To The Gloved And Purple One



Just as quickly as you first captured our hearts

Suddenly, you left us

No time to say good-bye

The shock of your unexpected flight

Has made us all grieve as one

As you brought us together with your music

You have brought us together again to honor you

As invincible as you seemed to be in life

We now realize that you were in deed human

Life is as fragile as the blossoms of beautiful flower

God gave us your beauty to savor and appreciate for a short time

Sometimes we failed to see the splendid beings he created for us

Many now realize a bit too late what a light you were in this dark world

A voice that cried against injustice and felt for those less fortunate

We cry and ask ourselves why did you have to leave us and why now?

You both were aging so gracefully and doing it with great style

But alas, we are left to witness the last stellar performance of two massive stars

Turning into bright supernovas in the history of time

But only God knows what the future and the present would have held for you

He saw the secret pain in your heart and body that man could not

It’s doesn’t make our acceptance of your passing any less difficult

But we know that this is the circle of life for all who live, both small and great

It always seems like the most special people leave us much too soon

You both were definitely high on the list of those who will never be forgotten

We lost the King and the Prince almost seven years apart

We will always miss you and will keep your memory alive in our hearts

Rest in God’s eternal peace

Written By MJ WAS A CUTIE Pie for All Things Michael


(Dedicated to MJ fan girls everywhere!)












Knees buck



Heart palpitating

giphy (1)



Gold Pants



Billie Jean


He’s Bad!

A real lady killer!



Not Criminal


Yet Spiritual


That magnificent mane

Drives me insane

Curls for his Girls

My heart’s in a whirl

giphy (2)

I’m your YANA Girl

Sing to me

Oh Michael, Michael

Please marry me!


Hugging me tight

You kiss my cheek

Sway me while we dance

I feel so weak!


They pull me away

No! No! I want to stay!

Wrapped in your arms

Mesmerized by your sweet charms


This magical moment

Surely flew

I’m more than ever in love with you!


Final song

Wave goodbye

Don’t leave Michael!

I start to cry


I’m dazzled by your brilliance

Romanced by your song

I’ll never forget this night

My entire life long!


Blowing a kiss

He exits the stage

I can’t move for a while

Still stunned and amazed


But alas,

The show is over

My angel is now gone

And though he’s left the building

His magic lives on






Michael….My Dream Come True!




To Paris, With Love

 My Wish For You..


Piercing, blue-gray eyes

Soft, brown, little curls

The sweet face of an angel


Daddy’s precious little girl

Is all grown up

Finding out who she wants to be

At seventeen, she has only begun

With big dreams for the future


In her heart she will always remember

Her father and first love

Who made all her childhood dreams come true

She will make her parents and family proud


So on this special day, we celebrate you

You are loved by so many

For the precious little girl you were then

The beautiful young lady you are now

And the loving daughter and sister you will always be


May you find much happiness, love and success, today and always.



Much love,

From All Things Michael


A True Soldier of Love: A Birthday Wish For Peace In Honor Of Michael Jackson

 Written By – All Things Michael


In preparation for Michael’s 56th birthday, I began to think about what he would have wanted if he were still with us. As the result, I would like to honor Michael’s birthday by using his words and songs of inspiration to bring some hope and encouragement to others.

Being raised as a devoted Jehovah’s Witness, it was forbidden to celebrate birthdays. Over the years, his position seemed to change somewhat as he politely accepted well wishes, birthday events and gifts from his fans who wanted to show their love and appreciation. He also allowed his children to experience having their own birthday parties, something that he could never enjoy as a a child.  But without some type of acknowledgment from others, Michael would probably not indulge in the usual birthday fanfare for himself. Being the unselfish person that he was, he used his 45th birthday blow out as an opportunity to raise money for charity.

As a responsible citizen of this earth, Michael didn’t want to just make number one hits; he wanted to utilize his celebrity as a platform to raise public awareness. Though a task this great may seem impossible to some, he believed that anything is possible. He wanted everyone to be as concerned as he was about the social, economic and moral issues that plague our world.

“I look at things and try to imagine what is possible and then hope to surpass those boundaries.”

“You can always dream, and your dreams can come true. But you have to make them come true.”

“There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one.”

With all the tragic events that we see and hear daily on the news, I believe that it would his fondest wish to see the world and its inhabitants healed and restored from the onslaught of bigotry, war and famine.  He always dreamed of a better place for our children to live in. It hurt him immensely to see any living creature suffer, yet many can watch it everyday and not even flinch.

“I feel guilty just sitting around when I know I can be doing something.”

This was his life’s mission, even as a child.


