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I think that Elizabeth Taylor best summoned up Michael Jackson in her honors speech to him at the United Negro College Fund in 1988:

As we embark upon the anniversary of his passing, the world is coming together to love, honor and share memories and moments remembering the child star who rose to fame.

This post is dedicated to the charitable heart that Michael Jackson showed the world through out his years with us and how that love has spread across the world to continue through his fans.


Since the early 1980’s Michael Jackson has been a heavy contributor to charitable organizations and ideas. He was listed in The Guinness Book of World Records Millenium Edition as the Pop Star who donated to the most charitable organizations, with a staggering 39 international organizations. Those are only the known charities. Michael generously gave away money anonymously to pay for medical bills, funerals, or whatever the need might be. Michael was also known to hand over the proceeds from concerts to local charities and hospitals as he did with the History tour in Bombay, or to donate personal items for auction to organisations like UNESCO.

It’s been estimated he has given $300 million to charity in his lifetime. Most everyone knows about his “We Are the World”  collaboration with other artists. The proceeds from this record were donated to the starving people of Africa. Other than diehard fans, very few people know about his donation to Childhelp USA (the biggest charity-organization against child abuse). He equipped a 19-bed-unit to part of the T.J. Martell-Foundation for leukemia and cancer research. He hosted 200 Air Force families at his Neverland Ranch on October 12, 2002. It was a gesture of appreciation for men and women who served overseas.

He often visited hospitals or orphanages in each country he went to bring presents, love and to raise their morale with his presence. He gave aways hundreds of tickets at each concert for sick, poor and disadvantage children.

Michael’s charitable activities: 



The following projects were supported by Michael Jackson:

AIDS Project L.A.
American Cancer Society
Angel Food
Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles
BMI Foundation
Brotherhood Crusade
Brothman Burn Center
Camp Ronald McDonald
Childhelp U.S.A.
Children’s Institute International
Cities and Schools Scholarship Fund
Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation
Congressional Black Caucus
Dakar Foundation
Dreamstreet Kids
Dreams Come True Charity
Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation
Heal The World Foundation
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Love Match
Make A Wish Foundation
Minority Aids Project
Motown Museum
National Rainbow Coalition
Rotary Club of Australia
Society of Singers
Starlight Foundation
The Carter Center’s Atlanta Project
The Sickle Cell Research Foundation
United Negro College Fund
United Negro College Fund Ladder’s of Hope
Volunteers of America
Watts Summer Festival
Wish Granting
YMCA – 28th Street/Crenshaw
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America

His Own Foundation “The Heal The World”

The Heal the World Foundation is a charitable organization founded by Michael Jackson in 1992. The foundation’s creation was inspired by his charitable single of the same name. Through his foundation, Michael airlifted 46 tons of supplies to Sarajevo, instituted drug and alcohol abuse education and donated millions of dollars to less fortunate children, including the full payment of a Hungarian child’s liver transplant. Failure to file yearly accounting statements saw the charity lose its tax exempt status in 2002. The purpose of the charity was to provide medicine to children and fight world hunger, homelessness, child exploitation and abuse. Michael stated that he wanted “to improve the conditions for children throughout the world.” 

The foundation also brought underprivileged children to Michael’s Neverland Ranch to visit and enjoy the theme park rides and other amenities that Jackson had built on the property.

Note: Please ignore the CNN reporter’s snooty comments

AIDS: Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Ryan White

Michael applied immense amounts of currency and time towards relief assistance for A.I.D.S. and cancer research, as well as to combat world hunger.   Both he and Elizabeth Taylor fought for Aids research and supported many Aids charity events.

Michael also befriended Aids victim Ryan White until his death on April 8, 1990.  Michael spent time with him at his ranch, bought him his first car and comforted Ryan’s family in the days after his much publicized death. 

Not much was said about MJ’s visit on Capitol Hill in 2004. It was a two-hour meeting to discuss using his celebrity to the fight against Aids in Africa despite the horrible accusations swirling around him at the time. 

