Just A Few Thoughts While Remembering Michael


This Saturday, fans from over the world will come together physically and spiritually to commemorate the 7th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing. The week preceding June 25 has come to be known to fans as “Michael Week.” That being said, Michael Week is a very emotional for the fans who love him.

At the same time, the usual evil forces have gotten together to rile us up. We try to ignore trash news, but many times, you want to lash out about the constant attempts to make Michael Jackson look like some sick monster. What can you do, besides feeling helpless? When will it stop? Sometimes it seems that the more you fight, the more futile the effort may seem.

Ours heart are totally connected to Michael. When he is hurt, we all hurt. We have lost him forever and the haters won’t even let us remember him in peace. They want to keep kicking him and it’s all because they are revengeful, hateful, greedy and jealous.

I ask myself, “What Michael would do in this situation?: Would he ignore it or would he fight back? As we know from history, sometimes he would address it, sometimes he would not. I can understand why he wanted to hide from all these hurtful things said about him.

Question: Does it hurt when you read those stories?
MJ: Sometime, but it’s part of the work.
Question: Do you every want to lash out in any type of way and say hey that’s not rue?

MJ: Yeah, a lot of times but why bring more attention to a thing?

But his frustration over being hounded, talked about and lied on were made abundantly clear in many of the songs and letters that he wrote.


“Leave Me Alone” Lyrics:
‘Cause there’s a time when you’re right
And you know you must fight
Who’s laughing baby, don’t you know
And there’s the choice that we make
And this choice you will take
Who’s laughin’ baby
So just leave me alone
Leave me alone (leave me alone) (leave me alone)
Leave me alone (leave me alone) (leave me alone) (leave me alone)
Leave me alone, stop it!

Just stop doggin’ me around

“Privacy” Lyrics:
Ain’t the pictures enough, why do you go through so much
To get the story you need, so you can bury me
You’ve got the people confused, you tell the stories you choose
You try to get me to lose the man I really am
You keep on stalking me, invading my privacy
Won’t you just let me be
Cause your cameras can’t control, the minds of those who know
That you’ll even sell your soul just to get a story sold…. 

Stop maliciously attacking my integrity!

In my opinion, Michael was one of the strongest and bravest people who ever lived. I don’t know if I could have taken all the drama that he had to deal with. I am just an outsider looking in and I feel overwhelmed. Many times I have to deal with my own feelings of anger, sadness and frustration about what people have done to him. I want to hit something and scream, LEAVE HIM ALONE! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

It’s hurtful and disheartening to see his long-standing music records being dismissed and reduced by the standards of today’s music industry like it was nothing. Other fan groups try to say that he is not relevant anymore compared to their idol. We’ve watched the things that have meant so much to him; things that he fought for and yes even died for, are gone. People that we thought would always be loyal to him, have shown their true colors. I can see why he trusted no one.

It’s been a very hurtful and rocky seven years since Michael has passed. You’d think by now the drama would stop. Every fan’s reaction to constant drama will be different because we are human. We are tired. Our leader is gone. I missed the days when you could simply enjoyed being a fan. Those days are no more. A wide berth has parted us in unity. There are so many voices of opinion that is has become political. There are days when I even hate to come online because what I see breaks my heart. It doesn’t help when you are dealing with your own personal issues and struggles on top of it.

All I know is that no matter what is said about Michael, we must always remember to keep him in our hearts. When bad news happens, we should spread the good news about him even more. I’ve learned that sometimes those outside of the community do not always pay attention to trash news as much as we think. We spread more attention to it by constantly talking about it. The aim of those behind these lame attacks is to get us so upset we inadvertently help circulate coverage. I wholeheartedly agree that we should continue to defend Michael at all times. Have your say, release your anger in constructive ways and then get back to business. Don’t spend days and hours talking about it. There are always going to be haters. That’s life in general, but despite all that has been said and done about Michael Jackson, he is still loved and known all over the world.

I still believe that those who hate him will ultimately lose this fight. It may seem like they are winning, but they are not. There are many fans who have dedicated their lives to writing and preserving the truth about Michael Jackson. I want to urge you all to keep going and don’t give up. I know it’s not easy. Many times you may feel discouraged, but just know that your work is not in vain. We are forever grateful to you risking it all for someone who you love. Michael always appreciated the love and support of his fans.

