This Week in Billboard Chart History In 1988: Michael Jackson Made History With His Fifth No. 1 Hit From ‘Bad’


“Dirty Diana” darted to the top of the Hot 100, making “Bad” the first set to generate five No. 1’s.

July 2, 1988
Michael Jackson made Billboard Hot 100 history, as “Dirty Diana” reached No. 1, becoming the fifth leader on the list from his album Bad. The set remains the only album by a male artist to produce five Hot 100 No. 1’s.

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For The King Of Pop, Love Is The Answer


Michael Jackson’s contribution to music, dance and fashion along with his publicized personal life made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

To commemorate the 7th anniversary of his death, East China Normal University Press released a bilingual collection of Jackson’s personal poems and reflections for fans of Jackson in China.

The book based on Jackson’s 1992 “Dancing the Dream,” was translated by translator Chen Dongbiao, who said at the launch of the book at K11 art museum last weekend that “it has the innocence of a child, 100 percent honesty and rhythms that were made only for the pleasure of reading and listening.”

Elizabeth Taylor, Jackson’s longtime friend, provided a brief introduction, where she praised Jackson’s “quality of innocence” and describes him as “honesty personified.”

Her respect and adoration for Jackson is adamant, and one can easily observe the dizzying effect he produced on those around him.

Complemented by hundreds of photographs, manuscripts and paintings Jackson collected, as in the original edition, the script features a series of personal perspectives on the world and its issues.

Through fable-like musings of noble elephants, anthropomorphic seals and wise seers, emotions peek out from underneath the simplistic prose. From his childlike lenses, Jackson’s literary style is packed to the brim with nature motifs that openly display his belief that nature and love are intrinsically tied.

The compassion may be attributed to Jackson’s humble childhood as one of 10 children in a working class family in Indiana. He expresses sympathy for the homeless in “But the Heart Said No,” and care for the environment in “Look Again, Baby Seal.”

The latter is undoubtedly among the most striking pieces in the book, because it painstakingly details the helplessness of a baby seal that represents the thousands of baby seals being slaughtered each year. This poem is one of many about the harmful effects of detrimental human practices.

However, Jackson’s compilation is unique in that it does not condemn the perpetrators, but instead focuses on advocating peace and harmony. The poetry is indicative of Jackson’s innocent demeanor and creative magnetism.


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EU Regulators To Decide On Sony’s Michael Jackson Deal By August 1st

Sources: Reuters | All Things Michael


BRUSSELS – EU antitrust authorities will rule by Aug. 1 whether to allow Sony Corp buy out the Michael Jackson estate’s stake in its music publishing joint venture, a move which rivals such as Warner Music Group say gives Sony too much power.

Sony requested approval on June 24, according to a filing on the European Commission website. The EU competition enforcer can clear the deal unconditionally or demand concessions.

It can also open a five-month long investigation if it has serious concerns the deal may harm consumers and rivals.

ony signed a deal in March to acquire the stake that the deceased pop star held in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the world’s largest music publisher, which owns copyrights to most of the Beatles’ songs and songs by the Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West.

Warner Music Group has conveyed its concerns to the Commission, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters, while lobbying group Impala which represents independent labels and national trade associations, has also done the same.


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Some Words Of Appreciation From Joe Jackson To Michael’s Fans


Joe Jackson has released a series of tweets yesterday and today to Michael’s fans in appreciation of their continued love and support:

“Thanks to all who still love my son. Toughest day of the year for me. Love to all for loving my family. #JoeJackson”

“Thank you so much for honoring my son. Please tweet more pictures of him. I really enjoy them. It will never be easy… I love him”

“Thank you! My son has the most loyal fans in the whole world. You fought for him every step of the way and supported our family from day 1”

“Katherine and I are very thankful to all of you. Your love and support helped pull us through the most difficult time in our lives.”


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The Love Continues for Michael Jackson 7 Years Later

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The Love Continues for Michael Jackson 7 Years Later

© hannah kozak My MJ dolls

© hannah kozak Homemade card at Forest Lawn 23 June 2016

Every year since Michael Jackson left us, I enter Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, on June 25. This year I am overwhelmed and amazed by the 10,547 roses thoughtfully placed for Michael like a big beautiful blanket surrounding all the other gifts for him from individuals near and far. The roses are a coordinated effort by Robyn Starkand’s group: One Rose for Michael Jackson.

© hannah kozak The arrival of roses from One Rose for Michael Jackson – created and organized by Robyn Starkand.

© hannah kozak A fan helping set up the roses.

© hannah kozak Forest Lawn – 25 June 2016

@ hannah kozak


Rumi wrote that the wound is where the light enters you. Michael’s light continues to light the way for his soldiers of love, on the seventh anniversary of his departure from this earthly plane. The media…

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Seven Years…..#MJforever


Dearest Michael:

It’s been 2,555 days since you went away

I still think of you day and night

I miss your radiant smile, your sweet laugh and your melodious voice

Your generous and courageous heart

You are my inspiration and hero

The world is a far less nicer place

From the absence of your endearing warmth and grace

I’ve loved you since I was a little child

Today, I love you still

For you are the beat of my heart

The sun and moon in my sky

My friend when friendless

My comfort when lonely

My joy when blue

My beautiful, magical angel

I will always, always, love you


MJ 1993 Angel 16

World Celebrates Vitiligo Day on June 25th #MJforever


Just one day to go.

