Kevin Bacon Wrote A Ballad For Michael Jackson As A Kid


Kevin Bacon wrote his first song at the age of 11 in the hopes of having Michael Jackson record it.

The movie star has garnered praise for his acting work over the years, starring in hits such as 1984 musical-drama Footloose and 2003 mystery Mystic River, but Kevin has never forgotten his musical roots and regularly performs alongside his brother Michael in their band The Bacon Brothers.

While the duo has a folk-country sound, Kevin reveals the first song he wrote as a young boy was actually a sad tune titled, All the World Looks Lonely Through Lonely Eyes.

“I’m a giant Jackson 5 fan. The first song I ever wrote, in my mind, I wrote it for Michael Jackson,” he shared during an appearance on America’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday (29Aug16). “I was 11, so it didn’t make its way to Michael.”

Kevin, 58, was close in age to the late King of Pop, who died in 2009, at the age of 50, and he was a big fan of Michael’s more sentimental songs growing up, including his first solo number one, 1972’s Ben, from the film of the same name.

“I was a very, very romantic child. I mean, I remember always being heartbroken from the time I was little…,” he laughed. “Being in love with the girl in school, the teacher, the girl next door, (I Dream of Jeannie’s) Barbara Eaton in a bottle… I was always in love, so the songs I wrote were always heartbreak songs.”

Following his interview, Kevin showed that his acting and singing skills extend to a very solid Tom Petty impersonation, taking to the stage with host Jimmy, who was dressed as Mike Campbell, Tom’s long-time collaborator and guitarist. The pair performed an “original” version of Tom’s 1989 hit song Free Fallin’, called Free Horses, as part of a sketch segment called First Drafts of Rock.

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Actor Kevin Bacon and His Brother Michael Were Musically Inspired By Michael Jackson

Source: New York Daily News – By Marianne Garvey, Brian Niemietz, Lachlan Cartwright and Molly Friedman


Footloose’ star Kevin Bacon was almost the next King of Pop.

The Hollywood star’s sibling, Michael Bacon, tells Confidenti@l that in 1972 his little bro Kevin was less than six degrees from music superstardom.

“We actually did a demo, which I don’t have anymore, unfortunately,” Michael tells us. “I think we did 10 songs and Kevin was singing them all. We wrote some songs and covered some songs, and were going to make Kevin the next Michael Jackson. We had a plan. I remember pitching it to my publisher and he turned it down.”

Kevin, who was around 13 at the time, remembers his five siblings’ attempt to become a functional version of the Jackson 5.

“We were almost the same age, Michael [Jackson] and me,” says Kevin, who was born a month before MJ in 1958.

Despite Kevin and Michael Bacon being born nine years apart, they tell us Jackson was one artist they bonded over when they were growing up. There were others, of course.

“Michael introduced me to music when I was a tiny little boy,” says Kevin, citing bands like The Seeds and Big Brother and the Holding Company as groups his older brother turned him on to in the ’70s.

“He was bringing home ’60s rock records, and I was being exposed to them. The music was a little hard-edged and sophisticated for what might have been appropriate for my age range, and it turned out to be hugely influential.”

They never made it as a child act, but in 1995, Kevin and Michael began playing together again as the Bacon Brothers. They will release their sixth studio album, “36 Cents,” by the end of the year.

On Dec. 8, Kevin, Michael and other relatives will play a one-night-only performance under the name A Band Called Holmes at Murray Hill’s The Cutting Room, mixing covers and original songs. For now, there are no Michael Jackson tunes on the playlist.

“The Bacon Brothers used to do ‘I Want You Back,’ ” Michael says. “It’s not on the set list anymore.”