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We lost the King of Pop on June 25, 2009, just two months before his 51st birthday on August 29. To celebrate what would’ve been his 58th, his oldest son, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. — a.k.a. Prince Jackson — has penned a poem for his dearly departed father.

In a brief post he shared on Twitter and Instagram, Prince, who was only 12 when his father died, remembers him as “the Myth, the Legend and the Man” in a 14-line sonnet.

He stresses how dear Michael’s family was to him, specifically drawing attention to how much Jackson cared for his kids and his mom.

Prince, his younger brother Bigi and several members of the Jackson family recently visited Gary for the annual birthday tribute to his late father.


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Omer ‘O-Bee’ Bhatti Debuts Prince Michael Jackson-Produced ‘Automatic’ Video

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Rapper/ singer Omer “O-Bee” Bhatti plays super hero in the clip for his latest single “Automatic,” making its debut on BillboardShot in less than a week, the video — directed by Chris Perez and produced by Michael Jackson‘s son, Prince Michael Jackson — was a collaborative artistic vision.

“I thrive off of creating something,” the Norwegian rapper tells Billboard. “The concept of the whole video was sparked from Prince’s first ideas for the video. We wanted to make a short-film type of video. Since I grew up under the mentorship of Michael Jackson, taking the cinematic approach came natural to me. I remember MJ used to say about his videos, ‘They are not music videos — I make short films.’ I guess that stuck with me.”

The King of Pop isn’t the only icon who inspired “Automatic” — Bhatti also shouts out Diddy, whose Bad Boy ways in the 90s inspired the song’s hook.

Prince Michael, who also stars in the clip, adds, “It’s inspired by the cinematic music videos that my dad made back in the day. It’s hard to describe what it was like working on this video. It didn’t feel like work — I was learning so much from all the crew members as well as having the good fortune to be working with close friends of mine.” He continues, “Working on this project felt like the beginning of a dream come true. I remember being on set and seeing the magnitude of the set and realizing, ‘Wow, we’re really doing this.'”

“Automatic” serves as the full-length production debut from Prince Michael Jackson’s King’s Son Productions. O-Bee’s forthcoming independent EP is slated for release later this year.


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Sources: Billboard | All Things Michael

Prince Jackson Announces LMU’s Heal LA In Dedication To His Father And HTWF

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In keeping with the humanitarian spirit of his dad, Prince Jackson announced on his Instagram page a new organization at his university, Loyola Marymount, entitled Heal LA.

Though he didn’t say if he will preside over this endeavor, he did indicate that it was dedicated to his father, Michael Jackson and his former charitable foundation Heal the World.

The caption reads:

“Student organization at LMU // Ending: Child Abuse, Homelessness & Hunger // Dedication to Michael Jackson & HTWF // Est. 2016.”

Prince has also been cryptically tweeting and posting about big things that are going to happen this year.



We later found out that Prince is starting a new company entitled King’s Son Productions, featuring video production services.

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Can’t wait to see all that Prince will do this year and in the future!

Today In Entertainment History: Feb. 13

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1961: Frank Sinatra unveiled his own record label, Reprise. Sinatra did not have a very high opinion of rock music, but the label would release recordings by The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix and The Kinks.

1972: Led Zeppelin had to cancel a concert in Singapore after authorities would not let the group off the plane because of their long hair.

1991: A helicopter carrying actor Kirk Douglas collided with a stunt plane over an airport in California. Douglas suffered cuts and bruises. Two people on the plane were killed.

1997: Michael Jackson and then-wife Debbie Rowe became parents to a son named Prince.


Happy Birthday Prince!

La Toya Jackson: Prince Is a Good Kid

Source: People


Don’t believe everything you read. Despite recent reports that 16-year-old Prince Jackson is rebelling against his family, his aunt La Toya Jackson tells PEOPLE he’s doing great.

“He’s really great. He’s a good kid. He makes wonderful grades,” she said Tuesday night at her debut in the off-Broadway show NEWSical.

Jackson, 57, who has been a mentor to Prince since his father’s dearth in 2009, says the teen still wants to become a director.

“He knows that’s what he wants to do. He was doing it with his dad, and I’m so happy and proud for him – let them do what they want and choose to do,” she said.

La Toya, who is currently filming the second season of her OWN reality show Life with La Toya, says she’s better able to deal with reports about her family after Michael’s death.

“I don’t read the tabloids because to me negative things are bad. I stay away from it because they’ve always said so many things about my family,” she said.


Remi’s Mom Speaks Out: Prince Jackson Is ‘Behaving Like Royalty With My Daughter’

Source: Radar Online


Michael Jackson‘s son, Prince, is behaving like royalty with his girlfriend, real life Kuwaiti princess, Remi Alfalah.

That’s according to Remi’s proud mom, Alana Alfalah, who has told all about their relationship in an exclusive Radar Online interview.

“I trust Prince with my daughter and I’d stake my life on him always being a gentleman with her,” Alana said of the 16-year-old heir of the late King of Pop, who died in 2009.

“We enjoy Prince. He’s exceptional.”

Prince and Remi have been dating for ten months and were recently seen smooching and having lunch together at Boa Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Alana said she felt compelled to praise the young man after Jackson family sources complained of Prince being a renegade.

“If he wasn’t such a great kid, I’d continue to keep to myself and not say anything, but if you call being in the honor society, never breaking curfew and helping others a renegade, then that’s Prince,” Alfalah gushed.

“He comes over and he usually has a curfew and he reminds his grandmother sometimes what that curfew is and he always makes sure to leave well ahead of it,” she said.

Last week, some members of the family complained that Prince had been keeping late hours and ignored requests of his grandmother and guardian, Katherine.

They said he wants out of the Jackson family mansion in Calabasas and is even considering marrying his Princess.

But Alana insisted, “They are not at that stage yet. I will say this, even if they were to ever part ways, I’d still have a lot of love and respect for Prince.”

Alana is married to Kuwaiti royalty — but out of respect for her husband and the family’s religion, she declined to discuss him only to say, “My husband is very strict, so Prince must be special for his approval.”

The Al-Falah family is closely connected to Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah of the famed Royal House of Al-Sabah, whose reported net worth is approaching $1 billion. The Al-Falahs travel often to Kuwait, Monaco, Dubai, Paris and various parts of Europe.

Still, Alana has remained low-key and encourages her four children about the importance of education. And she said Jackson matriarch Katherineis similar.

“She’s a lovely woman who really is on top of things,” Remi’s mom said.

Katherine and T.J. Jackson, who both serve as guardians to Prince and his two siblings, Paris and Blanket, have each visited the Alfalah family.

When Prince’s sister, Paris, 15, attempted suicide in June, it was Prince who shouldered the responsibility of making sure his little sister would be okay, Alana revealed.

“He has a lot of pressure with all that has gone on, but he handles everything well. He never speaks an ill word and he cares about everyone,” Alana said.

Remi’s mom said the kids met when her daughter first started attending the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks.

“She was alone and the kids weren’t very nice. Prince just approached her and he started showing her around and they grew close.

“They are serious about their education, the both of them. Look, my husband is from Kuwait and I’m American, he’s very strict, so there is no way he’d allow Remi to see someone who wasn’t doing the right things in life. Prince doesn’t get into trouble, he doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t drink. We wouldn’t allow Remi to be with just anyone,” Alana said.

Alana revealed, “Prince makes his own jewelry by hand, great pieces and he draws a lot, he’s into art. Both of them are also so worried about nature and animals and Prince is meticulous, always cleaning his car and making sure things are tidy.”