“My dear mother instilled in me very young to give back, and as I grew in God I knew what I had to do as a believer in Christ. I hate to see suffering, I hate to see people in need, and I feel God gave me a gift, and I have to use it responsibly by giving back, and I’ll do it until I have pennies left or the good Lord …calls me home”

KATHERINE JACKSON:You remember when they used to show the little African kids starving to death, flies all around their mouth? We, Michael and I, would lay there on the floor watching TV…Michael would look up at me and said, ‘Mother,’ he said, ‘one day’ – he was only a kid then – “I’m going to do something about this.”  Katherine said he kept his promise, sending boxes and boxes of food to people who needed it, paying tuition for those who couldn’t afford it. After he got old enough to manage his own money and do things, everything he did was for the children. “I was very proud of him because he remembered and he gave, up until his last day.” 

It would be so wonderful if I could say that our world’s compassion for humanity has advanced so much, we no longer need teaching in learning to love and being involved in changing our world for the better, but sadly, I can not. Michael’s songs and his messages of peace are still just as relevant today as they were when they were written.

“Michael’s passion for humanitarianism, equality, and world peace comes across in many of songs. The most prominent include “Can You Feel It,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “We Are the World”—undoubtedly the most famous of the group. Michael teamed up with Lionel Richie for “We Are the World,” to aid the poor in Africa and the U.S. The single became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 20 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief. MJ also supported the green movement in eco-tunes like “Earth Song”—the video for which showed images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution and war.” Source

Michael was indeed a true prophet among us and like most of the great prophets, the masses fail to realize the value of the message until the messenger is gone or it is too late.  After Michael passed, people rediscovered “Man In The Mirror” and it has now become one of his most downloaded songs. But at the time that the video was released, he was accused of using the plight of others to promote a video for his own self-gain. As usual, nothing could have been further from the truth.

“We knew we had a responsibility and the effect it would have on the world.  We cried for 30 days straight making it. Michael watched the first half with us but did not see the finished Video until it played while he was singing it live for the first time on the Grammys, and they helped him off stage overcome with his emotions.” ~ Don Wilson – Producer of MIM short film

Though critics totally missed his message in the beginning, Man in the Mirror has now become as symbolic to Michael Jackson as Imagine is to John Lennon.

Prophets are often crucified for being “different.” They make people feel uncomfortable because they demand that we stop and take a look at all our mistakes. The burden of the message is so heavy on their hearts, they may cry and wail as if in mourning. They want us to to see and feel what they are feeling so that true “revival” can really come to solve these problems.


“It was not hard to find the good people who wanted to solve the earth’s problems. As I listened to their solutions, I thought, ‘There is so much good will here, so much concern.’ At night before going to bed, that one in the mirror looked back at me seriously. ‘Now we’ll get somewhere,’ he declared. ‘If everybody does their part.’

But everybody didn’t do their part. Some did, but were they stopping the tide? Were pain, starvation, hatred, and pollution about to be solved? Wishing wouldn’t make it so-I knew that. When I woke up the next morning, that one in the mirror looked confused. ‘Maybe it’s hopeless,’ he whispered. Then a sly look came into his eyes, and he shrugged. ‘But you and I will survive. At least we are doing all right.’

I felt strange when he said that. There was something very wrong here. A faint suspicion came to me, one that had never dawned so clearly before. What if that one in the mirror isn’t me? He feels separate. He ‘sees’ problems out there to be solved. Maybe they will be, maybe they won’t. He’ll get along. But I don’t feel that way-those problems aren’t ‘out there,’ not really. I feel them inside me. A child crying in Ethiopia, a sea gull struggling pathetically in an oil spill, a mountain gorilla being mercilessly hunted, a teenage soldier trembling with terror when he hears the planes fly over: Aren’t these things happening in me when I see and hear about them?” ~That One In The Mirror – Michael Jackson (Dancing The Dream)

“We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair, and senseless destruction we see today are a result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” ~ On Children of the World -Michael Jackson (Dancing The Dream)

“The years rolled by and they got old. Sitting in their comfortable houses, they took stock. “We’ve had a good life,” they said. “and we did the right thing.” Their children looked down and asked why poverty, pollution, and war were still unsolved. “You’ll find out soon enough.,” they replied. “Human beings are weak and selfish. Despite our best efforts, these problems will never really end.”