We Are The World

Michael has been most noted for his support to help famine-relief efforts in Africa by writing the song “We are the World” with Lionel Ritchie. The song was produced by Quincy Jones and was performed by Michael and 45 other well-known musicians, friends and actors, including Stevie Wonder, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Joel, Dionne Warwick, Steve Perry, Kenny Loggins, Bruce Springsteen and Daryl Hall, just to name a few.

What More Can I Give

“What More Can I Give” was written by Michael and recorded by a group of fellow celebrity singer following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Michael started writing the song, originally titled “Heal L.A.” with Brad Buxer after the Rodney King verdict and following riots in 1992. The song was worked on throughout the making of the HIStory album and its subsequent world tour in 1996 to 1997.

In late 1997, when work began on the Invincible album the song was put on hold, but its completion was always a passion of Michael’s. Jackson was inspired to finish “Heal L.A.” after a meeting with former South African President Nelson Mandela in 1999. The songwriter stated that during a conversation with the then-President, the concept of giving was discussed by the pair. The singer revealed that it was during this interaction that the words “what more can I give” came into his mind and he began writing. With the first version of the song completed, Michael intended to premiere it at his “Michael and Friends – What More Can I Give” concerts, staged in Munich, Germany and the South Korean capital, Seoul in June 1999. Ultimately, he did not perform the song at the concerts and it remained unreleased.

“What More Can I Give” was scheduled for release as a charity single, in the hope that $50 million would be raised to aid the survivors and the families of victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The plan, however, never came to fruition and the reasons why have varied between sources and the individuals involved.

“What More Can I Give” was played on the radio for the first time in late 2002. The debut airing was made without permission by radio station WKTU-FM in New York. The following year, on October 27, 2003, “What More Can I Give” was made available to the public by way of digital download. Proceeds from the sale of the song went to children’s charities.

“What More Can I Give” was performed live at the 9/11 benefit concert, “United We Stand: What More Can I Give. The event was held at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington, DC on October 21, 2001. The eight-hour concert featured numerous artists performing to a sell-out audience of 54,000 people. Jackson performed his songs “We Are the World” and “Man In the Mirror,” before he and other famous singers closed the show with “What More Can I Give”.

Michael And Friends

“Michael Jackson and Friends – The Power of Humanity” was a mini-concert tour performed by Michael for the purpose of aiding children around the world. Michael, gave two concerts: the first one is in Seoul, South Korea and the second one in Munich, Germany. The sell out tour started on June 25, 1999 (Seoul) with an audience of 45,000 and ended on June 27, 1999 (Munich) with an audience of 60,000 Among the star friends of Jackson invited to perform were: Mariah Carey, Vanessa Mae, Slash, All Saints, The Scorpions, Status Quo, Ringo Starr, Boyz II Men, Andrea Boccelli, Luther Vandross, Luciano Pavarotti, A. R. Rahman, Prabhu Deva Sundaram and Shobana. The concerts raised approximately 3,3 million dollars for charities Red Cross, UNESCO and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Both concerts were televised in Europe and Asia to a massive viewer response. 

Even in death, twenty percent of the funds from Michael’s estate is designated for unknown charities.

In addition to his charity work, Michael Jackson, had more Guinness world records than any other artist, including Most Successful Concert Series and Biggest Selling Album for Thriller.

For a complete listing of Michael’s other benefit concerts and appearances, please see the “Michael’s charitable activities” link above the organizations listing.

Sources: Jolly People/CNN Report/The Silent Truth/True Michael Jackson/Wikipeda/You Tube



(Listed in no particular order. There are many more but I am only naming  JUST a few of them.)

Michael Jackson’s Legacy


MJL is a charitable organisation dedicated to continuing Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy and thereby making the world a better place.  Michael Jackson inspired love, hope and compassion worldwide through his music and through his tireless humanitarian work on behalf of the suffering and underprivileged.  Our first project is Everland Children’s Home in Liberia.  Join us on this adventure and together we can create a better world.



