Sips And Stanzas Presents Remembering Michael: Honoring His Contribution To The Music Industry

Sources: National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) | All Things Michael


Six years ago, the world was stunned with the news of Michael Jackson’s death. During Black Music Month, we will discuss the impact and influence of The King of Pop’s music on American and World culture.  Not only is it the music we enjoy and remember, but we’ll discuss the economic impact, direct influence on other artists and the way his music helped people realize their similarities. We are the world because my music matters…especially Michael’s!

Join us as we discuss the economic impact, direct influence on other artists and the way his music helped people realize their similarities. We are the world because my music matters…especially Michael’s!

Our moderator for this event will be Shanon Sanders. Guest artist TBA.

The event will take place Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 6pm- 8pm at the Renaissance Commerce Grill (downstairs bar/lobby area). Registration is available now through the 24th.

This public event offers complimentary valet and drink specials beginning at 6pm. Donations will be accepted at the door or online. Reserve your spot today by clicking here.

Location: Renaissance Nashville Hotel, 611 Commerce St, Nashville, TN 37203

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Note: Tickets for the event is free, but are listed as sold out.

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Michael Jackson The King of Pop

Sources: The Examiner – By Vicki Davey | All Things Michael


This article is to celebrate my four year anniversary as a writer for the Because I started as an African American History writer, I believe this anniversary article should highlight one of the greatest people in African American history – my all-time favorite Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Why him? Well, because it has always felt like we grew up together. I watched him perform with his brothers– my eyes wide in awe as this little boy my own age was on the TV — dancing his little legs off to “ABC” and other songs he and his brothers made famous. Michael Jackson and his brothers became so famous that they were on the covers of magazines,had their own cartoon series, met with and performed for presidents and queens, and toured the world many times. Michael Jackson developed his own genre of dance to accompany his amazing music and had the whole world dancing with him. He was famous beyond imagination, and his fans waited hours just to get a glimpse of him as he appeared for his concerts around the world.

From the age of five, until he died in his early 50s, this icon of pop was beloved by his true followers. If you put yourself in Michael Jackson’s shoes, you might see the other side of the story of his famous life of glam and glitter. He was a little boy who could never simply go outside and play like the rest of us kids. Playing tag, hide & seek, or dodge ball in someone’s backyard, handball against a neighbor’s garage door, basketball in the driveway on the corner, or a friendly game of kick-ball in the neighborhood cul-de-sac – it was impossible for this young boy to enjoy any of the simple things most of us enjoyed in that era of history. The Jacksons’ father is known to have been very strict with the family, and it is said that they were always working either on dance routines, in music rehearsals, or traveling to their next gig. I’m sure they found moments of fun, but it has been reported that it was basically all work and no play for this family.

When he was a little older, this now very famous young man built his own fantasy land where he could play whenever he wanted to – and he called it Neverland Ranch. At his ranch, Michael Jackson had exotic pets and a fairy tale playground with amusement park rides that was probably the next best thing to Disneyland! He brought underprivileged children to his Ranch so they could enjoy the beauty, the exotic animals, and enjoy the rides and fun he had created. Of course other children wanted to come over and play — and when they did, the rumors began. People began accusing Michael Jackson of things I prayed he never did. Through reports from close friends like Brooke Shields, Michael Jackson was just a big innocent kid with a Peter Pan complex who wanted to live out his dream of being a “real boy” with friends. I believe those people who accused him of such atrocities were exploiting his kind nature and were opportunists who only saw dollar signs when they were welcomed into his fold. The media tried their best to blitz Michael Jackson, and he was merely a target for a media that has tainted or ruined numerous celebrity lives with their vicious gossip and nasty headlines. For me, I choose to remember that boy on the stage singing and dancing his heart out.

He was once quoted to say: “Why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars? Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. They’ll believe anything you say, because you’re a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, “I’m an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight,” people would say, “Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He’s cracked up. You can’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth.”

Michael Jackson was not only known for his music, having earned numerous awards that created music history, but Jackson was also known for his work as an actor and a published author of books. Michael Jackson has been recognized for his humanitarian efforts with organizations such as “Heal the World Foundation” which he founded in 1992, and for his efforts around the world with the HIV/AIDs virus.

I grew up dancing to Michael Jackson’s music, singing along with him in the car, using his music in my own fitness classes to inspire others to get up and exercise, and to lull me to sleep at night. I was fortunate to go with some friends to Dodger Stadium for the family’s Victory Tour back in 1984 (their last tour together), and was in my glory as I sat down front on the grass with my friends, Jan and Francisco. There were a lot of famous people there honoring the King of Pop and his brothers as they danced and sang the night away. The Jacksons were all good, but as always, Michael had something special that just made him stand out from all the rest. He was, after all, dubbed the King of Pop, and he certainly lived up to the name.

