Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson Annual Birthday Block Party

In what has now become an very anticipated tradition, Director Spike Lee will host his annual Brooklyn Love Michael Jackson birthday celebration block party on August 26 from noon to 7pm.

The event will be held on Do The Right Thing Way avenue in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn. Music by DJ Spinna.

Come on out and enjoy yourself!

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Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson Block Party This Saturday


This weekend, Lee will be honoring a musical legend with his annual Michael Jackson block party.

The free party, slated for Aug. 27, is dubbed “Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson.” It will take place from noon to 6 p.m. on Stuyvesant Avenue between Lexington Avenue and Quincy Street, which is also known as “Do the Right Thing Way,” named after Lee’s iconic film.

This will be Lee’s sixth annual birthday party for the late King of Pop, and with each passing year, the celebration seems to gain more popularity.

This year’s gathering will be co-hosted by Lee and rapper and radio host Sway. DJ Spinna will be providing the tunes all day long, and he will surely play some of Jackson’s classics.

Anticipation for the party is already growing this week; many attendees are using the #BKLovesMJ hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

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A spokesperson from Lee’s production company 40 Acres and Mule Filmworks could not be reached for comment by press time, but the company’s Facebook page assured its followers in a post that “DIS IZ GONNA BE EPIC.”

Jackson would be turning 58 on Monday, Aug. 29.

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SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 12P-6P

Join Spike Lee as we jam to the magic of Michael’s music throughout the day.

Bring your family, friends and a pair of comfortable dancing shoes cuz DIS IZ GONNA BE EPIC!

Where: Stuyvesant Avenue between Lexington Avenue & Quincy Street

Hosted by Sway & Spike Lee. Music by @DJSPINNA




Source: Spike Lee | All Things Michael

Spike Lee Explains The Difference Between Working With Michael Jackson And Prince


Spike Lee doesn’t make music videos. He makes short films.

Last night at the SVA Theater in New York City, legendary director Spike Lee broke down the music he has used in his 30 year directorial career as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival. He made sure the music videos he directed were referred to as short films. While showing scenes from his extensive canon, Lee’s stories of making short films with the late Prince and Michael Jackson revealed a vastly different working relationship with the two than previously known.

Lee directed Prince’s Money Don’t Matter 2 Night, from the late singer’s 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls, after receiving a surprise phone call from the Purple Rain singer.

According to Lee, he never showed Prince a treatment or script for the music video, for a reason that would define their working relationship: Prince didn’t intend to be in the video. “We really didn’t work together,” Lee began with a business-like tone to his voice. “We worked together, but it wasn’t like we were in the same room.”

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Prince became a bit more hands-on in later years, most notably in his contribution to the soundtrack of Lee’s 1996 film Girl 6. After presenting Prince with the script, the artist was fully committed to contributing, but not necessarily collaborating. “He wrote the title track for Girl 6. Then he said ‘go through my catalog and use any song you want.’”

Whereas Lee spoke very respectfully about Prince, his eyes lit up and his voice became noticeably more animated recounting the extensive story of working on the short film for Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us single, from his 1995 album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I. “I told him I live in Fort Greene. This is before gentrification. He said ‘I’ll come to Fort Greene.” The next day, the King of Pop was in Lee’s home at 180 Washington Park, playing songs from his new album and blessing Lee’s then one year old daughter, Satchel Lee.

The true extent of Jackson’s willingness to collaborate was evident when the pair began filming the short film in Brazil. The song, They Don’t Really Care About Us features synthesized drums, but Lee told Jackson “there’s no use going to Brazil and not record the drums.” So, Lee told him they would lay the drums from famed Brazilian drum group Oludom over the synth drums in the final video mix. “You’ll see there comes a point when the song is over and Oludom is still going.” He yelled cut, but Mike gave him a look that Lee knew meant “keep that shit going.”

Jackson also had no complaints about filming in “the most notorious favela” in Brazil, according to Lee. “It took a week before the Brazilian government would give Mike a Visa. They didn’t want him in Brazil,” Lee said, referring to Rio officials opposed to the filming.


