Sky Ferreira Talks About How Michael Jackson Helped Her Confidence As A Child, “He Saw Something In Me That Other People Couldn’t”


Sky Ferreira isn’t a ‘think-piece’, but she does make you pause for thought. The musician, model, face of Jimmy Choo fragrance and former InStyle cover girl dishes out details of her time spent with Michael Jackson, MySpace days and her modelling career in an East London studio against a reggae soundtrack, having flown over from her native LA just for the InStyle September 2015 cover shoot.

Michael Jackson gave her music lessons 

Sky was predominantly raised by her grandmother, who was also Michael Jackson’s hairdresser. As a result she spent a lot of time at Jackson’s home Neverland as a child.

From Left: Michael Bush, Carol LaMere (Sky's grandmother), Karen Faye, Janet Zeitoun

From Left: Michael Bush, Carol LaMere (Sky’s grandmother), Karen Faye, Janet Zeitoun

‘It was magical for me’ she told us ‘Michael was just a guy with a cool house. I was like “oh yeah, he has the rollercoaster!” And I can sing for him because nobody else wants to listen to me! He was one of the only people that treated me like there wasn’t something wrong with me. I was so shy and felt like an outsider, and he saw something in me that other people couldn’t.

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Why Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Still Isn’t Sold


Almost a year ago, in May 2015, Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch hit the market. The 12,598-square-foot French Normandy-style home sits on 2,698 acres in the Santa Ynez Valley, northeast of Los Angeles. It has six-bedrooms, a four-acre lake with waterfall, an outdoor barbecue, a pool house, three guest houses, a tennis court, and a 5,500-square-foot movie theater and stage. Asking price back then? $100 million.

Asking price 10 months later? $100 million.

The reason for the lack of movement on the price tag isn’t a stubborn seller or the lack of draw. (It really has a fairytale feel.) Homes in the highest echelon of the real estate market—everywhere—simply aren’t selling fast. The key to unloading a $100 million dollar property these days? Patience….

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Drone Video Of Neverland Ranch


Sotheby’s International Realty released a drone video with some gorgeous photography of Neverland’s 2,700-acre property at 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road in Los Olivos, California last week. The ranch has been renamed to its original title of Sycamore Valley Ranch.

The majestic beauty of this magnificent place is simple breathtaking.

Take a look:

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Sources: All Things Michael | Huffington Post

Neverland Auction Attracts No Bidders, Chinese Fan Club Considered Purchasing

Sources: Global Times – By Xie Wenting  | All Things Michael


The initial biding price for an auction for deceased pop star Michael Jackson’s infamous residence in California went unmet on China’s largest e-commerce website on Tuesday, as Jackson’s fans in China worry about the future ownership of the house.

The initial biding price for Jackson’s 1,093-hectare Neverland Ranch, which is now called Sycamore Valley Ranch, was 500 million yuan ($79 million) on, an auction website belonging to the e-commerce giant Taobao.

The one-day auction attracted 59,790 page views as of press time, but only one person gave the deposit of 50,000 yuan for a bid, and the bidder did not make an offer during the auction.

“We cooperated with the real estate agency Fangpaipai to put Michael Jackson’s house up for auction in order to attract consumers. Jackson has a vast number of fans in China. His Chinese fans even contacted us about the possibility of buying the house through crowdfunding,” Ma Ying, spokeswoman for, told the Global Times.

According to Ma, Jackson’s Neverland Ranch has been on sale since May in the US, but no one has put a bid on it.

Neverland Ranch was priced at $100 million in May when it was first put on the market after the singer’s death, according to a Daily Mail report.

Jackson purchased the property in 1987 and moved out in 2005.

Zhang Rui, president of the Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Club, which has more than 400,000 fans, told the Global Times that the fans initially wanted to buy the house through crowdfunding, but they eventually found the tactic would not work.

“We are unable to raise so much money among fans to buy the house. Besides, the maintenance fee for the house is also too high for us,” said Zhang. “I hope a rich Michael fan can buy this house and preserve its original style.”

Taobao Paimai has previously held auctions for the chance to dine with celebrities.

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Netflix: Chris Tucker On Michael Jackson

Sources: The Washington Post – By Soraya Nadia McDonald | All Things Michael


Tucker is an excellent impersonator, a talent that even made him a favorite of Clinton’s, whom he imitated repeatedly at the former president’s behest while the two were traveling through Africa together. But perhaps more than anyone else, he’s an eerily flawless mimic of the late King of Pop — and not just his voice, but his dance moves, too.

Tucker indulges his audience with some old material and some new — he told his jokes about how Jackson enjoyed the music of Rick Ross and 50 Cent when he hosted the BET Awards in 2013. The two men would ride around in Jackson’s car, and Jackson would start rapping along to “In Da Club” in his trademark soft-spoken falsetto.

Tucker also talk about his experience on the set of the “You Rock My World” music video. He would screw up shots because he was supposed to be dancing and he couldn’t stop watching Jackson. Apparently Jackson decided one day to start calling Tucker “Christmas.”

Tucker recalled visiting Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, and yes, he took the train to Jackson’s front door. Jackson would be sitting in his living room, Tucker said, like Michael Corleone.

