Angela Bassett Answers Questions And Talks About Playing Michael Jackson’s Mother

Sources: Wired | All Things Michael


BASED ON THEIR Google searches, people have a lot of misconceptions about actress Angela Bassett.

They want to know if she’s a vegan. (Not true.) They want to know if she’s from Chicago. (Nope.) They also really want to know if she’s in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. That last one is definitely not true. (But she did play Jackson’s mother, Katherine, in The Jacksons: An American Dream.)

Find out more fun facts about Bassett, and check out her Michael Jackson impression, in the Google Autocomplete interview above.

Funeral Services For Majestik Magnificent

Sources: Helena Arkansas | All Things Michael

Majestic Magnificent  Forever Michael Tribute at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 © RD / Kenney / Retna Digita

Funeral services for Majestik Magnificent will be held at noon Saturday, February 27 at the P.L.M. & D. District Center, Helena Crossing. Reverend Gerald Hunter will officiate.

Visitation will be 2 to 6 p.m., Friday, February 26 at Jackson – Highley Funeral Home Chapel.

Majestik Magnificent was born to Rose Wright Thomas, July 30, 1955 in Helena. Majestik was affectionately named after his late grandfather, Harry J. Wright.

As a child Majestik dreamed of becoming an entertainer and making it big in Hollywood. He began his career as a magician in Las Vegas in the 1970s. Soon after he met Muhammed Ali who introduced him to Michael Jackson. Majestik was personal magician to both Ali and Jackson and was a close friend of both families for over 30 years.

Majestik made an appearance in the movie documentary “Ali the Fighter” (1974) as well as on a variety of talk shows over the years including Dr. Drew (2011), spokesperson for the Jackson family during Michael Jackson trail. He also co-stared on the reality show “Life With Latoya” (2013 – 2014). Majestik was the recipent of the Sherry Gordy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 for his consistent encouragement, advisement, and support of the entertainment family.

Majestik was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, gliblustomia in 2013. He fought courgeously with the love and support of his family and close friends until his transition February 19, 2016. He will be deeply missed by all who loved him.

His sister, Olivie Patricia Wright, and his stepfather, Fready Thomas, preceded Majestik Magnificent in death.

He leaves to cherish his memory his beloved mother, Rose Thomas; a brother, Stephen (Bernice) Wright of Morena Valley, California; three sisters, Rose Evans of Streamwood, Illinois, Blanche Simmons of Sacramento, California and Carol (Billy) Williams of Helena; a stepsister, Delores (Dempsey) Word of Holly Grove; second mom and dad, Joe and Katherine Jackson of Las Angeles, California; a very special friend, Trentina Jackson; and a host of nieces and nephews, cousin, six godchildren and many many friends and fans.

Sources: Helena Arkansas | All Things Michael

TJ Jackson On Raising Kids And Missing His Mom & Michael

Sources: Yahoo Parenting – By Elaine Sir | All Things Michael

On being a parent:

I’m the strictest with my own kids.  First, it’s because I can be but I’m also careful about Royal [because he’s a teenager] and I want him to be strong and set an example for the younger kids. I am committed to them all.  I haven’t missed one parent – teacher conference for any of them. I remember how important it was to my mom to be there. And I want to be there too.

I struggle in the same way Michael did: Wanting to give my kids everything; but also wanting them to be normal.

Being a guardian: 

Kids [with guardians] may go through phases where they say or think, “You’re not my parent” but I never wanted to risk that with Prince or Paris.

When my uncle Michael passed, Prince was 11 or 12, and he had already solidified me as a cousin, so I couldn’t just appear as a parent. So I took the “older brother” approach, rather than that of an authoritative parent.  If was at a parent-teacher conference at Buckley for Prince or Paris, it was more from an “I’m proud of you” standpoint.


Growing up with Michael Jackson

I always knew my life wasn’t typical. My brothers and I would go see Lionel Richie, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Huey Lewis and the News in concert on school nights — and then we’d leave at 1:00 in the morning after hanging out backstage. I would meet legends and not even really realize it.  I remember falling asleep on the way home from concerts, in a limo, but having school six hours later.

One time, Uncle Michael stayed at our house during high school finals week. There was no way I was going to study!  We went to the movies, toy stores and had the best time. One morning at 4:30 a.m. as I was falling asleep after studying, the big Northridge ’94 Earthquake hit. So we drove straight from our house in Sherman Oaks, Calif. to Neverland — a magical, an amazing place of pure happiness. Then we took a private plane from a nearby airport and flew to Vegas where we stayed at Caesars Palace for a week.

