Lindy’s L.O.V.E Letters

Lindy’s L.O.V.E Letters – Poems from the Heart and Soul

I am very honored to present to you the heartfelt, poetic writings of my friend Lindy.  I have to admit that I got very emotional while posting this wonderful tribute to Michael.  I know that you will enjoy all her writings as much I do.   Thanks Lindy for sharing your talents here.

God bless, you dear one.  Much love. Cutie ♥ ♥ ♥



Another Day Closer To You

The sun is coming up
Another day without you
This emptiness I’m feeling
I still wish it isn’t true

After 8 months it repeats itself
Every day going through the same
I watch my This Is It DVD
A thousand times I hear your name

I see you dance and sing
A tear rolls down my face
I can’t believe you’re not there
I feel like being in the wrong place

I arrive at work
A lot of strength it takes
People are laughing
But my heart still aches

They tell about their wife and children
And little problems that they have
They ask,Lindy,how’s Mikey
And all they do is laugh

So I keep quiet from now on
That’s what I’ve learned
It’s not fair for you Mike
So much fame you’ve earned

I’m the only one in my world
I feel lonely inside
Am I the only one who misses you
All these feelings I hide

The sun is going down
After a long,long day
I look out of my window
The moon is there to stay

I lie down in my bed
And think of what you have been through
Another day is gone
Another day closer to you

Lindy _


I Never Thought

I never thought I would love you so much
I feel it in the depths of my soul
It’s not just a part of you
I love you as a whole

I never thought the day would come
When I had to say goodbye
I never knew what hit me
I thought it was all a lie

I never thought it would hurt so much
When I came to realize
You really left this world
And you found your paradise

I never thought it would take so long
To get over the loss of someone I never met
Nowadays we have no time for sorrows
And certainly no time for regret

I never thought I could miss someone
So badly that I can’t eat
You are gone such a long time
But my feelings are stuck on repeat

I never thought I could run out of tears
When there is so much to cry
I never will accept and understand
That you’re gone and why?

Lindy _


There’s Something I Want to Know

Who am I going to talk to,
When something causes pain?
Usually to a doctor,
Maybe he can explain
This one is different.
The one I am trying to hide.
It causes a lot of stress,
Because I keep it all inside

We just lost a loved one,
A loved one we have never met.
We couldn’t say goodbye to him,
The man we will never forget.

People say; get over it !
Why do you keep crying about that man?
I am thinking whatever,
I don’t talk with you about him again.

To run crying to the bathroom,
Wear sunglasses when it rains,
One can do a lot to hide it,
But the hurt still remains.

When someone asks me how I am
Do I honestly say ;
I’m not okay,I’m grieving ?
It ‘s Michael I think about everyday.

No I don’t, I hurt in silence
My heart aches every tribute I see
My stomach hurts when thinking about him
While haters just won’t leave him be

There’s something I want to know,
How to mourn this beautiful man ?
If you know,would you please stand up,
And tell me everything you possibly can.

Because It’s not okay to grieve on my own
Sick of pretending I’m bright.
I’m lying in my bed alone,
while weeping through the night



I Need Some Superglue…

I need some superglue
Superglue for my heart
It is broken into pieces
I’m searching for each and every part

I’ve tried to fix it
With a hammer and some nails
But I guess I need something different
Because everything else fails

It has happened so suddenly
I didn’t even hear it break
Felt like a knife stabbed in my chest
And it was hard to take

I’ve used patches and bandages
But that was not enough
Can’t hold the pieces together
Not even when I added some love

I’ve tried a needle and a thread
Also that wouldn’t help for me
The edges were not fitting
And the pain wouldn’t let me be

My heart is broken for almost 2 years
Because of some awful twist of fate
It has been broken too many times
And this time it was too late

My superglue is Michael
He used to mend my heart like no other man
But now that he left this world,
I think that no one else can…



It Is Stronger Than Me

It’s stronger than me
And it has taken over my life
The love I feel for you
Although I’m somebody else’s wife

You were always there
Whispering sweet words in my ear
And sometimes I can’t bear
The thought of you not being here

I know you are happy now
Resting safe and sound
But it’s stronger than me
The thought that you’re not around

For a long time now
I’ve been fighting this feeling
At night it comes back to haunt me
When I stare at the ceiling

It is stronger than me
And I’m tired of this fight
Of pretending I’m over you
And that just isn’t right

There are no words left
To describe the love I feel for you
Because it’s stronger than me
And something I cannot undo

When I’m feeling down
Or when I’m feeling blue
It is stronger than me
And I yell : I LOVE AND I MISS YOU!!!!!!

