooded down, faces covered by hoodies. I mean, they were trying to eat incognito, but they just drew so much attention to themselves.”

Meanwhile, Sister Sledge are getting into the festive spirit and are giving away a song for free this Christmas to their fans on their newly launched blog from December 15.

The trio are giving away the track ‘Mary Did You Know’ from the album ‘The Sacred Story’. The song is essentially a Christmas carol in a neo-urban presentation that retains the values of love and togetherness.

Sister Sledge have launched their Nothing Is Greater Than Love blog with the aim to empower people through the values of love, peace and compassion and is inspired by their music and Christian faith.


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