Every morning Michael would run and slide into our hotel room and say, “They had another one” [talking about the aftershocks]. “Aren’t you happy we left?” Meanwhile it was chaos over in Los Angeles, but we were [safe] in Vegas because of Uncle Michael.


My mom, my role model 

My mother has played the biggest role in [shaping] my thoughts on parenting. When I was a kid, there would be a positive message from a fortune cookie in my lunch bag every day. I remember her reading parenting books, trying to be an even better mother than she already was. Her level of commitment and love is what I try to implement with my own kids and cousins daily.


Moving on without mom and Michael

The world remembers my uncle as a legendary artist — but I remember him as a legendary uncle.  Our television show is an opportunity to humanize him and speak of how great of a person he was.  Michael was filled with such incredible love, generosity, happiness, and empathy.

We were at the Beverly Hills Hotel one morning.  My brothers and I were just waking up – and he had been up reading or doing his music. He looked so sad so I asked him what was wrong.  He had heard that a plane had crashed — and he rattled out the statistics of how many were dead – and he knew the exact amount of kids that died.  He was torn up for the entire day because of the innocent lives that were lost.  He didn’t understand why these precious lives had to go.  That’s how he was.  He had the greatest heart.  Others’ lives affected him personally.

But, many times people took advantage of Michael’s kindness and saw it as an opportunity.  And I know he was too naive to [suspect] it; he was too kindhearted and trustworthy.

There is never a day where I don’t think about both my mother and my uncle.  I keep in mind what Michael told me when I lost my mother: to make her proud and present her well.  He told me to do good in the world.  Michael gave my brothers and I so many great traits and advice for how to live properly and healthy — and I take that to heart because I want to make Michael and my mom proud.

It gets hard though when you realize your own child lost out on an amazing grandparent and uncle.

But grandma [Katherine Jackson] has done so much for me — and she’s a big reason I got through [the losses].  She is the only maternal figure that I have. (To my kids, she’s Grandma, not “Great Grandma.”). My grandmother is the single most important person in my cousins’ lives. She does parent-teacher conferences, everything.  It’s kind of like she’s the founder of a company — but I do the day-to-day management.  She makes all the important decisions and I will always respect everything she says. She did so much for my brothers and me when we lost our mother.  And she’s now doing the same for my three cousins. She is still wise beyond her years.


My uncle left an incredible legacy as well as my mom — so I am starting to think about what I am leaving.  I could have another child but Frances is done, so I don’t push. Now I’m looking forward to being a grandparent.

Read the full article here

Michael Jackson’s Nephews Say They “Don’t Go A Day Without Feeling His Loss”

Sources: Fox News – By Paulette Cohn | All Things Michael


For Michael Jackson’s nephews and Tito Jackson’s sons, Taj, Taryll, and TJ, there is no such thing as living their lives out of the limelight. So, they’ve decided to embrace it. The result is the Lifetime docuseries “The Jacksons: The New Generation,” premiering Oct. 2.

“Up until now, we’ve tried to guard our very private stuff, but the world is changing, and we’d rather just be open and give it to the world, so that they can be inspired,” TJ, 34, who is also the legal co-guardian of Michael’s kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, tells FOX 411.

“The Jacksons: The New Generation” will follow the 3Ts, also the name of their music group, as they try to record an album, get their careers back in high gear, and take care of their families, all while living up to the pressures that come with being a member of the famous Jackson family and living under Michael’s shadow.


“The thing is just finding our way to find ourselves, if that makes any sense,” Taryll, 39, says. “It’s finding out who we are and getting to that place, because it is a large shadow. It’s something we’ll probably never be able to escape, but we’re very proud of that at the same time.”

And TJ adds, “I love my uncle more than anyone could ever imagine. I love my entire family, but it can get very difficult and frustrating because, no matter what we do, especially as second generation musicians, it seems like people will always see us with The Jackson 5, or Michael Jackson eyes.”

It isn’t that 3T hasn’t had its own success. The brothers toured and sold more than three million records worldwide just off their debut album, “Brotherhood,” in 1995. But it hasn’t been easy for them since Michael’s death.

“I’ve learned to just embrace being under the shadow of my uncle, because it’s the shadow of greatness, and no one will ever achieve what he achieved,” says Taj, 41. “For me, I don’t want to step away. I want people, always, to remember how great he was, and if we can contribute in some way, continue that storyline, that, for me, is just as important.”