So when you hear
Someone screaming this loud
I’m sorry ,it was stronger than me
And I just had to get it out…



If Heaven Had A WindowBy Lindy aka The Johanna69

Very beautiful…………. Much love ♥ ♥ ♥


Michael, Where Are You?

Is there a place out there,
That only you know?
Is there a place somewhere?
That you like to go?

Is it a happy place,
That leads you to tomorrow?
Does it chase away,
All of your pain and sorrow?

Can I come, too?
To reach for your hand.
I need you to tell me,
So I can maybe understand.

Because I’m going crazy,
I can’t cope anymore.
It’s so much different,
From how it was before.

I miss you so badly,
My emotions are pretty strong.
I could keep on hoping,
But it’s just been too long.

Now it’s clear to me
That you’re no longer there.
After seeing This is It
I’ve been living in despair

I still feel your music
And my love for you,
will never end, baby
That’s all I can do.

So I just keep on praying,
As I weep away the nights.
I just lie in the darkness,
Wondering if you’re all right.

Lindy ♥


No One Could Even Half Be You Michael

I can have a thousand men
And they can look like you too
It wouldn’t make a difference
Because nothing compares to you

If they could dance real good
And do the Moonwalk too
I don’t want to see them dancing
Because no one dances like you

They could be really sweet
And humble and humanitarian too
I wouldn’t even notice it
Because nothing compares to you

What if they could make clones
I would still feel lonely and blue
What’s the use of copies
When all I want is you

People want to see a new Michael
And I want the real one here
Since you left our earth Mikey
It changed the atmosphere

I don’t want to watch ” look like Michael” shows
And sit back and ask myself why
Your murderer is getting positive attention
While people forget the evil of this guy

Michael you are so unique
There is no second one it’s true
In the end you are irreplaceable
And no one could even half be you

I miss you terribly Michael
Two years went by so fast
And I’m not moving forward
Still living in the past

Lindy ♥


Dear Bus Driver 

Can I get a ride to heaven ?

There’s someone I want to talk to

I hope it isn’t too much trouble

I really don’t want to bother you

I need to talk to Mikey

He’s been away for so long

I miss him so badly

Although I know it is wrong

It’s just for a little while

I want to hug him so tight

And thank him for all that he’s done

And have a water balloon fight

Then we dance together

And he sings I just can’t stop loving you

While we hold each others hand

And he kneels for me too

Then we say; see you later

And he kisses my hair

And I blow kisses to him

As I leave him there

It’s really important

So I can go on with my life

If you take a side road

It’s like a four days drive

So I’m asking please, bus driver

Do you have a return ticket for me

If I leave the gates open

I can come back you see

I know you look at me now

And think I’m insane

But if you don’t want to help me

I have to arrange a plane



I would like to announce that Lindy’s beautiful poem entitled, “IT WASN’T IN THE PLAN” won the poetry contest on the “We Love 3T” website.  Lindy also won an  autograph copy of Yashi Brown’s new book entitled, “Black Daisy In A White Limousine: 77 Poems The Art of Love, Life and Family.     

Yashi is Michael’s niece, Rebbie’s daughter and Austin Brown’s sister.

But that’s not all! A copy of Lindy’s poem was sent to the Jackson’s, along with a personalized message from her to them. 

Her poem is also featured on the home page:

Congratulations Lindy!  I am so proud of you hon!  You deserve it!


