Written By BABY BE MINE (Nobody puts Baby in the corner, except to write poetry! 😉



can be so beautiful
when you are able
to see the sun that shines
it’s so beautiful
if you see the rain that falls
it’s so beautiful
the moon and the stars
oh my!!!! that’s so cool
when you feel
the heat, the frost
just feel it all !!!!
the trees, the sees
rivers, mountains
grass, flowers
birds , butterflies
children, people
each other
love, smile, tears too
and if you have someone
to share all of those gifts
it’s just like toooo much !!!
Life can be so beautiful
if you want to see and feel it all !!!



Never give up on love
Naver give up on faith
Never give up on hope
Never doubt your strength

When the times are dark
When no one seems to care
Find your own inner light
It is constant, always there

When the world looks so strange
And everything seems so cold
Find your own inner warmth
And warm this frosty world

If you will meet the pain on your way
Don’t give up on searching everywhere
Don’t give up on fighting day by day
For Love – it waits for you somewhere

If your dreams became dust
This may take a little while
But if you will have the trust
You will find this inner smile

When you recall what is Love
Send it to the world like a dove
When you will find your strength
Don’t forget to give it to the other

When you will have your faith back
Remeber to use it on the right track
And with hope.. oh HOPE ha ha, well … 🙂
You just forgot HOPE was always there 🙂

From Lilly with Love




Love is the strongest power
given us from above
it is so pure and simple
so unselfish and universal
so divine and so good
Love is only beautiful itself
everobody wants to be loved
even the monster and the beast
they love I believe and they need
no one can hide
no one can deny


Love can make you happy
can make you fly so high
can bring you so much joy
can make you feel
you are the happiest
person on the planet,
and now you have just
the best time of your life
all is sparkling and smiling
and all you want is only
to make this feeling stay
never end, never go away


Love can hurt you also
can make you feel down
can bring you many tears
can make you think
like you have nothing
else to live here for
can give you such pain
you think you can’t take
can shatter your heart
can destroy your dreams
you can only pray for mercy
you only want to run away


We have been created as weak
but with hope to grow
with hope we will learn
sometimes we don’t understand
that we can not rule the Love
and too oft we are trying
to steal a little piece of it
to use it, to govern
someone, something, yourself
we think we can decide
we think we can play with Love
leaving victims of our play behind


As far as I am concerned
Love is still the truth to learn
through our mistakes and sins
through our tripping and fears
through life, through “our here”
it all started with Love and
everything will end there
no need to creating rules
Love can not be used
Love can not be played
maybe it is better to only feel it
leaving everything in Love’s hands

morning reflections of a weak girl about Love
with Love


Sad Umbrella

I was always wondering
how sad you had to feel
holding this umbrella
that should protect you
taking away your fears
of never feeling real safe
that you had being human
living here on this earth
how lonely you had to be
holding it when no one there
wanted to see the reason for it
when there was no rain to see
there was still the pain to feel
for this one sad umbrella my dear
there was sadly always some kind
of cold falling rain I can see
it is so sad that you knew
you can not be safe nowhere
while you did everything
to protect the ones you loved
but there was nobody here
to protect you my angel dear
only umbrella, glasses and mask
to hide sadness, pain and fear
the wisest and purest man
with a gold innocent heart
real guardian angel reaching out
for every one soul in need
sorrounded by so much greed
out for the heart of the king
you were holding umbrella
this sad, callous and cold thing
loved by millions of hearts
misjudged, misunderstood
threatened, hated, stalked
you kept your heart so pure
you had a pact with God I’m sure
to bring back the love here again
and you did it for us while holding
this sad lonely umbrella in vain
that couldn’t protect you from pain



Love is like a flame
that you were able to kindle
now you can enjoy its light
you can enjoy its warmth
you can enjoy as it dances
merrily in front of you
and just for you

 But it is still the fire
so I have to be careful
If you are the wind blowing
in the wrong direction
The flame can burn deep
bringing a lot of pain
and a lot of tears

It has to be treated with care
If you will put the flame
on a cold rainy night
outside your heart
it will disappear leaving
only a little bit of smoke
for a while behind

I have a special place
right inside of my heart
for that beautiful flame
I will fight to keep it shine
I will care to make it safe
from the wind and the rain
from oblivion and the pain

I will try my best to keep it
dancing within my heart
because I may not know
so many things about life
but this one I know for sure
I need this warmth and light
I need it in my life


My Angel

We are sitting here

Staring at screen

Waiting for friends

Who help us to keen

For relief from the pain

We are looking in vain

Seeking for comfort

I assured myself…

That He is now….