The head said yes, but the children looked into their hearts and whispered, “No!” But the Heart Said No – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream)

Such profound words! Not only could Michael write so beautifully, he could effectively sing and convey each heartfelt emotion he felt into every lyric. Whenever I am feeling down, Michael’s music and words of inspiration has been like a healing balm to me. It touches my soul and it’s the closest that I can get to heaven on this earth. Even though I may have heard a song many times, ideas, encouragement, inspiration or an answer to a problem will jump out at me. When I am happy, his music makes me ecstatic! I’m in my own little world with Michael and everything is as it should be! Not only do I listen to his music for enjoyment, I listen to learn. I want to understand what the lyrics mean. I listen for new sounds that I didn’t notice before.

Michael made music that touches people; whether it had a message or was just a feel good tune, nothing he did was ever done lightly. Not only did he fully understood the power of music and it’s effectiveness to reach people, he also knew the source from which it came.


“People ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It’s like stepping into a river and joining the flow. Every moment in the river has its song. So I stay in the moment and listen.

What I hear is never the same. A walk through the woods brings a light, crackling song: Leaves rustle in the wind, birds chatter and squirrels scold, twigs crunch underfoot and the beat of my heart holds it all together. When you join the flow, the music is inside and outside, and both are the same. As long as I can listen to the moment, I’ll always have music.” ~ “How I Make Music – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream)

“The songwriting process is something very difficult to explain, because it’s very spiritual. It’s, uh…You really have it in the hands of God, and it’s as if its been written already – that’s the real truth. As if its been written in its entirety before were born and you’re just really the source through which the song come. Really. Because there is…they just fall right into your lap in it’s entirety. You don’t have to do much thinking about it. And I feel guilty having to put my name, sometimes, on the songs that I – I do write them – I compose them, I write them, I do the scoring, I do the lyrics, I do the melodies but still, it’s a…it’s a work of God.” ~ 2001 interview

“I love to write songs. It´s one of my favorite things to do. It´s very spiritual. It´s a connection. I´m just a source through which it comes. I’m inspired by a lot of things but it´s done in the heavens. I listen to the music and I just create from there.”

Michael used every God given talent to raise our social and spiritual level of consciousness, which all played a part of his ability to reach to the world. We connected to him like no other and we couldn’t get enough. Singer Sheryl Crow said that when “he walked into the room, the molecules changed.” You can’t effectively touch people until you have had an epiphany yourself.

“I don’t think we’ll find a person as talented, a person who thought the way he thought. A person with the heart that Michael had. People aren’t that way anymore. He was special. He wasn’t God, but he was certainly God-like. He was the closest thing to a god that I knew.” ~ Latoya Jackson interview – Barbara Walters

Michael was proof that one person can make a great impact, but there is much more strength in numbers. We still time to “make that change” before it is too late.

“We had him. Beautiful, delighting our eyes… He gave us all he had been given… We are missing Michael Jackson. But we do know, we had him — and we are the world.” ~ Maya Angelou’s Poem, “We Had Him”

Dedicated to Michael Joe Jackson, the world’s greatest soldier of love!

MJ-Remembered (1)

More Inspiration

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Giving Back






Who Cries For This Little Boy?


He dances and sings with precise execution

Trained to do as he has been told

His voice is magical, his stage presence is astonishing

Still a baby, but already a veteran of old


Envisioning life through the innocent eyes of a child

But experiencing the reality of an adult life

Singing in smoke-filled night clubs

When he should have been in bed

Witnessing things that never left his head


He lost his childhood a long time ago

People thought that he meant that he was not allowed to play

But what he lost was so much more

The painful secrets he held inside shaped him into the caring person that he would become


Music became his only playmate and true friend

Books were his escape to places he’d never been

Imagination and natural ability took him to heights never known

But when all was said and done

The little boy inside was always left standing alone

Picture source: Inner Michael

Picture source: Inner Michael

He once sang in song, “He cries, he cries because there is a lack of love”

Lamenting about a guy named Jack

But Jack was none other than himself

No one protected him when he needed it most


Now I ask you…..

Who will cry for this little boy?


Now a man, yet still seeking to know who he is

Have you seen my childhood?

MJ 1992 Liz 1

I’ve searched for it everywhere, but it’s now gone

Do you really know the hurt of my past?

Can you see beyond this fragile wall of glass?

My tender heart is shattered

I dare not trust a soul


Will you cry with me today?

Please, help me take this burden away!


Then you will truly understand

He was not a mystery of tales

But a good man, who merely longed to be…just like you and me.