I saw you standing
In a field of flowers
I wanted to run to you
But it took me hours

As I finally stood
In front of you
I was in disbelieve
I didn’t think it was true

And what never could happen
Not in a hundred thousand days
I reached out my hand
And touched your precious face

The sun was shining
On your curly black hair
And in this warm moment
It was only you and me there

I said to you
Don’t you ever leave me again
You kissed my hand
And said,: “it wasn’t part of the plan”

“ I have to go now”
“To make the world a better place”
And then I saw your light
We had the warmest embrace

You wiped away the tears
Falling from my eyes
You turned around
And gazed at the skies

Then you looked at me
And gave me the most beautiful smile
And then you floated away
Leaving me frozen for a while

Suddenly I woke up
And to my work I rushed
Smiling through my tears
But my heart was crushed

I saw my hero in Heaven
My Angel flew away
But a selfish me
Wanted him to stay

Lindy  06-25- 2011


Michael Jackson, A Gift Wrapped In Brilliant Gold…………….


This one really made my heart long for those I have lost…………I miss you all so very, very much.  Life is such a precious gift we must all cherish everyday.  Love, Cutie♥


Will I See You In Heaven?
If I grow old one day

I hope and I pray
Will you come and take me away
And take me to heaven?

If I have been naughty at times
But didn’t commit any crimes
And I worked hard for some dimes
Will I see you in heaven?

If I die and take your stairway
Would you wait for me that day
Can you lead me the way
And show me heaven?

If I suddenly showed up at the gate
Because of a terrible fate
Would you please don’t let me wait
And let me see heaven?

If you found peace at last
And I didn’t defend you in the past
Would you sent me away so fast
That I don’t get to see heaven?

If I have loved you for so long
And I’ve always been strong
But not enough to go on
Would I see you in heaven?

I guess my questions aren’t fair
But I can’t wait to get there
And put my nose in your hair
And I know I’m in heaven!



My Star ★

What’s in a star?
Is it the light?
Is it the sparkling we see
When the sky is bright?

Is it it’s form?
We see it when it lights
Is it you my sweetheart
Shine in my darkest nights?

When it’s daytime
It’s you I no longer see
But everywhere I go
You are going with me

You’re untouchable
So far you are
But you blind my eyes
Cause you’re my star

A star in heaven
A star here on earth
You were destined to be
A star since your birth

I miss you my star
When you’re out of sight
I miss the glowing
During a cloudy night

Although I know
That you’re always there
You became a star in heaven too soon
And that’s so hard to bear



Distance, A Poem About Online Friendship

Lindy, It is so true how you have expressed the emotion of these types of relationships.  I have felt this way many times myself.  It can be very painful and so uplifting at the same time. Much love.

Lindy’s First Video


I Wasn’t Supposed To Go…

My friend called me today, said she had a surprise for me
She picked me up at 7pm
We parked the car, walked through the city
Suddenly we stopped in front of the cinema.
She said; Won’t you come along, and I thought we were going to see some movie.
She gave the cashier tickets, and the cashier said; have fun at This Is It.
I wasn’t supposed to go and see the movie.
I thought I could protect myself, my friend wasn’t aware of that.
I wasn’t supposed to go, but I put on my happy face
Every fiber in my body was reluctant to go inside
I followed my friend and became numb
We sat down and she enjoyed herself
She had such good intentions and I didn’t want to crush her heart
I wasn’t supposed to go and I saw my King again
I wasn’t supposed to go and tried not to cry
I wasn’t supposed to go and I sat there flabbergasted, I saw Michael sharp as a knife and shining like a star.
I wasn’t supposed to go and I was in Michael’s Church
I wasn’t supposed to go and I was speechless
When the movie ended she almost had to drag me outside,I didn’t want to leave my hero
She dropped me off at my place, and I thanked her for that great surprise.
I wasn’t supposed to go, and now I know,I’m in disbelief and grieving all over again.
Lindy ♥


Dear Santa

I have to write
This early letter to you
Because I know you need time
To make my wish come true

I have a special wish
And I hope you’ll do it for me
I don’t want a car or a new home,
I want Michael under my Christmas tree

I miss him so dearly
And this is all I could do
To take my pen
And write this letter to you

I know he is priceless
But this is what I’ll do
I’m gonna take good care of him
And love him so much too

Us fans just want him
A little time for ourselves
I hope it’s not too much
For you and your elves

I know I sound selfish
But it’s not only for me
I want to give him back to his kids
And for the world to see

His kids need him
They miss him,without a doubt
It’s their father
They can’t do without