In the safest shelter

Living on Earth

He had to hide…

Now He has real Angels

for  His ways to guide

His  prize sparks like divine glove

Justice is done on above

God comforted His anguished soul

But we need for us something to console

I will follow His clues

I will follow His way

To always look in the mirror

Without a shame

I want Him to smile

to me from above

I want to prove Him

That I know what is LOVE



There is one sweet secret running  the whole world
So obvious but so neglected, it is the truth so untold
Only this one mystery can make us happy and free
If you know it , you have everything what you need

If you are still wondering what it is …
Put your hand on your heart with care
Close your eyes, forget your fears …
All answers were always  hiding  there

  The most beautiful gift we could get from above
Containing all our hopes, expectations and dreams
Whisper of your heart answers you – the secret is LOVE
It is a life’s guide, there are no more important things


Happiness……..You Little……!

Happiness is one little mischievous thing ..
Sometimes it plays with us hide and seek
You don’t see it ? Go and look for it!!!
Where is it? Everywhere, in every little thing

 Hidden around the corner or right next to you
Right behind you or even right in front of you
It giggles at you for you are so blind
making itself mostest easy thing to find

From your childs eyes it calls, I’m here!!
Come and see me, take me without fear!
From the sunshine, from the blue sky
Come and feel me, I will take you high !!

Sounds of the sea, scent of  flowers
Tranquility of mountains and forests
Breath of fresh air, colors of the rainbow
Happiness follows you  every way you go

It’s hidden in a smile of dearest friend
In a hug, in a touch of the loving hand
Looking for it can be the funniest thing
Finding is more beautiful then you think

If you still don’t see it, that means one thing
You have your eyes closed, so open them quick
You’ll understand it doesn’t want to play for real
Happiness was just always there for you and is still

Gotcha !!!    I found ya !!! I won’t let you go!!


There Goes

There goes the day after each night
There goes the peace after the fight
There goes the sun after the moon
you will find your light too, very soon

There is a spring after each winter
Days will be again warmer and brighter
There is a smile after each crying
There is a birth after each dying

 There goes the sunshine after the rain
There goes the relief after the pain
There goes the wisdom after each mistake
If only you know that it’s a lesson to take

 There is an ebb after each flow
Every blind alley has its way to go
We’re not so helpless in this kaleidoscope
If you’re taking it all with your heart open


So Tell Me What to Do With Fear Please

What to do with fear
when it’s overwhelming
if you feel fear to be yourself
and to be someone else
If you feel fear to go
and to stay
If you love
and are afraid to love
because you lost someone
or someone you love hurts you
or you’re afraid to lose someone you love
when you are afraid of life
and you’re afraid of death
what if it’s to high to get over
and it’s to low to get under
what if you stuck in the middle
and the pain is thunder
what if you are afraid to be happy
and there’s fear to feel miserable
if you have something
and you are afraid to lose it
if you have someone
and you are afraid to lose them
if you are afraid of today
and of tomorrow
and of yesterday too

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

but what to do when this fear is winning
when this fear is overwhelming
and when you HATE this fear
and you are afraid of HATE?