Michael’s Dream Foundation


Michael’s Dream Foundation is a genuine grass-roots initiative started by people from all over the world who want to make a real difference in the lives of sick children by helping them to recover from illness and injury in as short a time as possible. Poor emotional health can weaken a body’s immune system, which not only increases the chances of becoming ill, but can also lengthen an existing period of illness. This is true for adults and children alike, but can be more extreme in children because of their naturally fragile emotional state. One of our goals is to provide as many children’s hospitals, general hospitals and other medical facilities as possible with a permanent space full of toys, games and entertainment aimed at improving the overall emotional health and well-being of sick and injured children in residence. Because we are aware that many facilities will not have the required physical space or resources available already to achieve this, our organization intends on providing them everything they need to implement such a program. Michael’s Dream Foundation will fund and coordinate the designing, planning and building of additions or renovations for these facilities to provide everything the existing personnel will need. The new space will also be designed especially with the bed-ridden children in mind, so they also can leave their rooms and participate in all the games and social activities. 



Michael’s Childrens Hospital


Michael’s Dream Boxes




roses mj smile

Michael’s fans will continue our shower of red roses over Michael’s resting place at Forest Lawn, Holly Terrace this year for the 4th anniversary of Michael’s passing.

Each year this has proven to be an amazingly beautiful and vibrant statement of LOVE to the world that Michael will ALWAYS be LOVED beyond measure and will ALWAYS be in our hearts, NEVER forgotten.  

Also we are once again privileged to “Pay It Forward.” Last year MJ fans delivered many buckets of roses to surprised, homeless women veterans at a Los Angeles Veterans woman’s shelter. It is with great joy that we are able to share the wonderful consequences of our act of LOVE. As a result of this giving gesture of LOVE in Michael’s memory a seed was planted in the heart of an anonymous person present that day who witnessed the joy and appreciation the ladies experienced as they embraced their roses.


For those who would rather give to a charity in MJ’s memory you can also find the info about all three wonderful charities set up via One Rose for Michael J. Jackson. Donate with confidence at the urls provided in the clickable links under this video on You Tube. All money given is direct to the charity in MJ’s memory. 


Join ORFM this Sundays for the last “Rocking for Roses for Michael” – Buy a rose and request a song – 1pm EST: http://bit.ly/dh3iAL


A Million Trees For Michael


A Million Trees For Michael has partnered with the oldest environmental non-profit organization in the U.S., American Forests which was founded in 1875. Now fans can plant trees in Michael’s honor for only $1.00 per tree, to give a gift back to Michael for everything he has given to us to enrich our lives. Our hope is to have “Michael Jackson Memorial Forests” in as many countries as possible, on every continent, as Michael was so beloved all over the world.

 In the past year and a half, A Million Trees for Michael has gained an international team which now ranges from the USA to England and Germany and as far away as Australia. We are now approaching 14,000 fans on our Facebook page, with over 18,000 visitors our website, from all over the World.


Michael Jackson – The Stories You Didn’t Hear

Source: voxy.co.nz

On the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler tested Meme Theory to see what type of gossip is more likely to travel through a social circle. Said Amy to Penny, “Sheldon and I engaged in sexual intercourse, in other news, I’m thinking of planting a herb garden.” The news about her herb garden was never repeated once while the comment about her sex life spread within seconds. I think this is pretty much what happened to Michael Jackson. More or less. The weird, outrageous and sexual comments about him spread further and lasted longer than anything good and boring he ever did. So let’s take a second to talk about his “herb garden.”

In 1993 Oprah Winfrey went to Neverland to interview Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was so popular that 90 million people around the world tuned in to watch that live interview, which set a world record in television history. But what of it, to the King of Pop, who could break records without breaking a sweat. The interview was monumental because Michael had not given one in 14 years. Quite different from the celebs of today, who Twitter and Facebook the mundane details of their lives constantly for attention. So, at the peak of his popularity he was also deliciously mysterious. Oprah of course dove in and asked him about all the juicy rumours that people think are important. Skin colour, plastic surgery, sexuality. Then true to form, because there was nothing else titillating to talk about, his charity work was touched on at the end of the interview. And we learned a very special thing about Neverland.