So ,please Santa,
Search him for me
And if you find him
Place him gently under my tree

Could you do me this favor
That’s all that I ask for
Just a precious moment with Michael
And I won’t bother you no more


I Still Miss You Terribly
Dear Michael

My love for you goes:
Higher than the highest mountain
Deeper than the deepest see
Further than the smallest star
That’s how much you mean to me

You being gone hurts more than:
A punch in my stomach
A dagger in my heart
You are so close
And yet we’re far apart

What I miss about you is:
More than a thousand songs
The magic and the dance
The sweetest smile in the World
I wish you could have one more chance

What i do with it is:
Try to move on
Hold my head up high
And that works very well
Untill I break down and cry

What i still want to ask you:
Do you know how much I adore you
Do you know how much you gave me
Do you know how much I miss you
Do you know you sometimes saved me

Could you do me one favor:
Can you give me a sign
Just anything will do
To let me know you are happy
Then I will get through

I still didn’t see you in my dreams
Although I ask for it every night
I need to know where you are
So I know if you are all right

This is still so hard to handle
A heavy load to bear
To see you on television
And to discover you’re just not there

I Miss you more Michael,why is this so hard


Another Desperate Attempt To Get To Heaven

Hello Mr Astronaut
I thought to call you
Because I want to fly to heaven
Do you have Family there too?

Maybe it’s possible today
I don’t know about the weather
We can try tomorrow
Then it should be better

I want to visit my Love
I think he’s dancing on the moon
He should be with us on earth
But he left us too soon

The bus driver wouldn’t help
So I want to turn to you
You are going in the right direction
And I don’t have a clue

I would do anything to see him
I hope you understand
I miss him so badly
I want to take his hand

I won’t see Family for months
But if that is what it takes
To see him and cuddle him
I will make no mistakes

I won’t bother you on board
I will sit very still
Eat nothing if you can’t miss it
So strong is my will

Could you reserve a seat
So he can fly back with me
I will be forever grateful
And his kids too,you’ll see

You will be as famous as him
The world will be happy again
Millions of people are missing him
This wonderful man

I’m sorry what did you tell me ?
You can’t help me to fly away?
You have no options for me
I don’t know what to say

I just curl up
And hide in the corner of my room
I have to figure out another way
Welcome to my world of gloom


Love Is The Strangest Thing

Love is the strangest thing
It’s supposed to be the best feeling
It’s supposed to make you happy
It’s supposed to be healing

When you find Love,
You are able to fly
If you are very lucky,
Love isn’t passing you by

If you’re searching it,
It usually isn’t there
If you have lots of it,
You have lots of it to share

The worst thing that can happen is,
That Love just disappears
It leaves without a trace,
It can leave you in tears

You’re left behind confused
And you ask yourself why
Why did you leave me?
Was this Love just a lie?

That’s why some people hate to Love
While some people Love to hate
It depends on what feels better
It has the same weight

I’ ve lost my first and greatest Love
But did Love leave me ?
It’s only getting stronger
That’s what I’ve learned to see

Thank you Michael for this lesson,I miss you terribly


Thank you, Precious Friend

I just want to tell you today
Thank you for being there
You came when I needed you the most
Thank you for showing that you care

Thank you for the time you spent
Listening to my problems and me
For leaving me all sorts of messages
In the morning for me to see

Thank you for staying up sleepless nights
To only have eyes and ears for me
For giving me strength and courage
For being everything I long to be

Thank you for being silent
When all I wanted was for you to hold my hand
Thank you for loving me unconditionally
And trying to make sense and understand

Thank you for showing me the light
When all I could see was black
Thank you for reminding me what friendship means
That’s why I have your back

Thank you for the laughter
Although that isn’t hard to do
We only need to look at each other
And the sun is coming through

You always say,no thanks is needed
But there’s so much more I want to do
I would catch a plane and give you a hug
To show you that I appreciate you

You are a very true,precious friend
Something that I’m proud of to say
I want you to know that I love you so much
And not in bad times,but forever and a day

You know that I ’ll return the favor
I will be there for you too
I want you to know that when you need me
I will come running so fast to you