Lee’s assistant producer Kátia Lund helped ensure Jackson’s safety by speaking with an unnamed leader in the favela, who was a huge Michael Jackson fan. “He said ‘You could put a million dollars in the middle of the square and I bet you my life no one is going to touch it.’ That’s how we were able to shoot at this place.” According to Lee, Lund made a deeper connection with the locals, which inspired her to film the the critically acclaimed City of God.

As the night winded down, Lee called They Don’t Really Care About Us “one of my most important things I did” in his illustrious career with a warm tone of voice usually reserved for describing their children. He later answered questions from the audience and stated he needs to find a place for more Prince music in his films.

Spike Lee worked with Prince. He created with Michael Jackson.

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Sources: Official Spike Lee | Spikes Joint | All Things Michael

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Showtime’s Viewing Schedule For Michael Jackson’s Journey From Motown To Off The Wall

186.1Showtime has released the following schedule for the premiere and viewing of Director Spike Lee’s  Michael Jackson’s Journey From Motown To Off the Wall for TV, On Demand and streaming services.

The film documentary takes an in-depth look into the evolution of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson and the cultural significance and lasting impact of his seminal first solo album as an adult, ‘Off The Wall.’

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Video Teasers:


Upcoming TV Airings on Showtime (All Times ET/PT):

Fri, Feb 05, 9:00 PM – SHOWTIME
Fri, Feb 05, 11:00 PM – SHOWTIME
Sat, Feb 06, 6:00 PM – SHOWTIME
Sun, Feb 07, 12:00 AM – SHOWTIME
Sun, Feb 07, 5:30 PM – SHOWTIME SHOWCASE
Mon, Feb 08, 8:00 PM – SHO 2
Tue, Feb 09, 9:35 PM – SHOWTIME SHOWCASE
Wed, Feb 10, 8:00 PM – SHOWTIME
Fri, Feb 12, 11:00 PM – SHO 2
Sat, Feb 13, 10:00 PM – SHOWTIME
Tue, Feb 16, 9:00 PM – SHOWTIME
Thu, Feb 18, 10:00 PM – SHO 2
Fri, Feb 19, 8:35 PM – SHOWTIME SHOWCASE
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Exclusive Screening Of Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall Presented By The Estate of Michael Jackson And Spike Lee


To kick off Black History Month, on February 1st,  The Estate of Michael Jackson and Spike Lee present an exclusive screening of ‘MICHAEL JACKSON’s Journey from Motown to Off The Wall” at The BAM Rose Cinemas in New York.

Submission Period Ends: Monday, January 25 at 11:59pm ET

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Spike Lee Off The Wall Interview On Good Morning America

Sources: GMA  | All Things Michael


Michael Jackson’s signature dance move and incomparable vocals made him one of the greatest performers of all time, and director Spike Lee is now pulling back the curtain on the singer with the new documentary “Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to ‘Off the Wall.’”

Next month “Off the Wall” will be re-released as a CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray featuring the original album and the Lee documentary. The film will include never-before-seen footage from the Jackson archive, such as video of the 1981 performance from the Jacksons’ “Triumph” tour.

The film will premiere on January 24 at the Sundance Film Festival and will debut on Showtime Feb. 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. It features interviews with several prominent artists such as The Weeknd, John Legend and Misty Copeland, all of whom discuss how Jackson influenced them.

“I always viewed Michael as first and foremost a vocal inspiration, and ‘Off the Wall’ was definitely the one that made me feel like I could sing,” said The Weeknd. “I found my falsetto because of ‘Off The Wall.’”

“Off the Wall” was Jackson’s first solo album as an adult. Containing hits such as “Rock With You,” “She’s Out of My Life” and “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” the album made the then 20-year-old Jackson the first solo artist to have four top-10 singles from the same album.

“Off the Wall” has since sold more than 30 million copies worldwide since it was first released in 1979.


See the full interview here