Did you know that Neverland had a theatre with special private rooms built into the large back wall, equipped with professional hospital beds, so that sick and dying children who were bedridden could watch magic shows and movie marathons, with other cancer patients, who were well enough to sit in the seats below? Of course, all necessarily accompanied by parents, doctors and nurses. This struck a chord with me as I realized, this was the side of Michael Jackson that people didn’t talk about so much. So I looked up his humanitarian side and was blown away by a 24 page document detailing his mind blowing charity contributions.

To list just a few details. Michael:

  • Equipped a 19 bed unit for leukaemia and cancer research.
  • Donated ALL the money he received from his Pepsi commercial to the Michael Jackson Burn Centre for children.
  • During his Bad World Tour, he spent time with children backstage who came in on hospital beds and were so sick they could barely hold their heads up. He knelt down for a photo with all of them.
  • Royalties from the “Man in the Mirror” single were donated to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a camp for children with cancer.
  • The recording of “We are the World” resulted in over $60 million dollars being channelled directly into famine relief around the world.
  • The song “Beat It” was donated for use in anti-drink driving campaigns.
  • 1995 – he actually donated significantly to the Jane Goodall Ape Research Institute.
  • 1996 – Micheal contributed approximately 85% of earnings from the Indian leg of his HIStory World Tour to help create jobs for 270,000 Hindi young people. In the same year he also donated $100,000 to an orphanage in Bangkok he visited, as well as personally distributed toys and gifts at the orphanage and also a school for the blind.
  • Donated $1.1 million in 1997 to a charity in India that helps educate children in the slums.
  • In 2000, Michael Jackson was listed in the Guiness Book Of World Records for the “Most Charities Supported By a Pop Star“.
  • Hosted 200 Air Force families at Neverland in 2002.
  • In 2004 he received a Humanitarian Award from The African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association (AASA) for his international efforts, but especially for his work in Africa, where he supported programs to build and equip hospitals, orphanages, homes and schools, in addition to financially supporting Child immunization, programs for HIV-AIDS, education and apartheid.
  • As an endorser of the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a donor and Wish granter Michael always gave ill and underprivileged children free tickets to his concerts.

In many cases, the children Michael Jackson helped were ecstatic to meet him. But in other parts of the globe, the slums, the orphanages, the children had no idea he was a world famous pop star. They just thought he was a nice person who brought hope.

I think it is rare to find someone who personally gives so much personal time and energy, in addition to financial support, to help others. The media is more interested in sharing how people selfishly, excessively, materialistically use their wealth (think Kardashians and all other stupid crap on the E! Channel) as this increases consumption, as opposed to promoting charity.

When Oprah asked Michael Jackson in 1993 what he felt was his life’s purpose, one of the things he said was “I feel I was chosen as an instrument to give music and love and harmony to the world.” Maybe he was “chosen” to have such a phenomenal musical talent because his good heart could possibly help teach us something… I hope that people will remember his actual contributions instead of the drama and bullshit and know that, unlike so many other self-absorbed celebrities today, he actually did the best that he could to try and heal the world.


Michael Jackson: King of Pop Was Also A King Of Compassion

Posted on Friday, June 24, 2011 (EST) By Dee Pfeiffer

File photo of Michael Jackson during One More Chance video shoot. Photo Credit: Sawf News

June 24, 2011, (Sawf News) – The accomplishments of Michael Jackson in the field of music, dance and entertainment have been documented worldwide. He was an innovator who changed the face of modern dance, captivated and influenced generations of music lovers and produced ground-breaking videos that were ahead of their time. What is lesser known, however, is how much he gave of himself, his time and his finances in order to help the suffering and those in need.

Quietly and without the need or desire for recognition, Jackson visited orphanages and schools across the globe, paid the cost of funerals for those who could ill afford the expense, and supported so many charities and good causes that he was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most charities donated to by a pop star.