In fact, Taj wants to produce a documentary to set the record straight on what he sees as the truth of Michael’s life. What has held him back so far is his concern about how his grandmother Katherine will feel about such an undertaking. It is a conversation the two have on “The Next Generation.”


“I feel a certain responsibility,” Taj says. “I feel like our family history is being rewritten a certain way, and I feel like the documentary is another way of getting the truth out there. At least it would be something to combat the negative lies that continue.”

Even though they’re Tito’s sons, Taj, Taryll, and TJ were dealt a strong blow by Michael’s sudden death. The 3Ts felt especially close to their uncle because when their mother Dee Dee died, Michael was there for them, reassuring them that everything would be okay.

“He said, ‘I have you,'” Taj says. “And that was the thing, for us, he did that. He was an integral part of our career, in that aspect, too, so [his death was] like losing a captain. You’re on a battlefield and you lose the captain, and you have to make your way and figure out where your journey goes from there, and so, we mourned, with the world, when he passed, but at the same time, it still affects us because he was our uncle, he was such a great man, and a great spirit, that we feel that loss even today.  I don’t go a day without feeling his loss.”

“The Jacksons: Next Generation” premieres Friday, October 2 on Lifetime.


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Dancers, Singers, Fans And Family Tribute Michael Jackson In Gary For Charity Event

Sources: Chicago Tribune – By Michelle Quinn | All Things Michael

Fullscreen capture 8222015 90014 AM

Surrounded by several friends and members of her family, Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson held court Friday in the Genesis Center.

In Gary to celebrate the life of her youngest son, the late Michael Jackson, with the sixth annual Michael Jackson I Can’t Stop Loving You charity event, she watched with interest as dancers emulated every step of his best-known routines. The event — also a school-supply giveaway for Gary students — kicks off a weekend devoted to Gary’s most famous native son a week before what would have been his 57th birthday.

Vanessa Pereira, Jasmina Maamesi and Jenny Fulimani, of the Malibu Fan Club from Germany, didn’t sleep a wink upon arrival in the states Thursday. On Friday morning, the trio saw the house in which the Jacksons lived on Jackson Street and couldn’t get over how small it is.

“It’s crazy to see where it all began,” Fulimani said. “How did they all manage?”

Maamesi said she first fell in love with Jackson, the King of Pop, in 1992 during the “Dangerous” tour. She was 12.

“He gave away all his money from that tour and the HIStory tour. That’s really impressive,” she said.

Also traveling a ways was Girl, a Los Angeles-based dance quartet comprised of Morgan Gordy, Leeyah Porter, Maariyah El-Shabazz and Aliah Woodson. The young women were scheduled to go on at 5 p.m. and planned to perform to Jackson’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” and “Earth Song” and “Red Bottoms,” an original song by them.

The performance was especially important for the women because they said they were invited by Katherine Jackson.

“She saw us and fell in love with our voices, so she asked us to come out here,” Woodson said. “This is the best opportunity to perform for her and the family. We’re nervous, but we’re more excited and anxious to get up there.”

“He’s one of our all-time favorite singers,” Gordy added.

Johnny Rucker, a member of the Gary Youth Council, worked behind the scenes with the production crew. It was the second time he’s gotten to participate.

“Seeing all these people here from around the country and the world goes to show how loved Michael was. People really idolize him,” Rucker said.

Marvin King and Daniel “Danny J” Sutton, who perform in Atlanta under the moniker Mannish Mania, love coming back to celebrate their hero as well.

“He always gave us hope, that even if you were from Gary, you could make it,” King said.


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Mother of “King Of Pop” Katherine Jackson Presents The 6th Annual Charity Weekend in Gary, Indiana

Sources: PRWeb | All Things Michael


GARY, Ind.Aug. 18, 2015PRLog — Katherine Jackson, mother of the late great “King Of Pop”, Michael Jackson will present “The 6th Annual, I Can’t Stop Loving You, Charity Weekend”, August 21st & 22nd, 2015. The two day, fun filled event is free to the public and will be held at the Genesis Convention Center, located at 1 Genesis Center Plaza, Gary, Indiana 46402. Festivities will begin at 12:00 noon each day and will provide family fun, entertainment and the distribution of backpacks, school supplies and giveaways to thousands of deserving children within the community.

