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SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 12P-6P

Join Spike Lee as we jam to the magic of Michael’s music throughout the day.

Bring your family, friends and a pair of comfortable dancing shoes cuz DIS IZ GONNA BE EPIC!

Where: Stuyvesant Avenue between Lexington Avenue & Quincy Street

Hosted by Sway & Spike Lee. Music by @DJSPINNA




Source: Spike Lee | All Things Michael

Michael Jackson Tribute At Motown On Mondays (MOM)

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Michael Jackson’s music has touched the lives of millions and his music has defined several generations across the globe. Although the world lost Michael over 7 years ago, his spirit will forever live on and his extensive musical catalog remains timeless. No one has ever done it better than MJ, which is why Motown founder Berry Gordy dubbed Michael “The greatest entertainer that ever lived!”

We invite you to come experience the magic of Michael Jackson with us at Motown On Mondays on August 29th as we celebrate the life, legacy, and music of the King Of Pop at our 5th annual MJ tribute! For one special evening MOM LA switches up to “Michael On Monday” and we play non-stop Michael Jackson songs, productions, and more! This particular year we are also celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original opening of “CAPTAIN EO” at Disneyland, and the 25th anniversary of MJ’s “Dangerous” album release. For those of you that joined us over the previous years, you already know how ‘Off The Wall’ this event is! We’d like to welcome you back for another fantastic evening…. and for those of you that haven’t made it yet, you really don’t want to miss out on this! The MOM LA crew has some extra special treats in store for all of you, so be sure to join us for this special once-a-year MJ extravaganza!

MOM DJs: EXPO, JEDI, MONALISA spinning originals, remixes, covers, and sampled tunes of your favorite MJ and Jackson family songs, related productions and more!

Special features: “CAPTAIN EO” and “GHOSTS” full length short films showing 8:00pm – 9:00pm, plus MJ photo booth.

When: August 29, 216 from at 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM.  Happy Hour from 8pm-10pm. Must 21 and over to attend. Limited capacity, EARLY ARRIVAL STRONGLY ADVISED

Cost: Free. RSVP to get VIP entrance (see details).

Where: The Short Stop1455 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, CA 90026

**Special FREE GIVEAWAYS, including MJ gloves, posters, and more!!**


See the event on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1754062774833171/

Acapella Group Duwende Will Perform For Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute At The Highline Ballroom


In 2011, Duwende released “Remember: The Music of Michael Jackson,” gaining them widespread acclaim.

On August 29, 2016, they will once again pay tribute to the King of Pop in honor of his 58th birthday at the Highline Ballroom.

Duwende (Doo-WEN-day) is an award winning, six-person acapella band best known for their fiercely original, bass-and-beatbox-driven funk/pop style of music. The  group consists of J. Aaron Boykin (Baritone/Tenor), Derrick L. Hicks (Tenor), Abbey Janes (Soprano), Tomas Cruz (Tenor), Edward Chung (Vocal Percussion), and David Lane (Bass).

The doors will open at 6pm. Showtime will begin at 8pm. Tickets cost $20 to $38.

Full Dinner Menu Available * $10 Minimum Per Person, for all ages.

Get your tickets here.

Sources: Highline Ballroom | All Things Michael

Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute At Hollywood Blvd Cinema


August 29th is Michael Jackson’s birthday, so we decided to celebrate “The King of Pop!”

Join Hollywood Blvd  on August 27, 2016 from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm for a day of music, dance contests and a screening of “The Wiz.”

Tickets are required for “The Wiz,” but everything else is FREE and family friendly!

For tickets to see “The Wiz”- Click Here or visit the box office.

This is sure to be a Thriller of an event!

MJ Birthday Party copy

Hollywood Blvd Cinema is a movie theater and full-service restaurant with in seat ordering service. Unlike most  restaurants, we don’t take reservations – we take tickets!  Our auditoriums do not have assigned seating, so take a seat wherever you please!  Once seated, you will have the opportunity to view our food menu and drink menu (also available online). Our friendly wait staff will be around shortly to take your order.  Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the film!  Your food will be freshly-prepared and delivered to you at your seat.