Michael Jackson was inspirational. He was a good son, brother, father, and friend; and he was taken from us much too soon. I remember thinking when I heard the announcement of his death on TV, that it had to be a hoax on Saturday Night Live, because surely he could not be taken from us so soon. But, as we all well know, it was sadly true. Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson, and thank you for the wonderful memories.


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Long Live The King!

Sources: DNA India – By Shannon Pereira | All Things Michael


On Michael Jackson’s birth anniversary, Bandra resident Shannon Pereira of Shannon & The Silent Riot, talks about MJ’s influence on his musical journey.

A guitar being plugged into massive speakers…LOUD (turning the volume knob)… LOUDER… ARE YOU NUTS?!! Followed by a child actor’s epic words, “Eat This!” and striking a power cord, which catapults his father right up in the sky, only to land in Africa between a hunters’ dance party.

I was five and the above picturisation (of MJ’s song Black or White) is one of my earliest memories of Michael Jackson. When approached to do this mini-tribute, my memories rushed back to all the MJ videos I used to watch as a kid. I would stop everything to watch MJ on television, probably just the way he did to watch James Brown.

MJ seemed to have it right with every single thing—the beats, catchy lyrics, the moves! And let’s not forget his trademark fashion—jackets, ankle pants, white socks. He was driven by his hunger to learn, to constantly top himself and be the best. He was a shy, soft-spoken personality, but when he hit the stage he was a riot. He electrified his audience with signature dance moves—the robot, moonwalk, anti-gravity lean.

Apart from being a musical great, MJ was also a philanthropist and a humanitarian. He was dedicated to many causes, right from children to the environment and that is inspiring too.

Recently, I had the privilege to pay a tribute to MJ and it was one of my best experiences. It made me push myself beyond known boundaries. Firstly, I picked out the best songs. Then, I planned out the show just like Michael would have done it. Given another chance, I know that I would do it better, because just like MJ, I’m a perfectionist.

Shannon and The Silent Riot - Tribute to Michael Jackson - BLR

Even in the music I write, my arrangements work on the formula I’ve derived from all those years of following MJ’s music. His This is It documentary has had the biggest impact on my life and I wish that the tour had really happened. His book Moonwalk remains close to my heart. Man in the Mirror is like an anthem to me.


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Raising A Toast To The King of Pop

Sources: DNA India – By Vivaan Kapoori| All Things Michael

viv 1

On Michael Jackson’s birth anniversary, Nepean Sea Road resident and drummer Vivaan Kapoor, talks about MJ’s influence on his musical journey.

Michael Jackson was my first window into the music world. I started playing drums when I was three; I learned to play by simply watching a video of one of my favourite albums of all time, Michael Jackson’s Dangerous. His music has such an edge to it that even today it inspires me just as much as it did 19 years ago. As a drummer, listening to his music pushed me to try and experiment a little more in every groove that I played, much like Michael Jackson did with every song.

I recall an amusing incident as a child; after seeing Michael Jackson’s iconic music video for Earth Song, I would spend hours in the sandpit at Joggers Park pouring sand on my head, imitating my hero and thoroughly embarrassing my grandmother.

The first live concert I ever attended was of Michael Jackson himself at the Andheri Sports Complex in 1996, which I still remember to this day—I still have my concert ticket! When Michael Jackson announced his This is It tour back in 2009, I was jubilant to know that after what seemed like an eternity, I would see him take the stage once again, and that too at London’s incredible O2 arena. Little did I know that I would hear of his untimely death just a month later. To me, that has been the greatest loss of the music industry. When the film of what-the-tour-would-have-been was released in October 2009, I saw it three times! And even today, when I’m working on a new song and need fresh inspiration, this DVD comes to my rescue.

Michael Jackson is my greatest musical influence and will forever be my reason for being a music lover. If I could change one thing, it would be to get Michael Jackson back and wish him a ‘Happy Birthday’ today.

Vivaan Kapoor, a prolific drummer and percussionist, has been playing drums since the age of five. Being completely self-taught, he has performed with a number of artists such as Spud in the Box, Leslie Lewis, Vasuda Sharma, Sid Coutto, Ankur Tiwari, The Other People, and The Whirling Kalapas. Drawing inspiration from great musicians such as Mike Portnoy, Alex Acuna, James Kottak and Giovanni Hidalgo, Kapoor is well versed in a number of percussion styles like the Djembe, Cajon, Timbale and Shakers in addition to the drum kit. He has attended the first annual Dog Camp featuring Mike Portnoy, Billy Shehan and Richie Kotzen in New York in July 2014.