“Over the years we became a family, all of us. You are my family… My children are your children and all the children of the world are our children and our responsibility.

“It was you who put your heart on the line. It was you who stepped forward to defend someone you love. It was you, on a worldwide basis who supported me as my army, my soldiers of love.


“You were always there. You are always loyal and I love you forever.”

There will always be new generations of fans coming forth. They may have been very young when Michael died or not even born, but they love him none the less. Children can see what adults fail to see. The new generations will mimic his dance moves and style. They will name him as their role model. They will not grow up with the influence of the trolls, enemies and media haters of Michael Jackson that we know of today. The promise of new generations of fans to carry on his legacy gives me hope. No matter what, we must never stop believing that one day, Michael will be vindicated and his enemies will be defeated.


Michael never gave up on this world being a better place. He was a visionary. He always set big goals and high standards for himself and those that worked with him. His songs and messages continue to bring healing to the world when people are hurting. It is during those times, that I believe that the veil of ignorance is lifted and the world can see the beautiful heart and soul of Michael Jackson. This is how he wanted and should be remembered.

I may not have said anything that will change anything or may anyone feel better. I just needed to vent a little and share my heart. One thing that I can say for sure, no matter what, I will ALWAYS love Michael Jackson until the day that I leave this earth! No one can ever take away what he means to me!

He was a beautiful gift that we are all blessed beyond measure to witness and enjoy.

God bless you all this week as we remember our Michael.

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Update From Taj Jackson Regarding His Complaint Against The Mirror

Source: Taj Jackson


Hey guys. Here’s a quick update on my @IpsoNews IPSO complaint against the @DailyMirror Mirror in the UK. The Mirror published a headline and story saying my uncle paid £134m to 20 ‘victims’ he abused.

After months and months of investigation by IPSO, the Mirror has still failed to produce a single piece of evidence to support the story. The Mirror has offered repeatedly to run a minor clarification, but the wording has been completely unacceptable to me as it refuses to state in print that it ran the story and headline with no evidence, even though it has effectively admitted this during our correspondence.

As such, I have asked IPSO to investigate and rule on the case. If the case is determined on the facts, the IPSO will find against the Mirror. I can’t go into all the details as the case is still on going, but I will try to remain opptimistic and hope that everyone does the right thing.

Lies like these spread throughout the world like wildfire. Other media outlets take them and spread them even further. Then the “lie becomes the truth”.

The people who start or help spread these fires must finally be called out and held accountable.


Read more here: https://twitter.com/tajjackson3/status/628978922022170624

There’s A Message In The Music: Memphis 2015 National Tour Lip Syncs to Michael Jackson’s ‘Black Or White’

Sources: Broadway World | All Things Michael


There’s just one week left for the 2015 MEMPHIS National Tour, so in honor of the musical and it being the first day of May, the full tour cast, crew and band put together a music video to Michael Jackson‘s “Black Or White” to promote equality and acceptance. Check it out below!

For more information on the show’s final performances, visit www.memphistour2015.com.

The video was conceived, filmed, and edited by Chris McNiff.


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Brown, Garner And Other Tragedies Under The Michael Jackson Microscope…True Story

Sources: Parents United For Public Education  | Elke Hassell | All Things Michael


Today my ten year old son brought home a writing assignment. His instructions were to print out the lyrics of his favorite song and write about what it means to him. Sounds simple enough? My son happens to be a fan of Michael Jackson thanks to Mom and Dad’s old CDs and “The Experience” dance game for the Wii. So he tells me that he wants me to print “They Don’t Care About Us.” Knowing the lyrics myself, I felt this was a very deep song for a 4th grade assignment and was curious to know why my son selected this song for his assignment. So I asked, “Do you know what the words in this song mean?” He looks at me as if I was from Mars and says, I know some of the words but it is my favorite song to dance to on the Wii. So my husband and I go into a short lecture on how important it is to understand the words that you put your body in motion to. We pull up the lyrics to the song and my husband reads them aloud and then plays the song for my son to hear again, this time with extra attention to the lyrics. I knew in my mind where this assignment was headed as the lyrics danced around in my head.