You can also order a drink or an appetizer from either of our full-service bars in our beautifully decorated lobby. We can take care of any order from soda and a bucket of popcorn to draft beers and an order of calamari, we truly do it all!

For more information, call 630-427-1880. The Blvd is located at 1001 W 75th St. Woodridge, IL.

Sources: Hollywood Blvd Cinema | All Things Michael

The Sometimes Forgotten Stage Where Michael Jackson Unveiled the Moonwalk

'Motown 25 -- Yesterday, Today, Forever' TV Programme Special - 1983...Mandatory Credit: Photo by NBCUPHOTOBANK / Rex Features ( 819370d ) 'Motown 25 -- Yesterday, Today, Forever' -- Air Date 05/16/1983 -- Pictured: Michael Jackson 'Motown 25 -- Yesterday, Today, Forever' TV Programme Special - 1983

In 1983, Michael Jackson turned down Motown’s request to reunite with his brothers for a performance honoring the record label’s 25-year anniversary. NBC broadcasted the anniversary show as a television special called, Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, and Forever. The special featured Marvin Gaye, Mary Wells, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and other popular artists that were involved with the label. Michael eventually agreed to perform after Berry Gordy, Motown’s founder, personally requested his involvement—however, Michael made one stipulation—he wanted a solo spot to perform his own material. At that point in time, Michael had released the Thriller album a year prior, which became the best-selling album in history, a feat that has yet to be claimed by anyone else. He was on the heels of a collaboration with Paul McCartney and voiced the soundtrack for E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. Michael’s status was reaching a boiling point, everyone was coming to that consensus but no one was prepared for the magnitude of the stardom that would be bestowed upon Michael Jackson.

Motown 25 was filmed on March 25, 1983, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, an ornate theatre designed in 1932 with the philosophy of the City Beautiful Movement to evoke Italian Renaissance architecture, although its design makes several references representative of the locale. A pattern of ocean waves tapers across the façade, and colors used in its interiors summon the American Arts & Crafts Movement that have become synonymous with Pasadena for its concentration of craftsman-style masterpieces; the Gamble House and the Blacker House, and the Crow-Crocker House are just a few examples.

The Pasadena Civic Auditorium houses a historic Moller organ, Visit Pasadena commissioned a video to present the organ on YouTube and this is a still from the shoot.

On that Friday evening, several moments would go down in music history—the reunions of The Jackson 5, The Miracles, and The Supremes. But those who saw Motown 25 on television when it aired will undoubtedly argue that the most exciting moment of the show, so exciting that 33 years later it still causes goosebumps and watery-eyes, came after Michael performed with his brothers. The other Jacksons left Michael alone on stage for the solo Berry Gordy granted him. Towards the end of Michael’s performance of Billie Jean, he literally slayed the entire country all at once, audience members let out banshee-like screams as he slid across the stage in his first public exhibition of the Moonwalk. Immediately afterwards though, people went silent, it seemed like they were so confused from what they saw, that universally spectators became speechless. Michael performed a bunch of his other signature moves. Then he did it again. He Moonwalked as if to confirm that, what everyone thought they might have seen, was in fact what they saw. That performance was the precise moment in which Michael Jackson soared into insurmountable ultra-superstardom.


The stage at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium seems to be blessed by the pop culture gods. Before Michael’s Moonwalk, The Emmys setup camp at “The Civic,” as locals call it; and by the end of their run, The Emmys were televised from that very stage for two decades; a bunch of other award shows followed suit. Music legends seem to understand its juju, it was the setting for a television special celebrating the 50-year mark of Ray Charles’ music career, and Carlos Santana filmed a live concert during his 1999 comeback album, Supernatural, which garnered nine Grammys. More recently, the auditorium has been favored among reality talent shows America’s Got Talent, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and the like.


Read the full story here at The Eastsider

Sources: The Eastsider | The Best of Internet | All Things Michael

Vaporize Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson With Its 2017 Fall/Winter Collection


Former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha has been quietly killing it in the streetwear game with his Vaporize label for over a decade and a half, and the brand has returned with a fall/winter collection inspired by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. The collection features modern reworks of some of MJ’s most iconic fits and pieces, including a leopard-print redux of the iconic red letterman jacket and a tailored take on the “Billie Jean” look, complete down to the fedora.