I’m sorry for it



Pieces of You

Since you are born as an innocent child
You are created by someone else
You are told who to be and what to do
What to think and what is good for you

And it’s nothing bad if you have luck
to meet only good people on your track
but if not you start to bear your burden
and you’re still too young to make a change

you’re growing up, consisting of pieces of you
some of them for sure are really yours and true
some are just fake ’cause imposed, forced on you
you need to throw them away to not define you

Because being adult means to be self aware
And one day  we all are getting there
So you realize that some pieces of you
really don’t fit you and are making you blue

But now finally you are the one to decide!
you can be who you want to be with pride
what you need is reflection of what to choose
from those pieces that til now were defining you

I want to help you to sew something beautiful
I’m the best seamstress! uuhh ok it’s not true 🙂
But I’ll do my very best because I do love you
We’ll choose  only the best amazing pieces of you

We will choose only those you really want to choose
First be strong enough to reject those weighing you
you know.. the grey ones,  black and also blue
they mean only hurt, fear, uncertainty, anger too

Now let’s see what do we have here my friend
omg what amazing  beautiful colors of you
I just can imagine that we will have wonderful
so deserved , strong and wise effect for you

If you will let me I’ll choose the green for you
that will fit you because you are beautiful
it’s a color of hope and hope is needed here
so ok we take that green for you my dear

If you will let me I’ll choose the white I’m sure
That will fit you because you are beautiful
it’s a color of innocence so will fit to your heart
the white color and you should never go apart

If you will let me  then maybe the red one too
That will fit you because you are beautiful
and red is the color of love and love is true
it’s the only right and obvious choice for you

the pink one too can we please choose for you?
That will fit you because you are beautiful
and why pink?  because it is happiness!
You also deserve more then anybody else

I’d advise to add some of the gold one now too
That will fit you because you are beautiful
and that will make you shine as you really do
now only my love, smile and best wishes for you



someday we will meet I am sure
we will giggle and we’ll be ashamed
no more then I love you we will say
scared, blushing and laughing away

 so I have to warn you here
I’ll take pink glasses with me
I’ll push you to wear them with pride
I’ll show you how to fight for happy life

  I will show you the first tree in sight
I will tell you the meaning of it
it was here long before we’re here
will still growing when we’ll disappear


Wishes for You

Beautiful soul, pure heart
I know we will never part
You are so sweet and fair
too innocent for love affair

 I wish you to have your magic back
for the magic I wish to see the fact
of your true love and devotion
of your honest and real emotions

You are so loving and true
I’m hurt with you when you’re blue
I will always appreciate you
I am so much proud to know you
From now on I wish you happiness

you deserve more than anybody else
keeping my fingers crossed for you
I want to thank you for being you


I Hope You Know

I hope and I wish you all to know
what you are and  mean to me
that you are just so important
that you are my real big family

 I came to you so crushed and scared
hurt, broken, completely devastated
Being  in pieces.. kidding around
without inside happiness to be found

 Lost, instinctively searching for love
to make me whole and take me above
I’ve found it here … I’ve found my rescue
you will never know how much I owe you

Being left alone as a kid to face the world
fighting for something constant to hold
looking for my corner of the sky still
something that is there for me and is real

Basing only on desire, love and the will
wisdom that I hope is some where there in me
I am growing up and I’m growing strong still
in front of your eyes I am starting to feel

Thanks to you I feel I’m not alone anymore
girl in a big world touched by you to the core
Fighting for happines is much easier with you
For all my friends here,  I want to thank you

With every chicken soup you sent me
I feel stronger  I have to confess
every coca cola and hot tea with rum
with every warm word and hug I feel blessed

I really will never thank you enough
and you will never know my friends
that you made me whole again
and I will love you until the end

I just hope you know one thing though
this friendship works both ways too
I’m there with you wherever you go
You have my heart beating just for you




To my dear sweet friend Baby:

I just wanted you to know that I love you and I am here if you need me.

We may be thousands of miles apart in distance, but you are forever in my heart everyday.

Be encouraged and just know that people are here for you that will support you no matter what.

Be strong my dear and keep the faith!

I love you so much.

Cutie ♥



There is one sweet secret running the whole world
So obvious but so neglected, it is the truth so untold
Only this one mystery can make us happy and free
If you know it , you have everything what you need

If you are still wondering what it is …
Put your hand on your heart with care
Close your eyes, forget your fears …
All answers were always hiding there

The most beautiful gift we could get from above
Containing all our hopes, expectations and dreams


 have to ask you my dear left leg
Would you please make a step?
Now the same to you my dear right
Move on, do you think you might?