© All Things Michael 2014 – All rights reserved – Written By MJ WAS A CUTIE PIE

Michael: Our Eternal Star

 © All Things Michael 2014 – Written By MJ WAS A CUTIE PIE


A yearning for love, lost in a sea of faces

Envisioning greatness, yet stuck in a world he toils to understand

Baring his soul, he shares his hopes and dreams for a better world

At times, he wrestles in anguish, burdened by the plight of what he sees

Melodies fill him until he loses track of time

The moonlight fades, the dawn will soon arise

Another sleepless night, his mind won’t rest

Evening visions have faded from his view into the first blush of morning


Waiting to return when the night sun kisses the sky

Blessed is he to behold such imagery, yet it’s almost a curse because his mind can’t be free

Born to carry the sweet songs of love and harmony, he struggles a lifetime to perfectly create

He wonders why he can’t convey all that he secretly knows to be true in his heart

For he does not fully understand that some melodies are only meant for him

To push him to an unsurpassed level of excellence

For his comfort and inspiration when the world is closing in


Oh sweet child of song, blessed with celestial grace

Lover to no one, for he cannot be claimed

He belongs to the universe, a faithful servant of love

A voice crying out into the wilderness, can’t you hear his cry?

His earth song beckons mankind to make a change while there’s still time


He finally escapes to a world no mortal will ever capture by war

A beautiful revelry of splendor separated from the natural by the unseen hand

The physical being has now taken flight, he is free

His eternal essence is finally made whole in the invisible realm of time

Forever he is captured in our souls, for his soul has now been permanently bound to his work


A treasure chest of melodies no man can ever perfectly duplicate

A master of his craft, an artisan like we’ve never seen

A star of brilliance, shining so vibrantly to our amazement

Yet so soft and gentle, we marvel in the beauty

He’s Michael our eternal star still twinkling brightly, but only now from afar



A Hard Victory Won – June 13, 2005


Our hearts pounded fiercely as each verdict was read

Not guilty! Not guilty! Over and over, they said


To our ecstatic joy and great relief

The King was released to go home to live with his children in peace


But peace he did not find there, so he took them and fled very far

From the pressure and judgmental thoughts that he should be behind bars


Though he was proclaimed innocent, some folks still refused to see

That he was not the monster they made him out to be

Broken in many ways, abandoned by so-called friends

Can his shattered heart ever trust again?


But grace saves him, love brings him back

He travels across the ocean again to get his life on track

From the ashes he rises, like a phoenix reborn

Victory did not come easily, but thankfully, he won


© All Things Michael 2014 – (Written By MJ Was A Cutie)

To Blanket Jackson On His 12th Birthday

Source: Jackson News

Source: Jackson News

Prince Michael Jackson II was born on February 21, 2002. His father nicknamed him Blanket and many people wondered why.

“It’s an expression I use with my family and my employees.  I say, “you should blanket me or you should blanket her,” meaning like a blanket is a blessing. It’s a way of of showing love and caring.”

Michael Jackson was a true believer in the power of positive words and thoughts. From his own life experiences and as knowledge as a bible scholar, Michael understood how words can build up or tear down. His entire career was based on it.  At the age of 19, he had already created his manifesto for the future.  He also planned for his children’s future and coached them into discovering what they want to do in life.

By naming his third child Blanket or “blessing,” Michael was speaking hope, love and grace upon him.  Very clever! Words are very powerful for the one who speaks them and for the one who receives them.

At this time, we do not know what Blanket will do in the future, but you can be sure that Michael taught all his children that they can be whatever they want to be and to be the best at it.


He loves to snack.

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He loves karate.

In December 2013, he earned his violet belt in karate.

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He hates the spotlight!

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His big brother and sister love him very much!

Prince and Paris told Michael after Blanket was born: “Thank you for giving us a little brother.”

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He’s a prankster! He loves to play and have fun with his family and friends.

“When you go to the house and you’re wearing a suit, Blanket always has a water gun and you have to beg him, “please don’t squirt me.” As soon as you turn your back, he shoots you and you’re left soaking wet.” – Jermaine Jackson

Hmm, wonder where he got it from? 😉


Mr. King of the Water Balloon fights himself!

He's a quick one, ain't he?

He’s a quick one, ain’t he?

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He looks just like his father.

According to an unnamed family friend, Blanket adored Michael songs and he loved to dance with his dad.

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He wants to help poor people and animals.

His daddy always made him smile! 🙂

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Twelve years old, it doesn’t seem true

It seems like just yesterday, you were only two

Almost a teen, but not quite there

A very handsome young man, with long brown hair

Please always remember and never forget

That your dad taught you to believe in yourself

Blessed you were born, blessed you will always be

Michael’s “Little Blanket,” great son of the King

Have a very Happy Birthday!

Much love

Cutie Pie ♥