Sweet Dreams My Beautiful Angel

Sleeping beauty, my Angel on duty
Close your eyes and fall asleep
No time to ponder about problems
Pray the Lord your soul to keep

Start your journey to flowering fields
Begin to end a never ending story
You’ll find that in dreams all is possible
Days of doom turn into days of glory

In dreams you win the most difficult fights
Dreams are meant to pull you through
Sleep and feel safe in my loving arms
I just can’t stop watching you

In dreams you can say words unsaid
You can fly high across the sky
While sleeping you just feel no pain
There’s more to see than meets the eye

So sleep my beautiful prince Charming
And dream the impossible dream
You know you’re always loved by me
So much more than it may seem

I give you a kiss on your forehead
A stroke through your beautiful hair
Sweet dreams my beautiful Angel
You know I will always be there

No One Could Even Half Be You Michael

I can have a thousand men
And they can look like you too
It wouldn’t make a difference
Because nothing compares to you

If they could dance real good
And do the Moonwalk too
I don’t want to see them dancing
Because no one dances like you

They could be really sweet
And humble and humanitarian too
I wouldn’t even notice it
Because nothing compares to you

What if they could make clones
I would still feel lonely and blue
What’s the use of copies
When all I want is you

People want to see a new Michael
And I want the real one here
Since you left our earth Mikey
It changed the atmosphere

I don’t want to watch ” look like Michael” shows
And sit back and ask myself why
Your murderer is getting positive attention
While people forget the evil of this guy

Michael you are so unique
There is no second one it’s true
In the end you are irreplaceable
And no one could even half be you

I miss you terribly Michael
Almost a year went by so fast
And I’m not moving forward
Still living in the past

A Tribute To All Pants

It is June and on a hot sunny day
I’m lying in the grass and drift away
I’m dreaming of you and see different pants
All loved and adored by your wonderful fans

I’m so happy you wore leather pants in red
While you look great wearing anything instead
You knew you looked good in red leather
No one could wear them better

Oh the truth should finally be told
I love when you wear the pants in gold
I never tell anyone about the plans
I have with those smooth shiny gold pants

Across the fabric I let my hands slide
It’s soft and silky and has nothing to hide
It hangs loose and free around your leg
You are dancing,make the women beg

Why did you wear the pants in black
Oh my sweetness I want you back
In come together they were so tight
I want to grab you with al of my might

I have to tell this ,and it’s true
Not much mentioned are the Jeans in blue
Nice and tight with enough left to show
The blue Jeans are the way to go

Oh how I love to get my hands
On the shiny silver pants
You wore them while shooting the vid for Scream
Omg I hope I don’t wake up from this dream

And finally I see the white pants
I have no further demands
To see you wear the pants in white
You’re like an angel shining bright

Then I wake up and something’s tickling me
On my arm a white feather I see
I‘ve learned by then an angel stopped by
I just have to smile and say Mikey , hi

7 thoughts on “Lindy’s L.O.V.E Letters

  1. Oh Cutie,you’ve done such a wonderful job,I love it!!! I couldn’t have done it better myself,and I love being here and spending time reading your blog…
    I will try to work on Baby ,it will be difficult cause artists are hard to encourage sometimes*sigh* I will be going on a vacation and I’ll try to work on new poems,oh 2 times that word ‘work’ in one sentence *hyperventilates* it’s my first day off ,already allergic to that word,lol Much Love to you and thank you sooo much for everything Cutie!!♥♥♥

  2. thank you Val, for giving me a stage…you’ve done such a beautiful job , Baby thank you..much love to you both ♥

    • Hi Lin! You are welcome! Can get you Baby to get her mojo back and start cranking out some stuff? LOL! I’m trying! You know how temperamental artist are! *eyeroll*

      I hope you like the latest update feature for your award winning poem. It is always so much to do here and it takes me awhile to get around to everything. I am still trying to get my own story updated! I will soon. May have to cut the next chapter shorter and just continue with the plot in another.

      Much love!♥

  3. Lindy,

    I love the heart and soul that you put into each poem. You make it so personal and you seem to always find the right words to say how I feel but couldn’t get it out. Thank you so much for expressing your time and talents with the world.

    Much love ♥

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