Now to you my hand since you’re the right
Could you please grab again my life?
Now I’m asking you my left hand
Please help it to not slip out til the end

I’m asking you my poor confused head
Just let it go though you don’t understand
My back ..please turn away from darkness
My eyes…start to see the sun and gladness

And now you dear heart of mine
Please stop lord it over me one time
You see you are not infallible at all
Maybe this time let me take control

Oh heart what do you need to be good?
Love – that would be the best glue for you
But heart you need to stay open to feel it
To give yourself a chance to be healed

best wishes to you


Not Afraid

In those hard cold times we appeared to live
it is really not that easy to just want to give
we are afraid of being not needed
misunderstood , ridiculed, unloved
humiliated, unappreciated, rejected

so we are refusing to be so “brave”
we are afraid to show that we care
but being conscious and really strong
is to be not too proud to show that we love
it’s nothing bad .. it’s given from above

we don’t have time, courage and a clue
we treat our life as it would be a doom
we’re always in hurry and we consume
letting consumerism to eat us alive
thinking that life is about strike and strive

we prefer to play that we are so cool
being self-centered is our times rule
we want for everything to be the best
being in secret need of happiness
wishing for our life to be more than this

we can take it on higher level with love
and it is nothing from child story
it wasn’t created for Cinderella only
it is alive and it is burning deep inside
and we need to see it’s a life’s guide

we all need love , it makes us whole
gives us the reason, direction, purpose
and the person next to us feels it too
and I am that brave to show it to you
please don’t be afraid and show it too

you may be not answered, not loved back
but it’s not as important as to see the fact
that the more brave loving people
will show their hearts as they are
the bigger chance for the Love to survive


The Rain .. I just needed to write it 🙂

Once the lightning struck
shot straight at my heart
Without warning, with no sign
without a chance to be prepared
cruel lightning struck
left me in a cold darkness
All crashed, crumbled down
living me only breathing
and only physically alive
Wondering how to survive
locked, closed deep inside
I was standing outside still
With eyes open widely from fear
Not being able to make a move
I was standing there waiting
Not knowing what it will be ..
Hoping it will be not that bad
The sky was cloudy and dangerous
And first cold raindrops appeared
Freezing my blood, destroying my dreams
Out of breath-taking silence
The crazy storm unleashed
The storm of overwhelming pain
bottomless well of despair and anger
shock, fear, insecurity, helplessness
I was standing still, only trying to breathe
Proving myself that I’m still alive by it
standing still outside in the rain
Closed inside still with the pain
But with that still beating heart
Reminding me that I am still alive
The cold freezing painful rain was falling
lightnings and thunders pounded mercilessly
I was wondering what am I doing here still
until those cold raindrops started to fall along
with burning hot tears falling down my face
standing there outside and closed inside still
I let myself to take those drops too, to feel
so they started to fall down on me
but like warmer, like comforting, cleansing
giving hope and faith in a better tomorrow
so now I’m here trying to let go of the sorrow


A Little Poem For Comfort

We’re sitting here
Staring at screen
Waiting for friends
Who help us to keen
For relief from the pain
We’re looking in vain
Seeking for comfort
I assured myself
That he is now
In the safest place

Living on Earth
he had to hide
Now he has real Angels
for his ways to guide
His prize sparks like divine glove
Justice is done on above
No one will hurt him anymore
God comforted his anguished soul
But we need for us something to console

I will follow his clues
I will follow his way
To always look in the mirror
Without a shame
I want him to smile
at me from above
I want to prove him
That I know what is LOVE

I love you Michael


The Blanket

Once upon a time I got scared of life

I found you all, safe shelter, warm light

Lay myself down on keyboard, turned life off

Covered myself with a blanket of your love

Warming my heart in the lights of the screen

Comforting myself with your gestures and words

I fell asleep in a web dreaming of better worlds

I slept days and nights .. I slept weeks and months

Dreaming life away, forgetting the meaning of life word

The love blanket was nice and warm.

Why should I wake up? –what for?