“You’d be sitting there talking, all of a sudden, something magical would happen, like two giraffes walking by the window,” Tucker said. “You’d be like, ‘What the f— was that? Michael, was that two giraffes just walked by the window?’”

And Jackson would answer, as if giraffes in one’s front yard was a perfectly everyday occurrence:

“‘It was three. It was three giraffes, Chris.’”


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Michael Jackson’s Balloon Samba Carnival Ride Will Be At The Nevada County Fair

Source: Nevada Fairgrounds | All Things Michael


The Nevada County Fair, which opens on Wednesday, will feature a ride purchased from Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch amusement park. The ride, Balloon Samba, was previously owned by Michael Jackson, operated at the Neverland Ranch and was purchased in the fall of 2008 by California-based carnival company, Butler Amusements.

The ride is designed to look like a hot-air balloon and features hot air balloon carriages. The Balloon Samba seats 32 children in six air balloons. The ride will be part of the carnival area during Nevada County’s five-day Fair.

Butler Amusements purchased the ride, along with five others from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, last September. One ride is currently travelling with the Butler Amusements Oregon/ Washington carnival unit, one is operating at Coney Island, one is at the Stanislaus County Fair and the others are being refurbished at Butler’s winter quarters in Santa Nella, CA.

Balloon Samba will be open to the public at the Nevada County Fair beginning on Wednesday. This year’s Fair runs August 12 – 16.


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Message From The Estate Of Michael Jackson Regarding Sale Of Neverland


Over the past week, the Estate has received inquiries from members of the fan community about the sale of Neverland. It has also been brought to the Estate’s attention that there are members of the fan community who intend to boycott future products until Neverland is in the possession of Michael’s children with the hope that this action will persuade the Executors to do something that they are powerless to do. As has been said in previous statements from the Estate, both to the media and to the fan community, the Estate is very disappointed over the decision by Colony Capital to sell Neverland. Unfortunately, that does not change the reality that it the Estate is not in a position to stop the sale of the property. As was also stated in a previous statement that we shared with you last July, under the terms of the agreement that Michael himself signed with Colony Capital, Colony has the right to sell. The statement continued:

UNFORTUNATELY, THE ESTATE HAS NO LEGAL STANDING IN THIS DECISION. The Estate will maintain Michael’s family home in Encino, including its iconic recording studio. We continue to build upon Michael’s legacy as an artistic genius and humanitarian through his music and new projects such as the Michael Jackson ONE show in Las Vegas.  We hope and trust that any new owners of Neverland will respect the historical importance and special nature of this wonderful property.  Michael’s memory lives on in the hearts of his fans worldwide.

No matter how many requests or notices of boycott the Estate receives, it cannot prevent the sale of Neverland, nor would it be fiscally responsible for the Estate to spend Michael’s children’s money on purchasing the property again.

The Estate is very saddened by the thought of the sale and hope that the fan community can understand and appreciate that the Executors worked with Colony to try to find an alternative to the sale of the property but were unsuccessful in doing so and Colony ultimately determined that it needed to proceed with the sale – something that they have the legal right to do.

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Michael Jackson’s Onetime Neverland Lists For $100 Million

Sources:  Wall Street Journal – By Candace Taylor | All Things Michael


The California ranch once known as Neverland and owned by late pop star Michael Jackson is going on the market for $100 million.

The Los Olivos property, about 40 miles from Santa Barbara, is now called “Sycamore Valley Ranch,” said Suzanne Perkins of Sotheby’s International Realty, who shares the listing with Harry Kolb of Sotheby’s and Jeffrey Hyland of Hilton & Hyland. The amusement park rides are gone, the agents said, as are the orangutans and elephant, though there is currently a llama on the property. The iconic floral clock, which spells out “Neverland,” is still there, and so is the building that once housed the Neverland Valley Fire Department, although it’s no longer staffed by full-time firefighters. But the railroad tracks and train station created at Mr. Jackson’s behest are still there.

The property spans about 2,700 acres and has about 22 structures on it, Ms. Perkins said. The Normandy-style main house, which sits between the property’s two lakes, measures about 12,000 square feet, with six bedrooms plus an attached staff quarters. There’s a four-bedroom guesthouse near the main home and a two-bedroom guesthouse a little farther away. There’s also a swimming pool with a cabana, a barbecue area, basketball court and a tennis court. A 50-seat movie theater has a private viewing balcony, and a stage includes trap doors for magic shows.

Mr. Jackson paid $19.5 million for the ranch in 1987 and lived there more than 15 years. Amid financial struggles, he defaulted on a $24.5 million loan backed by the ranch. Real-estate investment firm Colony Capital bought the note in 2008 for $23 million and put the title into a joint venture it formed with the pop star. Colony spent millions on upgrades, intending to eventually sell it.

Acknowledging Mr. Jackson’s many enthusiastic fans, the listing agents warned they will be doing “extensive prequalification” of potential buyers before showing the property. “Our seller is not encouraging a lot of showings,” Mr. Hyland said. “We’re not going to be giving tours,” Ms. Perkins added.

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