The weekend will begin Friday, August 21st with an opening ceremony including appearances by the Mayor and Governor of Indiana and the Roosevelt High School Marching Band and Choir and continue through Saturday, August 22nd with a two day free concert featuring live performances by national recording artists, Wale, 5th Harmony, Mishon, Silent’o and many others. There will also be a very special, Michael Jackson dance competition with a $5,000.00 grand prize. The event will be hosted by Diamond Strawberry of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop NY and Big Mike Robinson, National Executive Talent Scout for major music industry networks. Celebrities, several members of the Jackson family, Sponsors and Community Partners will be on hand to pass out school supplies, backpacks and other giveaways throughout the event.

Mrs. Jackson and the children of Michael Jackson, are committed to providing the children of Gary with the necessary essentials needed to prepare for new school year. They understand the importance of having access to resources, particularly for those living without the proper finances. By presenting this annual event, the Jackson family hopes to put a smile on the faces of local children and families in preparation of the new school year.

Community participation is needed and will make a huge difference in the lives of those served. Vendor opportunities are still available and space is limited, contact for vendor participation. Local businesses, community partners and media outlets interested in sponsorship, product donation or media credentials, please contact For additional information visit our website at

Participating celebrities include: Wale (MMG/Atlantic Recording Artist), 5th Harmony (Epic Records), Mishon (Dynasty Records/Columbia Recording Artist), Silent’o (Capitol Recording Artist), Diamond Strawberry (Love & Hip Hop, NY), Lil Fizz (Love & Hip Hop, Hollywood), Big Mike Robinson (BET/Bmikerob Mgmt.), Joshua Ledet (American Idol), The Group GIRL (R&B Group), The Futrell Boys (R&B/Pop Group), Mannish (Duo) and many other surprise celebrity guest. Several members of the Jackson family will also participate in this charitable event.

This year’s event is sponsored by: Monster Products, Vlado Footwear, S.A.W. Productions, AEOM PR, Bmikerob, Online Life Drawing, Colors Of Lupus a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, C.J. Carter, A Safe Place Youth Center, Dyme Corp, and Faces Of Success to name a few.

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Michael Jackson Birthday Celebrations/Events – 2015 (Updated)

Please note:  This page is in progress and will be updated as events are known.


Aug. 21 – 22, 2015 in Gary Indiana in honor of her son Michael Jackson. Vist:

Fullscreen capture 8152015 91924 AM


Brooklyn Love Michael Jackson – Annual Birthday Bash By Spike Lee (Updated)

11880625_10153537237809819_6934129935524750824_n (1)

We are two weeks away from BK LOVES MJ & DO THE RIGHT THINK Block Party. Spread the word. It’s going down on Saturday, August 29th from 12noon to 6pm at Stuyvesant Ave (Between Lexington & Quincy) in Bed-Stuy Do-Or-Die. With @DJSpinna on the ones and twos.




This Year We Are Having A Mash-Up Of Our BK LOVES MJ

w/ The Official Unveiling Of *Do The Right Thing Way*

On Stuyvesant Avenue (between Lexington & Quincy) – Bed Stuy BK

From 12PM To 6 PM



Source: DJ Spinna


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Sunday, August 30, I’ll be at Icon Studios in Chicago, just up the road from Gary. I want to tell you what it was like to work with Michael on some of his most iconic projects: EO, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory. We’ll even dig into a place he called Neverland – a place he trusted me to help create.

I hope you join me in Michael’s hometown, on his birthday weekend. Will You Be There?

Icon Studios Chicago
Sunday, August 30th, 2015

And don’t forget – join us Labor Day Weekend in Orlando
Saturday, Sept 5th, 2015

Hear things you have never heard.
See things you have never seen.
Learn things you never knew.

Tickets are on sale now.

 The Third Annual Michael Jackson One Celebration of the King of Pop’s Birthday – MJ One

Fullscreen capture 8152015 91456 AM

This year, Michael Jackson’s birthday is on Saturday, August 29 so it’s perfect timing for a weekend in Las Vegas! The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil are hosting the 3rd Annual Michael Jackson ONE celebration for the King of Pop’s birthday. Gather together with all of the other Michael Jackson fans for a celebration in Las Vegas this year and plan to spend the Saturday afternoon at the Michael Jackson ONE Theater enjoying all of the special activities that will be announced in the coming weeks .

In addition to the 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. birthday performances, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino also has created an exclusive offer for the birthday weekend including room rates starting at $72 and a gift bag.

To purchase tickets and to book rooms, visit Guests attending the shows that night will also be invited to participate in additional birthday activities throughout the day which will be revealed in the coming weeks. Check back regularly for updates on this page.