Check out the collection in its entirety here.

IMPALA Group Says Sony’s Buyout Of Michael Jackson’s Catalog Is Wrong


IMPALA has slammed the EU’s decision to allow Sony Corp to buyout the 50% stake of Sony/ATV owned by the Michael Jackson estate, labelling it as “clearly wrong.”

The controversial deal, which was approved last night, means that Sony Corp will now own the copyrights for music by Michael Jackson, The Beatles and acts like Taylor Swift outright.

Despite concerns that the deal would be anti-competitive, the European Commission stated: “The transaction will not materially increase Sony’s market power vis-a-vis digital music providers compared to the situation prior to the merger.”

Now, Impala has publicly slammed the decision, with the company’s executive chair Helen Smith, stating: “This decision is clearly wrong. It goes against the EU’s previous analysis of concentration in music, as well as the concerns raised during this market investigation.

“We will need to read the decision in full when published to understand properly why the Commission has allowed this transaction to go ahead – there is a fundamental flaw somewhere.”

Earlier this year, the Independent Music Publishers Forum, which represents independent music publishers worldwide, joined Warner Music Group and Impala in expressing its “concern” regarding the agreement between Sony Corp. and the estate of Michael Jackson for the purchase of the remaining shares of its catalogue in Sony/ATV.

For IMPF, the transaction worth an estimated $750m, would lead to a “concentration of catalogue in the hands of Sony ATV, a company which arguably holds some 30% of the music publishing market,” and would “put further strain on pricing and give Sony/ATV even more negotiating power on deal terms with over the top companies in the music market.”

Read more at Music Week

Flashback: When Michael Jackson Came To Cork 1988

Fin_88 Michael Jackson concert in Cork 21

It was billed as the greatest show the country had ever seen.

As part of Jackson’s UK and Irish tour, in which he played 14 shows at five different open-air venues, the two concerts in Cork over the August bank holiday weekend of 1988 generated £2 million in ticket sales.

The Jackson entourage was holed up in Jury’s Hotel in Cork, apparently taking over an entire floor that was fitted with a temporary dancefloor so Jackson could practice his pitch-perfect routine right up until show time.

130, 000 fans packed into Pairc Ui Chaoimh, dubbed Pairc Ui Pepsi, and Cork city itself was swamped with fans arriving from all over the country. Friday evening saw standstill traffic outside Dublin as the exodus began its journey south, although the hype that surrounded the concerts didn’t extend to the land locked fans who were said to be “as abstemious as a pilgrimage to Ballinaspittle.”

Fin_88 Michael Jackson concert in Cork 7

The show was packed with wow-factor props, including a hydraulic crane that emerged from the stage floor and propelled him up and over the adoring crowds, as well as a Tarzan-like rope that hurtled him through the air as Thriller streamed through the speakers and ghoulish dancers stormed the stage.

The two-hour was show was choreographed to a tee, with the Irish Independent reporting that there was hardly a discernible difference between the Saturday and Sunday night performances. In homage of their rock god, the crowd was largely decked out in bleached and ripped jeans, Stetson hats, shades-on-a-string, starched white t-shirts and the ubiquitous Eighties sweatband.

Concert merchandise was a lucrative add-on for the Brockum Corporation, an American company that supplied the official Jackson merchandise and who ordered an injunction and court order against anybody daring sell their own wares, but that didn’t stop illegal bootleg tapes of the concert cropping up in the days following.

A “leather clad vendor” gave a tip-off that the concert had been recorded by a “high-definition Japanese recorder not normally available on a commercial basis”. These black market tapes were then sold on prominent places like Dublin’s O’Connell Street, much to the chagrin of official merchandise sellers.

Another company that made a tidy profit from the Jacksonmania was Pepsi, who reported a 28% spike in consumption in Ireland in the two weeks prior to the concerts. Although he refused to pose with a can himself, Jackson earned $20 million for his role as spokesperson, with half a million posters of Jackson delivered to households across the country in the lead up to the shows.

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