Indeed, the entire proceeds of his 1992/1993 Dangerous Tour went to charity, as well as his cut from the 1984 Victory Tour. Whilst the tabloid media busied themselves in tearing him down, Jackson was using his time to give to the needy, sick or deprived, visiting as many orphanages and hospitals as he did concerts.

From a very early age, Jackson was moved to tears by the suffering of others, and especially the plight of children. As a child watching images of starving African children, he told his mother he was going to ‘do something about that one day’. And, he kept to his word.

On the second anniversary of his death, we look at just a few instances which give us a glimpse into the singer’s heart for the suffering:

In 1985, Jackson co-wrote the song ‘We Are The World’ together with Lionel Richie in order to combat poverty in the Third World. The record sold over ten million copies worldwide and raised a staggering $63 million plus for humanitarian aid in Africa and the US.

On February 6th, 1988, the inspirational and spiritually uplifting single, ‘Man in The Mirror’ entered the pop charts. Jackson donated all of his royalties from the single to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a camp for children who have cancer.

In December 1988, Jackson paid a visit to 12-year-old David Rothenburg, who was hospitalised after being doused with kerosene and seriously burned by his father five years previously. Despite an estimated fifty operations, Rothenburg remained disfigured. The star paid for all necessary further operations and the pair remained lifelong friend

Michael Jackson at ‘This is It’ concert tour press conference.. Photo Credit: PR Photos

On 7 February, 1989, Jackson visited the Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California. Three weeks earlier, a gunman had open fired 100 bullets in the school playground, killing five children and wounding 39 others before turning the gun on himself. Jackson spent time comforting the children and helping them to think positively again.

On May 6th 1992, Jackson paid the funeral costs for young Ramon Sanchez. Sanchez was killed by a stray bullet during the Rodney King violent riots in California and the boy’s parents could not afford to bury him.

On November 25th, 1992, Jackson granted the wish of young David Sonnet, who he met through the Make A Wish Foundation, an organisation that grants wishes to terminally ill children. Sonnet had suffered a brain aneurysm at the age of 8, leaving him unable to talk or walk. Jackson invited the boy and his mother to his Neverland home and later, his mother credited the singer’s music for helping her son to recover from a coma.

In December 1993, Jackson and his newly formed Heal the World Foundation supported the UK’s ‘Operation Christmas Child’ in airlifting over 100,000 gifts, toys, sweets, pictures and school items to needy children in Sarajevo.

In February 1995, the star made a private request to attend the funeral of Craig Fleming, a two-year old boy whose mother threw him over the side of a Los Angeles bridge along with his four-year old brother before jumping to her death. The mother and four-year old survived. Jackson contributed towards the surviving youngster’s medical expenses and founded a special trust fund for his ongoing care.

Michael Jackson. Photo Credit: Splash News

On November 1, 1996, Jackson donated most of the proceeds from his HIStory concert in Bombay, India, to the poor. When travelling from the airport, he stopped the car several times to dance with, pick up and hug poor urchins from the streets. On the day of his show in India, he invited around 50 children from local orphanages to his hotel room where they were treated to games, cakes and burgers. Later this same month, the star visited an orphanage and a school for blind children in Thailand. At the orphanage, he distributed toys and gifts to the children before leaving a donation of $100,000. An orphanage spokeswoman at the time said, “They don’t know him as a pop star. To them he is just a very nice man who came here to offer hope.”

New stories of Jackson’s compassion for those less fortunate are surfacing regularly, and his humanitarian legacy continues through the stipulation in his will that the Jackson Family Trust donate 20% of its earnings to a number of undisclosed charities.

Only now that he is gone are we truly realizing what a legacy Jackson left. Yes, his performances left people mesmerized, and his music captivated music lovers worldwide. But perhaps his most lasting legacy will be his humanitarian work which has left an indelible mark on the countless hearts of those whose lives he touched.

Administrator’s Note:  Of course we know that Michael supported a lot more charities and causes than this, but it is nice to see him recognized in a positive way for his generous nature. Cutie.