Address: 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas



Programming Announcement – Michael Jackson ONE Birthday Weekend –

Fullscreen capture 8202015 70400 PM

Hi MJFam!

The day is coming up quickly! There are only 9 more days until Michael Jackson’s birthday celebration at Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE. To help you plan your visit better, we want to let you know about more of the programming that will happen on Michael’s birthday, August 29.

3:30 p.m. – Book signing with Michael Bush at the Michael Jackson ONE Boutique

4:00 p.m. – Special performance and Q&A with Michael Jackson ONE cast members.  The performance begins with a one-time only performance to “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” which is not part of the regular Michael Jackson ONE show.  This will be followed by “Stranger In Moscow” and “Thriller”, consistently a crowd favorite.

5:30 p.m. – Meet-and-greet with members of the Estate team and their invited guests, including choreographers Rich & Tone Talauega and Travis Payne

You do not want to miss these special opportunities to see the cast perform a routine that is NOT part of the regular show, or your chance to take photos with the people who work day in and day out to protect Michael’s legacy.

If you do not have your tickets yet, some are still available at We do expect them to sell out before the night of the shows, however.


MJOnline The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™




SATURDAY- August 29, 2015- Event Pass

Full Access To The Convention and All Activities Planned For Friday August 29th of The Convention.

Laminate Event Pass
One FREE Raffle Ticket






2:30pm – Doors open

2:45pm – 4:30pm – Lunch

Special Guest Speakers

4:45pm – 6:00pm The “INVINCIBLE” Show
Live Entertainment Production
Starring Professional Award Winning Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson
Tribute Artists.

6:00pm – 6:15pm Photo opportunities with Entertainers
Group Photo

6:15pm – ? Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration followed By Dance
Mix & Mingle

(Schedule subject to change)

Reference: 829SAT


Full Access To The Convention and All Activities Planned For Saturday August 29th of The Convention.


(+$2 service fee)



Michael Jackson Bday 2015

Saturday, August 29, 2015, 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Celebrating Michael Jackson Special Birthday at Millennium Skate World

* Enjoy a slice of Delicious Birthday Cake

* Schedule a Birthday party

* M.J Look a-like contest

* Trivia Contest

Admission: $5.00

Skate Rental: $3.50



Michael Jackson 62

Saturday August 29, 2015


Celebrate Michael Jackson’s Birthday at Lincoln Park Skating Center!! We will be playing Michael Jackson Music all session long!!

Admission: $7.00 admission


 MJ Day 2015

Screen Captures10

Since MJ’s passing in 2009, Dominic Redd aka DJ Dredd has commemorated MJ’s birthday every year with DC’s biggest Michael Jackson themed dance party. The celebration features all the hits, remixes, rare cuts and videos by MJ and the Jackson Family. Joining Dredd this year will be Jahsonic, Grap Luva (host) and O’s Cool (video mix).

Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001




On Saturday, August 29th, 2015 we will celebrate the 6th Michael Jackson’s Birthday Party. And that means big party again!

Also this year we have done our best to get everyone to offer you a special and festive program.


The festival will again take place at two different locations.

We start at 13:00 hours the festivities at the MJ HIStory statue, located next to the Mc Donald’s on the South Eindhovenseweg 59 Best. From there departs at 13:30 Michael’s Army Of Love MJ accompanied by live music in procession to nearby party venue Quatre Bras .  There, the party will continue and everyone will be welcomed with free birthday cake!

This year we will also pay attention to the 20th anniversary of Michael’s HIStory album and the 30th anniversary of We Are The World.

Special Guests: Artist Marjolein Lukas, Christian Charlet – Author “Travelling with a King,” DJ Martin Inrello

Prizes, food, exhibitors, fun and more!

See program events here:



#MJGBP is a yearly worldwide live online party that consists of a chatroom, live music feed and a live online video! It is a way that fans can get together for free, every year (and soon every week!) on Michael’s birthday to celebrate the life of the King of Pop.

On August 29, join fans from all over the world in celebration of the King of Pop’s birthday. The event is free.





