Welcome! I invite you to come and experience with me my love and passion for Michael Jackson.  He was the greatest entertainer to ever walk the face of the earth.  He was a musical genius and a master of the world of imagination.  He was sent from above to help mankind and to care for the world’s children. But if you think that is all to Michael Jackson, YOU ARE WRONG!

Michael was incredibly loving, kind and giving.  He was unselfish and always thought about others. He opened his home to thousands of people all over the world to enjoy.  He gave millions of dollars to various charities and organizations.  He paid for the funerals of some famous and non-famous people.  He paid for hospital and medical bills for many sick children.  He always visited orphanages or children’s hospitals at every place he toured, even before he checked into a hotel, bringing toys, pictures, smiles and love.  He gave away hundreds of free tickets to poor and sick children at EACH AND EVERY tour he ever did.   He cared about the planet and how we can save it for future generations.  I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that Michael did for others.  This is one of many reasons why I won’t allow anyone to disrespect him or his memory. He was truly L.O.V.E in action!

I am very much aware that the die-hard fans already know most, if not all of the information I have included on my blog.  My purpose in doing this is to educate others who may not know much about Michael or may not even like him.   A lot of misinformation and just plain flat-out LIES have been printed and said about him.  Many people have been brainwashed against him as the result.  He was mistreated, falsely accused and extorted by others. It is my fondest hope that someone will take the time to really see Michael as the man he truly was.  He was an excellent father,  a loving humanitarian, a musical genius and visionary.  But most of all, he was a wonderful human being who deserved to be treated as well as he treated others.

He was handsome and so very sexy!  He makes me melt everything I see him!!  He knew how to make the ladies go crazy!  If you have never experienced the sensuality and seduction of Michael Jackson, you don’t know what you are missing! 😉

I love Michael with all my heart.  He is everything that I would want in guy.  When I look at him, I don’t see Michael Jackson, I see the man who stole my heart just being himself.

Michael is my angel and my true love for life. ♥

RIP peace, dear heart.

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  1. TRUTH 4 MJ’s Laura Messina has organised a petition aiming to reach 10,000 signatures for Michael Jackson to be honoured as an ‘American Cultural and Philanthropic Icon’ to present to the United States Congress. So far they have just over 4000 signatures in only a week! Several counties and languages are involved. Fans are being asked to share this information where they can. Seven years ago a US Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson-Lee created a resolution which she presented to the House of Representatives to recognise Michael as a global entertainer and philanthropic icon, but it was never passed! It is felt that a grave injustice has taken place where Michael is not honoured by his mother country for all he did, unlike Prince.
    This is not saying that Prince did not deserve it, but so did Michael, perhaps more so.

  2. (Ignore the email I used the wrong box cuz I fail at technology)
    I am so, so sorry for how I used to make fun of him 😦 but I do adore him now…he was just one of the sweetest and most talented people ever. I know exactly how you feel about the rumours, I have lost count of how many times I have seen people repeating the infuriating rumours about Farrah Fawcett and then corrected them T_T. I hate the paparazzi too, I think Kate Jackson once said that if you want to only see celebrities as unhappy then read tabloids….I can see that demonising people is their business too…yes Farrah is my #1 and MJ will always be second banana to her, and I don’t seem to love her in the way you love MJ but I do love her a lot ❤ …..so I understand you and this blog perfectly. -Love from one fangirl to another ❤ xo

  3. Hello – I’ve become a big fan of your blog – thank you for putting so much time and work into it. I wanted to tell you about an MJ tribute I’m planning for next on my blog focusing on his music from 1984 and I would be honored if you’s participate. Please email me directly and we can discuss. Thank you!

  4. Do you know who danced (but didn’t sing) with MJ on 9/10/01 on “The Way You Make Me Feel” on his 30th Anniversary special that was on TV? I know it was Brittney on 9/7, and she sang a duet with him, but the version that made the TV special was someone else.

    • Hi Paul,

      I don’t know the name of the dancer. I know who you are talking about. She was brunette with a silver dress. I have searched to see if there is any information out there about her. So far I have not found anything. I think she may have been a last minute fill in since Brittany could not perform. See more about why she was pulled here: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1451617/jackson-special-re-air-with-britney.jhtml

      Some people have mistaken the young lady for choreographer Stacy Walker, who performed the routine on the History tour with Michael, but this is not her and they look nothing alike except for being brunette. Stacy also worked with Michael on the This is It tour and testified at the AEG trial.

  5. HI,

    I am now viewing previews of your book and I am very much interested in reading it. If I see that it is all that seems to be, I will let others know about it here as a good MJ resource book.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Do come again. Much love. ♥

  6. A new book to advance Michael Jackson’s legacy and humanitarianism….
    New FIVE-STAR Michael Jackson Biography Is Now Available as an E-Book: Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy by Dr. Karen Moriarty

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    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – Author and psychologist Dr. Karen Moriarty has announced that her book Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy is now available for e-readers in Kindle and NOOK formats.

    Since its release in December 2011, Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy has won numerous accolades, along with FIVE-STAR REVIEWS, and has been called by Readers Favorite “one of those rare books that will touch the reader’s mind and heart.”

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    “THE BEST book available on Michael Jackson! I have collected shelves of books on & about him through the years…, but this one is by far the best! …It will open your eyes, make you think, make you cry and make you smile.” Mary Singer

    “There were a few times I had to stop reading and dry my eyes before continuing. This book is a gift to our community, and a must read for the entire world.” Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux, Author, An Angel Among Us

    “WOW! THIS MJ BOOK DESERVES 6 STARS! …I can assure you that Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy will give readers something unique: a never-before-told, inside story of what daily life was really like for the world’s most famous person…. I was extremely impressed with the depth and breadth of Dr. Karen Moriarty’s research…, 19 chapters, [a]n emphasis on firsthand sources…. I highly recommend this book for anyone.” Luke Russell

    “A book for all ages. As a senior citizen … my perception of Michael Jackson was built on media critics, video clips, and news of lawsuits. [Dr. Moriarty’s] detailed description of his life has totally changed the stereotype…. A great read.” Littlemoose

    “… I am so so fascinated by this book…. Even if you have … managed to remain a non-fan of MJ…, this reading and subsequent understanding of MJ the man will make you an instant fan…. It was an emotional roller coaster for me. I must give full credit to Dr. Karen Moriarty for her detailed research and for being able to provide more than enough proof against all those allegations that MJ has faced over the years.” Debolina Raja Gupta (Mumbai, India), Author/reviewer, Bookpleasures.com

    This book reveals a never-before-told inside view of the daily life of Michael Jackson, to help readers understand the real man and father behind the music and genius. The author presents evidence of his heterosexuality and secret girlfriends. She explains why he became so nomadic after his 2005 trial, why he always veiled his children in public, and why he always kept millions of dollars in cash within arm’s reach. This book reveals the details of his last four mysterious years—where he went and what he did. His many private acts of kindness are disclosed as well as his global humanitarianism, which included $300 million in contributions to causes around the world.

    See http://www.defendingaking.com for complete information about the book.

    Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy is now available as an e-book through http://www.amazon.com and http://www.barnesandnoble.com, and the paperback is available from these same websites as well as from http://www.infinitypublishing.com.
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    The author may be reached at defendingaking@gmail.com .
    Website: http://www.defendingaking.com

  7. Val, your blog is just awesome but you already knew that, I guess. You put so much work in it. I’m sure if Michael would have been alive still, he would have left you a message. I think he would have told you how much he appreciated the love you have for his art and how honored he was to have you as one of his biggest fans and admirers. I’m sure he would have cherished the love you feel for him.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It has brought us together.

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