“What recent event does this remind you of,” my husband asked. My son responds, “Michael Brown and I can’t breathe (he had watch part of ‘Black & Blue’ on CNN which highlighted the tragic death of Eric Garner).” My heart begins to sink, as I listen to him respond to my husband’s questioning. The chorus replays in my head, “All I wanna say is that They don’t really care about us.” Tears begin to roll down as I watch the look of terror on my son’s face as my husband explains who the “they” can be , how the “they” may view him as a young black boy, and how the “they” may mistreat him or try to punish him.

My tears flow even faster when my three year old gives me a raisin and says “this will make it better, Mommy.” My boys are so innocent. So intelligent. Why do I have to have this conversation with my boys? How is this going to impact their self esteem? Knowing that they are growing up in a society that devalues and marginalizes them. Why do I have to participate in planting seeds of inferiority? It’s not fair? I cry harder, as I think of all the families impacted by police brutality, racial profiling, unjustified killings that are so deep rooted in that fabric of our country. Damn the justice system for how it is failing our kids? Painting them to be criminals and thugs? Stripping the educational system down to nothing in attempts to destroy all hopes of the true equalizer. My tears turned to anger as the lyrics play on in my head, “You’re rapin’ me off my pride…Oh, for God’s sake.”

My son will never look at “Michael Jackson: The Experience” the same again. He will be reminded every time he hears the song about our conversation in the kitchen. He will be reminded of his fear of the “they.” He will be reminded of the images that he continues to see play on the television screen. He will come to understand that the lyrics were written to be heard not just danced to.

“Tell me what has become of my rights
Am I invisible because you ignore me?
Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now
I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can’t believe this is the land from which I came
You know I really do hate to say it
The government don’t wanna see
But if Roosevelt was livin’
He wouldn’t let this be, no, no

Some things in life they just don’t wanna see
But if Martin Luther was livin’
He wouldn’t let this be, no, no”

I realize that so many families around the nation are forced to have this type of conversation with their brown and black boys. Parents are forced to feel a sense of unrest whenever their children leave the house. But this is not right and we should not be comfortable with that.

To rebuild my son’s self esteem and my sanity we changed the tune to “Man in the Mirror.”

I’m Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I’m Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

And my son decided to do his second favorite Michael Jackson song for homework…”Bad.”

Well They Say The Sky’s
The Limit
And To Me That’s Really True
But My Friend You Have
Seen Nothing
Just Wait ‘Til I Get Through . . .

Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad-
Come On


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Reminder: Tom Mesereau Return’s To King Jordan Radio Airs Tonight

Source: MJ-Upbeat/ King Jordan Radio


Tonight Tom Mesereau return’s to King Jordan Radio. It’s been 8 weeks since we booked Tom and I cant tell how amazing a lot of are you are in re-shareing it & re tweeting it ,God Bless you.

All Topics, Tom’s Thoughts on Conrad Murray’s interview on 60 minutes , Aphrodite Jones on my show saying ” I Have a question mark when it comes to Jordie Chandler”, Tom’s thought’s on the AEG Verdict

Live Question’s as well as Questions that have already been submitted.

This Should be The best interview I’ve ever had w Tom Mesereau ,You Do not wanna miss this!

January 2, 10pm/ est /7pm west/ 9pm Mountain Time 3AM UK

Article & Web Site: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jordan-king/2014/01/03/tom-mesereau-returns-to-king-jordan-radio

To All MJ Fans Worldwide: Join The Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign (Updated)