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A Letter to Michael: Moonwalking on the Clouds

Source: Awesomely Luvvie (Published June 25, 2009) | All Things Michael

Designed by MrSmartGuy

Designed by MrSmartGuy

This week’s letter isn’t sternly-worded, but filled with much sadness. Consider this the fan letter I never sent.

Dear Michael Jackson,

You were the greatest. You ARE the King of Pop, and arguably the most LEGENDARY musician EVER to grace this Earth. You sang like your throat was ambrosia-coated and danced like your feet were silk. I “Remember the Times” when me, my siblings and my cousins would watch VHS tapes of your concerts and squeal for you like we were at the arena. I remember when I first heard the song “Heal the World” and the music swayed me back and forth. “Black and White” comes on and I can’t help but bounce my shoulders diagonally.

My heart is broken. This is a day that is sadder than I have experienced in a long time. Your death has affected me worse than any other death of a person I didn’t know directly, but I felt like I knew you. I’m young enough to have never lived without your fame but old enough to appreciate the impact you made.

I will never forget where I was when I found out that you passed away. I made a shrieking sound and it reverberated around my office. I yelled “Michael Jackson died!” and an echo of “WHAT?” came from my coworkers. I was shocked. The seemingly impossible happened. You were one of the people who’s presence was taken for granted because we just assumed you would always be there.

I weep for a world where my kids (future) will grow up without you, MJ. You’ve joined Uncle Luffa, Barry White and Gerald Levert. All they have left is SouljaBoy! My kids will grow up in a world where the most popular music is by a guy who puts white out on his sunglasses. I Can’t. I just CANNOT! My future Luvvies will be put on STRICT old school music diet. Ain’t gon be no Souljah Boy or *insert irrelevant artist here* in MY household! No sah!

I wanna go out and buy EVERY CD you ever made. YES, actual physical CDs, not just iTunes downloads. You sold 750 million albums, a number that I cannot even FATHOM ever happening again. A number that is so ridiculous that one might as well say “gazillion” and it’d be accurate.

My kids WILL know that “Billie Jean” was not your lover while Jamming. We won’t “Stop Till We Get Enough”. Michael, you made “HIStory” and that is undeniable. Now that you’ve “Eased on Down the Road” to meet Him, I “Cry” because you’re “Gone Too Soon”. We thought “Heaven can wait” but it apparently couldn’t. Your music “Heal(ed) the World” and for that, you “Rock my World”. I “Never Can Say Goodbye” but I do I hope you’re resting in peace.

More important than the icon you were, you were a person. Flawed, but still magnetic and sometimes, larger than life. My thoughts are with your family and friends, who I cannot imagine their pain. You touched the entire world and never met most people. Those you did know must be in such anguish that it hurts. If my heart is broken, theirs must be a mosaic of broken pieces on the floor.

You’re gone but you can NEVER be forgotten. The whole world mourns you, and it lets me know that the footprints you left in the sand are so deep that no tide could wipe them away.

Your favorite (in my head) “P.Y.T.”,


P.S. Just wondering… did you teach St. Peter how to Moonwalk at the Pearly Gates? Are you going to re-enact the Thriller video with the archangels? :’-)

Carvin Creates One-of-a-Kind, Michael Jackson-Inspired Guitar for Jason Becker – Video

Source: Guitar World – By Damien Fanelli


Below, check out a brand-new video that shows the story behind Jason Becker’s one-of-a-kind, Michael Jackson-inspired Carvin guitar.

“Even as I was trying to become a rock god, Michael Jackson was the ultimate magic rock star to me,” Becker said.

“I loved his music, his scene and style. He transcended musical categories.

“Everyone dug Michael, and I was no exception. I was inspired by his flash, uniqueness and kick-ass music. I wanted to be slick like him. It also didn’t hurt that he liked to rock and used Eddie Van Halen on ‘Beat It.’

“I’ve always wanted a guitar that reflects his style.”

See what Carvin came up with!

For more about Carvin, visit

P.S.: This video features a track called “Nate You Funky Mofo” from Becker’s Boy Meets Guitar album.


♪*♫ Uncнaιned Melody ♫*♪

Source: 22dag

I’d like to share with you this beautiful video made by Mariaart. It really touched my heart and captured how I have felt since Michael died.

Michael, you shall forever be my the melody in my heart and the inspiration for everything that I do. I love you so much!

Thanks for sharing Mariaart! ♥