World Vitiligo Day 2016 is almost upon us. Here’s some of the major news:

Firstly, there’s a big rally taking place in Washington DC. So big, in fact, that we’re having to start on Friday evening to pack everything in! I can’t tell you all that’s happening in this newsletter, so please go here to read the full program.

In Toronto, meanwhile, there’s an unmissable party taking place at Woodbine Beach on Lake Ontario from 5pm to 9pm on Saturday. It’s all about empowering youth to overcome bullying, and celebrating the beauty of vitiligo. Marcus Haran – an unstoppable, rising star of hip-hop who has vitiligo himself – will energize us with his music. Find out more on his Facebook page.

Of course, WVD isn’t just going on in North America – there are events taking place across the world, far too many to detail here. Keep your eye on our Instagram, or better, send us your photos!

From Prague, this year’s headquarters under the presidency of Prof. Jana Hercogová, the team will be organizing a media event at the Bulovka University hospital, and reaching out to international media outlets to raise awareness across Europe and beyond.

Now – and I know I’m thinking ahead here – but I also want to get the ball rolling for WVD 2017. The HQ next year will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil, under the presidency of Professor Paulo Cunha (photo). Prof. Cunha is well known for his unerring support for the vitiligo cause and he does incredible work with underprivileged communities, including with many Amazonian tribes – who have no access to medical care or dermatological services.

Now back to this year, as I hope you can lend your support in some way to World Vitiligo Day 2016.

Fullscreen capture 6242016 75000 PM

Because, let me tell you – you’re making a massive difference. Just look at what we’ve achieved with UN since this campaign launched just four years ago. We smashed through our 500,000-signature target for our petition to the Secretary-General, and now we’re on the way to 1million on our campaign website.

And, our application for membership to the UN Council on Economic and Social Development was recently unanimously accepted. That really is BIG news – read more about it here.

Also, you can take heart from the progress being made in the search for a cure. In just the last few years, fifteen biotech and major pharmaceutical companies have either established their own, or supported external vitiligo research programs. Drug development takes about ten to twelve years, so potential cures and ground-breaking treatments may already be nearly half-way through the process. Check out our Scientific Reviews on the latest in research.

So, together we are making a huge and very positive difference. But we need your support now more than ever.

Please donate whatever you can to help us. No amount is too small and every single cent goes towards the fight against vitiligo

Thank you and best,


WVD campaign global coordinator

Fullscreen capture 6242016 74734 PM

VRfoundation’s Instagram

Director Simon Maxwell On Working With Michael Jackson

Fullscreen capture 6242016 13133 PM

What was the first video directing job for a music video where you were like, “Oh my god, this is actually quite a big deal”?

I had a long stint with Michael Jackson as a director of post-production. He did a world tour in ‘88, ‘89. It was meant to be a one-off thing, and then it turned into, like, eight months while he was on the European tour.

So were you dealing with live visuals, or documenting the tour?

Everything. It started off as just like, “We’ll bring in some tapes, and you can cut it together,” and then, “Oh, by the way, we have another hundred tapes coming in, so how about getting a team of editors together, and you can be director of post-production,” and, “Oh, and by the way, can you come out and shoot some stuff while you’re at it!”

But that’s how it works, if you’re part of that whole creative community. It’s a bit like that in Tauranga or Auckland: if you’re in that creative community and build up relationships with people, eventually something will come.

The whole industry is based on personal relationships. The way in is by hanging around and picking up the bits and pieces and working the graveyard shifts, and eventually you get a break. Someone will be sick, or can’t do something, and they’ll go, “Oh there’s that guy that’s been hanging around, and he seems quite good and seems to know what he’s talking about, maybe give him a shot.”

How was the Michael Jackson experience, because that time was like the ultimate excess of everything – budgets, money. What was it like being in the middle of that?

Well, it was an education. I think stamina was the thing that came out of it most, because he never slept. So, you know, he’d start at 9 or 10 in the morning and work through to 3 or 4 the following morning, six days a week. Seven days a week!

And the thing about those sort of guys – and it carries through into working with Trent and various other people – they’re so focused. That’s what makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd, and that becomes quite an addictive thing when you’re involved in that. And they are receptive to ideas, which is good, but they are absolutely driven and they know what they want. And they won’t rest until they get it, so there’s no point in going, “Oh, she’ll be right!” That doesn’t exist in their environment.

[Michael Jackson] never slept… he’d start at 9 or 10 in the morning and work through to 3 or 4 the following morning, six days a week. Seven days a week!

So he was incredibly driven. What was the atmosphere like? Was it relaxed, or would you all be yelling at each other?

He’s very quietly spoken. Very polite. But emphatic that “This is the way it’s going to be done.” And of course they all have their inner circle, so they all hang around. And they make sure that whoever they’re with, their wishes are realised. So the inner circle with those people – Trent had some, Michael had some, they all have them – it’s quite a political arena. You have to please everyone.

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Sources: The Pantograph Punch | Tally777 | All Things Michael