Source: Boycott Cmcampaign

Michael Jackson Fans United-Tired of Injustice: No Profit for Conrad Murray

bcmc 2

We are a group of very concerned Michael Jackson fans. We are uniting out of our respect for Michael Jackson and his legacy.  He was a global superstar and while he should be remembered for his artistry, he should also be remembered for his humanitarianism.  Of equal importance was his love for his own children and his loyal fans.  These are the things an individual like Michael Jackson should be remembered for… not the tragic manner in which he was taken from us.
The man responsible for taking Michael away from his children, family, and fans, Conrad Murray is scheduled to be released from jail in a matter of days. Murray is now a convicted felon, who was put in handcuffs and taken to jail moments after his manslaughter conviction. Michael Jackson’s fans from all over the globe are steadfast in our belief that Conrad Murray should not be allowed to profit from his criminal negligence, which resulted in the death of another human being. A human being beloved by millions all over the world.
We are reaching out to all media outlets, broadcasters, public relations organizations, and publishers, in an attempt to encourage them not to give Murray a platform to profit or exploit the life and/or death of Michael Jackson. Murray has shown absolutely no remorse for his crime and accepts no responsibility for his egregious actions and negligence. Instead, he continues to re-victimize Michael Jackson and his children. Murray continues through his agents and through jail house interviews to shift the blame post-conviction to his victim. In a reckless and thoughtless act, Murray released a taped message to Michael’s daughter, Paris. In this act he has demonstrated his selfishness and heartlessness towards the very child he left orphaned by his criminality.
We are determined to hold any organizations accountable for any/and all partnerships with Murray. If necessary, we will reach out to advertisers, sponsors and community organizations, to prevent Murray from profiting. Murray should not be given any platforms to spread ‘his truth’ especially since he refused to tell ‘his truth’ under oath. Our fight for justice for a just man such as Michael knows no limits. We believe that all media outlets should respect the fact that Michael Jackson is no longer here to defend himself against any allegations, and let this man, who millions love and continue to mourn, finally rest in peace.
Attention: If you are an admin of an MJ fan group or blog and would like to join the Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign, please email us your logo to: boycottcm@gmail.com and include a link to your site or blog.
To place an individual pledge, please fill out the form on this post: Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign Pledge
Twitter: @BoycottCM
Email: BoycottCMCampaign@gmail.com



Media Twitter Accounts: See Link Below


Another Trial: Where Do We Go From Here?

l (2)

I am trying to get a handle on my emotions right now. It is a terrible blow to us that the Wade allegations are going to trial next year. To make matter worse for fans, the trial will convene in June, the same month that we lost Michael. We were all hoping that the judge would throw it out because of the past due deadline to file claims against the estate. I’ve asked myself this morning about why the judge didn’t throw it out. Please keep in mind that what I am about to say is strictly my opinion. I am not a legal expert and could be very wrong, but I am trying to make some sense of this for my own emotional state of being. Based on the evidence presented to him, it seems that Judge Beckloff either couldn’t or didn’t want to make a decision and thought it best for the case to go to trial. I do not know if this will be a jury trial or a court trial without a jury. The judge has to do what is fair based on regulation.  I don’t know if he considered the impact on Michael’s children, but I certainly don’t agree with the decision at all. In my mind, the judge reminds me of Pontius Pilate concerning the fate of Jesus when he was brought before him.  The people wanted to crucify Jesus but needed legal authority to do it.  Pilate’s wife forewarned him not to have anything to do with this innocent man because of a dream that she had. So Pilate literally washed his hands, physically and emotionally and let the people have Jesus to decide his fate. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Judge Beckloff may be doing the same with Wade’s case.  We do know that the publicity generated will never be good for Michael or his heirs. Once again, this is only my opinion. Others may know more legally and see things differently.

I am not trying to depress us further, but we have to face the facts.  Having another scandalous trial is not the in the best interest of anyone. It was my hope that after the AEG trial and Murray’s release next month, that 2014 would be better. Now we know that this endless drama is not going away anytime soon. Some fans may decide that they can’t take anymore and may walk away.  No one should blame or ridicule them for that because everyone has their limits and I truly hope this doesn’t happen.  We have gone through enough over the years and the last four years have been the hardest. We lost Michael. We made it through the Murray trial and, we’ve endured the AEG trial, which is now in the hands of the jury. In the midst of all of this, here comes Wade. Paris tries to harm herself and is still recuperating.  Murray gets out next month and now to top it all, we have another trial next year, with more ugly rumors and lies to be unfolded.  Lastly, the decision made in the Robson case could also motivate others come forward with new allegations to get money. I’m being very honest here. It’s a lot to deal with all at once. 

I can’t stop thinking about Michael’s children, the real victims of all this madness. I can’t imagine how they must feel knowing the wonderful man that their dad was to seeing him portrayed differently in the news. I can’t imagine how much is going through their young minds. How will this affect them, especially Paris?