6th Annual Michael Jackson Fans of Newark Birthday Tribute Festival – Sunday, August 23, 2015 12:00 PM


WBLS Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Cruise – Saturday, August 29, 2015 10:00 AM


2nd Annual Birthday Gathering at the Michael Jackson Memorial Bench -Saturday, August 29, 2015 10:00 AM

Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration @ Cafe Wha? – Thursday, August 27, 2015 7:00 PM

DATFunK Presents Forever MJ: A MICHAEL JACKSON Birthday Celebration – Monday, August 31, 2015 6:00 PM


80s VS 90s: Michael Jackson Birthday Edition [at] The Blue Note


Columbia’s #1 retro dance party is BACK with the BIGGEST edition of the year: A Birthday Celebration and Tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. DJs Requiem and Jen Ha will take you through MJ’s catalog of dance party jams mixed with the raddest hits & videos from the 80s and 90s. Expect LOTS of MJ but you’ll also get to rock with artists like Madonna, OutKast, Prince, Salt N Pepa, Duran Duran, The Cars and everything in between! And make sure you’re there at midnight for the Moonwalk Competition AND Michael Jackson Happy Birthday Singalong!

Don’t stop till you get enough, Columbia, and we’ll see ya on the dance floor!

Saturday, August 29, Doors 9pm at The Blue Note

$5 Cover // FREE in MJ Costume


 Michael Jackson Laser Show AT CARNEGIE SCIENCE CENTER


Love Michael Jackson? “Don’t stop till you get enough”…with our newest, family-friendly Michael Jackson laser show. Filled with vibrant laser colors and the late singer’s greatest hits, the King of Pop comes alive once more with “ABC,” “Beat It,” “Billie Jean,” and more. Come check it out for just $8 ($2 for members!), or pair it with another laser show for a Double Feature Laser price of $13. It’s “easy as 1, 2, 3!”

Cost: $2 members | $8 non-members

Date: Check Daily Schedule for Showtimes

Aug 21, 2015 – Aug 22, 2015 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm

Aug 28, 2015 – Aug 29, 20155:00 pm – 5:45 pm

Sep 04, 2015 – Sep 05, 20155:00 pm – 5:45 pm




Represent your country and join us as we show our love and respect to MJ as well as educating those who do not know.




Celebrate the King of Pop’s birthday (a few hours early!) with this rare screening of Moonwalker.

**$100 Cash prize for best Michael Jackson impersonator or moonwalk**

Moonwalker, also known as Michael Jackson: Moonwalker, is an American anthology film released in 1988 by singer Michael Jackson.

Rather than featuring one continuous narrative, the film is a collection of short films about Jackson, several of which are long-form music videos from Jackson’s Bad album. The film is named after the dance technique known as the moonwalk, which was one of his trademark moves. The name of the dance move was dubbed by the media, not by Jackson himself; however, he did choose the title of the film himself. Moonwalker was a success at the box office, making a total of $67,000,000 worldwide.


The release of Moonwalker was originally scheduled to coincide with Jackson’s 1987 album, Bad. During the theatrical release of Moonwalker, Jackson was also embarking on the Bad world tour, his first tour as a solo performer. The film was released theatrically in Europe and South America, but Warner Bros. canceled plans for a Christmas 1988 theatrical release in the United States. Moonwalker was instead released on home video in the United States and Canada on January 10, 1989, just as the Bad tour finished. (His tour was supposed to finish sooner, but had been postponed due to some vocal strain, so it went on until the last week of January 1989.) The video had sold more than 800,000 copies in the U.S. by April 17, 1989.

August 29, 9:00pm at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, Walsh 5 Auditorium. Purchase tickets here.



Thanks to Karen O’Hallorran for sharing.



Chinese Garden of Friendship

1 Exhibition Place,Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9240 8888

We thought this might be a great place to start our weekend for those interested in meeting up on Friday afternoon

MJ Dance Class

Friday 28th August 5.30pm

Where: Dance Central

Level 1, 268 Cleveland St, 
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Cost: $17 per person for a one hour class.

Please indicate your interest by sending Karen O’Halloran a PM if you are interested in joining us!

Moonwalker – Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration (See prior post as well)

Friday 28 August 9.00pm

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

380 Military Road, Cremorne NSW 2090

Ph: 02 9908 4344 Tickets $20 – prebook at

Public event. A rare chance to see Michael on a BIG screen in Moonwalker !!!!!