When had to wake up for a while, I was lost

When the blanket was falling off,  I was cold

Never learned to carry the blanket with me

Never knew I could just get up and take it with me

I let you to sing for me alove- lullaby song

Stroking my hair for the dream was safe and warm

One day you wanted to wake me up and grab the life

I sooo didn’t like it, was angry and wanted to fight

Pushing you away, pulling my blanket back

Wanted to hide under it ’til the end of the time

Letting you to hold my hand

Falling to sleep the life away

Too afraid and too reluctant

To get up and consciously live my everyday

I was lost in that sudden darkness

I was so scared and so cold and helpless

Couldn’t find even myself back again

Long ago I forgot about my inner light

No single little flame to see in sight

I forgot how to live, how to fight

Cried from fear and despair nights and days

Didn’t hear your words about new right ways

Until I understood it maybe my last chance

To try and have my life back in my hands

17 thoughts on “BABY’S POETRY CORNER

  1. Beautiful collection of poetry and videos. Some of those old songs with MJ was totally new for me, thank you for posting it.
    Life would be dull and sad without people like you.

    /Andrea from Sweden
    (Maria Szenti was a saint and my Granny)

    • These poems were all written by a friend of mine. I am sure that she would appreciate your comments. She stopped writing, which is very sad, but her work will be here for others to enjoy.

      I added the pictures and videos with each poem.

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. OMG!!!!! what a shame! … but you will forgive your silly goose *batting eyelashes soooooo fast*… I really didn’t manage to read it … the same as with Inee’s last chapter .. I promise I will do it on weekend … but love You !! kissing and hugging you right back!!! and the “audience” of Baby 🙂 … awww lol ♥

  3. awww Cutie you just HAVE to forgive your bad Baby for being sooooo lazy lately 🙂 maybe the vibe will come soon … you will be the first to be updated if I will write something 🙂 I love you ! can’t wait … for your story to continue … seems not only bad Baby is being lazy lately 😛 ♥

    • Lilly Pie! *kisses both cheeks* Mwuah, mwuah! You came! Ok, I will wait for you, but people love your page so don’t keep your audience waiting.

      Oh, the by, I did update my story as promised on Sunday night! I hope you like it!

      Much love. ♥

  4. Still waiting for Baby to arrive with an update………………….. *drama queen eyeroll*
    Come on girlie!! Let’s get the lead out! That goes for me too, by the way, but I am close to being done with my story update!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. hey sweethearts … Lindy thank you for your sweet comment 🙂 and Val … I do love so much your choice of the gif and the song for that poem .. I wasn’t really thinking about it writing it .. but it fits so well .. oh! thank you both so much

  6. I love to spend time in Baby’s corner, the sweetest poetry, the most encouraging poems…thank you for sharing them with us ,sending you Big (((((Hugs)))) I love you ♥

    • I agree Lindy. Both you and Baby have such a loving poetic heart! I am so glad that you are sharing it and your love with the world. Cause that is what we need more of: L.O.V.E. True love never gets old and stale and you can never have too much of it! 🙂

  7. Lilly,

    I love your latest poem about the rain. The minute I read it, Stranger In Moscow came to mind as the theme. I hope you like the gif of Michael. I absolutely love it! I pray WordPress does not take it off. They don’t seem to like gifs too much around here sometimes! Haters! LOL!

    But you are a wonderful and gifted writer and I honored to feature you here!

    Much love and kisses. ♥ ♥

  8. ameeramac thank you for your sweet words 🙂 Pieces of you is also very dear to my heart .. as all of them .. because I really never feel like writing “poems”.. I am just saying what’s in my heart at the moment .. 🙂
    Valerie – sweetheart thank you for keeping it alive , I love you

  9. Hi Lilly!

    I love good poetry, and I love great pictures, and you have combined them both. Good poetry always makes me wanna write poetry!!! I used to long ago, but haven’t in the longest . . . anyway, you know which one I liked?

    I liked Pieces of You because it’s a subjected near and dear to my heart and so true!!! Thanks for putting this up and sharing. It’s very beautiful!

  10. My girlies !!! I love you and thank you for your comments … Cutie sweet I see you added that old thing 🙂 big hugs and much love !!!

  11. Baby, I love your poetry corner. It’s so beautiful in here. You even have my song here. Every word you write makes me feel right at home. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  12. Lilly, I finally managed to read your poems. I particularly like “My angel” and “Secret”. So true.
    You have a very special gift, my dear. I’m proud to know you.

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