Then I thought about what Michael would do if he were alive. I believe that he would try to continue to keep fighting. He would fight to continue to build a life for his family and to see his future dreams come to pass. He would fight for his reputation and dignity.  He would hold his head high as he did each day for trial in 2005. I thought about how he dealt with the problems he faced.  He suffered burns to his scalp during the Pepsi commercial, but yet he remained calm. Wearing his famous glove, he bravely waved at us as a sign that he was ok. He received death threats, but still went on stage. Fans have tried to charge at him while performing, but he merely moved out the way and let security handle it. His back was injured when the “Bridge of No Return,” accidently crashed to the ground while performing in Munich. He never stopped singing, although he was in much pain. I know many of you remember the fan running ran up the cherry picker to Michael as he climbed high over the audience in Korea. Michael held him tightly to keep him from falling and once again never stopped singing. At first, it’s comical to see, but the seriousness of the incident could have been fatal for both of them. What if the man was intent to harm Michael by pushing him off or using a weapon?  What if the fan had had slipped and fell to his death? Ironically, both of these incidents occurred during Michael’s performance of “Earth Song.” When Michael was being pressured for the “This Is It” tour, he kept trying to make it happen and came back strong during his last few days.

In all these examples I’ve mentioned, they clearly show the brave determination of Michael Jackson. That’s how he was raised. Neglecting his personal safety was not a good thing to do, but he always felt an obligation to his audience, even when he was hurt physically and emotionally. He never wanted to disappoint his fans and we shouldn’t want to disappoint him either. He loved and cared about us so much.


Today, I posted an article entitled, “When Fans Attack.” I did it for several reasons:

1) It shows that Michael Jackson fans will not take down on defending Michael and we can change the outcome if we put our differences aside and work together.

 2) To see how others view the fan community. We must be mindful that if we expect to have an impact for change, we must do some serious work on our image as fans.

3) There’s a degree of humor in it. Admit it; several people came to your mind as you read it!

4) There is truth in it. It is true that we fight hard for Michael, but the fan community is so divided and diverse in their beliefs about him.  http://whimsicalviews.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/when-fans-attack/

But what must do as fans to survive these ordeals?  We are very hurt and tired of the constant and unending drama. We know the kind of man that Michael Jackson was and it is not easy to see someone that we love and care about so deeply, being constantly ridiculed and lied on. But how to do we find the strength to keep going on? It’s ok to get mad and frustrated and even cry because we are human. We have to learn to channel that anger into determination to keep discouragement and weariness from setting in.  We have to be there for each other with love and encouragement when times get rough. We have to keep showing all the good and positive things that Michael did for the world and being examples of that. We must stop fighting in the fan community over trivial things and see the big picture, which is the legacy of Michael Jackson.  That is the only thing worth fighting for. I didn’t write this to put anybody down because I also know that there are people who are being legitimately cyber bullied online. That is certainly NOT right either and I don’t support that! I am talking about the petty arguing and fighting in the community. We are not the star!  Michael Jackson is the star! We are his mouthpieces of truth, if we use it correctly. We need to start over again with a new mindset.  Sadly, everyone will not do this, but we can’t let that stop us from trying. Our most important fight is to win justice for Michael Jackson!

“There’s a time when you’re right and you know you must fight.” (Taken from “Leave Me Alone”)

We shouldn’t fight not with our sisters and brothers about the small stuff. We must learn to agree to disagree and respect our differences. It is really long overdue for us to look at the Man in the Mirror and make the necessary changes for the good of the order. Things are not going to get easier for a while. It’s time to decide if we are staying in the fight for Michael or if we have had enough.  It’s time to decide if it is more important to stand up for Michael legacy and his children or be right about our opinions.

I can’t quit on Michael. He means too much to me for so many personal reasons. He is my hero and I believe in him no matter what.  He’s one of the best human examples of love that I know. Let pull together and focus on Michael’s endless messages and example of love. He brought us all together as a family in the first place.

My prayer is for peace and renewed hope, not only in the MJ fan community, but all over the world.  Please listen to Michael’s words of wisdom on the video below. I pray that one day, his memory will really rest in peace.

“Without hope, we are lost.” ~ Michael Jackson

Submitted With love ♥

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Tom Mesereau Returns To The King Jordan Radio Show, August 20, 2013

Source: King Jordan Radio


Defense attorney Tom Meserau returns once again to the King Jordan Radio show on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 10PM eastern and 7 PM PST time.  Amoug the topics for discussion will be Michael’s birthday, the AEG trial, George Zimmerman and the James H. Holmes upcoming trial. You won’t want to miss a minute of it!