Madame Tussauds

Aquarium Wharf, Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW 2000, Ph: 1800 205 851

They have a figure of Michael and also some plush dolls of him for sale. Entrance fee cheaper if you pre-book online

Michael Jackson Locks of Love Wall

Ballast Point Park

4 Ballast Point Road

Birchgrove NSW 2041

Ph: 02 9240 8500

At last count over 80 padlocks have been placed on one of the walls overlooking Sydney harbour with personal messages to MJ engraved on them. From memory the MJ wall is down the main path on the RHS but if someone from Sydney could confirm this it would be great. There used to be a plaque marking his wall but the council made Lindy, who started the wall, take it down when a local resident complained! If you wish you can take your own lock and place it with the rest

Star Casino Sydney

80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Ph: 1800 700 700

MJ machines are easy to find! They’re in the main room. There’s 6 in a row in one spot and 3 clumped together in another section

Walk The World for Michael’

Sunday 30th August – Around Hyde Park – Starting Museum Station 08.30 am

Open to all fitness levels. Joining other groups around the world to raise money for Michael Jackson’s Legacy (MJL) a charity run by and funded by MJ fans. $5 to walk or ask friends and family to sponsor you for $2 per klm. (Walk is approx 5klms) If exercise isn’t your thing you can sponsor one of the walkers. Last year we did the walk in Melbourne and raised $600. Any questions please contact Mary Anthony

Mini MJ KFC Picnic in the Park (dependent on weather)

For all you MJ doll lovers this will be held after the walk in Hyde Park. There is a KFC within a short walk to the park

Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration show

Jason Jackson

Cabra Vale Diggers Club, 1 Bartley Street, Canley Vale NSW 2166

Doors open 2.30pm show time 3.30pm Tickets $30

Bookings 02 9727 3600

Moonwalker at Ultimo Community Centre
 – 40 William Henry Street (Corner Bulwara Road) Ultimo NSW 2007

Sunday 30th August 2015. TIME 12.30pm – 4pm.
COST: only $9.00 includes light refreshments

Moonwalker feature film runs for 90 minutes plus we will show 20 minutes of the making of Moonwalker plus a further 1 hour of various interviews with authors of books written entirely about Michael Jackson. This part will be done MJ Book Club style, meaning those books will be in the room for everyone to look at & discuss.

If you only want to see Moonwalker that will start at 2;30pm. Cost is still $9.

You can reserve your tickets here – however no money is being collected yet. You can pay at the venue.

This is a FAN event organized by Karen O’Halloran which is different to the Friday evening event at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Hard Rock Café

Sunday 30th August 6.30pm

1st and 2nd floors of Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour, Ph: 02 9280 0077

Close to Madame Tussauds. They have a MJ jumper on display in the Jimi Hendrix Bar. The jumper was seen in a photo of him standing by a Christmas tree. They also have a large picture of Thriller on the ceiling

Luna Park

1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point, NSW 206, Ph: 02 9922 6644

Fri & Sat 11am-10pm Sun 10am-6pm

Not hard to see why we included this! No other clues other than carousel, spider, dodgems, ferris wheel …….


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One Night Only: STK Restaurants To Honor Michael Jackson’s Birthday #STKXMJ

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On Saturday, August 29, 2015, STK Restaurants nationwide will be celebrating the birthday of the incomparable Michael Jackson.

For one night only, STK Washington D.C. will be throwing down with a birthday bash fit for the King of Pop with an all-out dinner event scored by unforgettable sound of Michael Jackson. Guaranteed to be a bone fide Bad to the bone tribute to the man behind the moonwalk, STK Washington D.C. will feature Chef’s selection of MJ-inspired dishes as well as a host of specialty cocktails and “Thriller Shots” for all of D.C’s P.Y.Ts.

STK Washington D.C. will also feature a very special live DJ set that will include the hottest hits of MJ’s entire illustrious career. From his early years with The Jackson 5, through his exceptional solo career, and even his posthumous single “Love Never Felt So Good” completed with the help of Justin Timberlake, STK’s One Night Only promises to be a joyous celebration of what would have been the pop legend’s 57th birthday. So come and remember the time when Michael Jackson rules the pop charts and moonwalk out the summer of 2015 at STK Washington D.C. #STKxMJ Book your reservation with STK Washington D.C. now and secure your seat for STK’s annual treat! Call 202-296-1880.

See the STK event pages for the following cities: London, Miami, New York, Washington, DC 

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When: Saturday, August 29, 2015, 12:30pm

Where:Fast Eddys Perth, original 24 hour cafe, 454 Murray Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000

Hosted by Julie Windsor and Raoul Q Gabriel-Smith

$10 Entry Fee to donate to a childrens charity such as the Everland Childrens Home being built and run by Michael Jackson’s Legacy FB page or Perth Telethon in memory of Michael would be an appreciated birthday gift to Michael.

Also bring some spare cash along with you as we may include an MJ Trivia or MJ Music Knowledge quiz during the meal. I thought we could have a gold coin donation to participate in the trivia or quiz, to raise a bit of extra money.

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FRIDAY AUGUST 28, 2015, 9:00PM – 2:00AM

A Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration

with MOM DJs:
EXPO (Los Angeles)
CUTSO (San Jose)
GORDO & TIMO (San Francisco)

plus Special Guest:

spinning originals, remixes, covers, and sampled tunes of your favorite Michael Jackson & Jackson family songs, productions, & more!

hosted by:

$5 before 11pm w/ RSVP
$10 after 11pm or w/out RSVP

RSVP must be made at:


Located at: MIGHTY, 119 Utah St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Special feature: MJ PHOTO BOOTH – Catch a pic with a lifesize cutout of your favorite MJ album!

FREE GIVEAWAYS: T-Shirts, Posters, stickers, and more!

Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration in Memory of the King of Pop – Toronto


Join us at Tattoo on Friday, August 28th to celebrate the birthday of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop!

DJ Starting From Scratch and DJ Wristpect spinning loads of MJ and Jacksons hits.

Hosted by Ian Andre Espinet (Amnesia, Soul Kitchen) and DOCTOR BAGGIE (Jackson Family Values).

TATTOO: 567 Queen St West, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6

10 pm – 2:30 am, $20 cover, $15 advance tickets available at here

19+ ID required




Monday August 24, 2015, 08:00 pm – 02:00 am, 21+
Cover: FREE
Cover Notes: FREE
Music: Soul, Funk & Hip Hop


The Freedom Party® NYC Annual MJ Tribute



1,000+ people will descend upon Santos Party House on Friday, August 28th, for our annual tribute to the King of Pop. It’s not only NYC’s baddest tribute to MJ, it’s our biggest club night of the year! All MJ and Jackson-family music, all music sampling MJ and Jackson-family, music, all music inspired by MJ and Jackson-family music, ALL NIGHT LONG.

Please listen to us when we say you REALLY want to buy advanced tickets because they give you priority admission which will REALLY come in handy when you arrive at the club to see a line down the block and wrapped around the corner.




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DJ Questlove’s Michael Jackson Celebration at Grand Park LA 


Sunday, August 30, 2015 from 12p to 7p

Grand Park
200 North Grand Avenue
Event Lawn (between Broadway and Spring)
Los Angeles, CA 90012



Michael Jackson To Be Celebrated In Rosendale

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For the sixth consecutive year, Market Market and Rosendale celebrate the birthday of the King of Pop with “Forever King VI,” a multimedia Michael Jackson Birthday Extravaganza hosted by DJ Ali on Friday, August 28 at 10:30 p.m. The cover charge is $5.

Market Market Café is located at 1 Madeline Lane in Rosendale. For more information, visit

Party Like It’s 1999: Michael Jackson Tribute


Every week you can Party Like It’s 1999 as Raven Bar transports you back in time to boogie down like you did in the good old days of boy bands, teen pop starlets, and R&B grooves like they don’t make anymore.

Bring your sweetest dance moves and they’ll bring a throwback VJ mix to match. The event starts at 9 pm every week and there is no cover all night.

On Thursday, August 27, 2015 Raven Bar invites you to dance to DJ Mark Andrus’s library of hit music videos from the ’90s era.

They are doing a birthday tribute to the king of pop, Michael Jackson, so expect to hear your favorite music videos from his extensive selection of hits.




Sources: Icantstoplovingu | All Things Michael

michael and katherine


Please Join Mrs. Katherine Jackson  as she continues the legacy of her son, “The King Of Pop” Michael Jackson, at her 6th Annual “Michael Jackson Charity,” giving back to the children of Gary, Indiana. This will be a fun filled 2-day charity event, starting at noon each day, August 21- ­22, 2015.

On August 21, the opening ceremony will begin with the Mayor and the Governor of Indiana. The Roosevelt High School Marching Band and choir will perform. There will also be a Michael Jackson dance contest, with a 1st place prize of $5,000.00!!

This event is free for all ages. There will be…

Free hair cuts,

Free concerts on both days

Celebrity Beauty Bar

Free food and drinks

Face painting



Celebrity Meet and Greet

Arcade Center

Car Show

Basketball Shooting Contest

Dance Contest

Local Vendors And Much More!!!!!

Join us as Mrs. Jackson gives back to the children of Gary, Indiana by sending them back to school  with the necessary supplies. Giveaways include….. BACK PACKS, IPADS,  SCHOOL SUPPLIES, COMPUTERS,  SHOES, HEAD PHONES, CLOTHING and CELL PHONES.


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