Artwork By Michael Jackson’s Chimp Bubbles To Be Shown At Exhibit

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that the art of Michael Jackson’s beloved pet Bubbles will be featured in a upcoming exhibit entitled, “Apes That Paint’’ exhibit at Frames USA & Art Gallery in Miami-Dade County. A free opening reception is set for 6-10 pm on July 21st, but registration is required since this is a catered event.

According to gallery owner Adam Brand, the exhibit will feature about 60 pieces of original art, and each painting will go for $300 to $2,000. Proceeds from sales will benefit the Center for Great Apes, a permanent sanctuary for orangutans and chimps that are unable to live in the wild. The nonprofit center has 100 acres in Wauchula, which is southwest of Orlando. Bubbles, born in 1983, has been at the center since 2005. Many of the animals at the center come from the entertainment business, medical research centers, and from people who buy exotic animals and discard them when they can no longer handle them.

This is not the first time that Bubbles art has been shown pubically. In 2012, Bubbles was featured at the Art Basel in Wynwood. Miami pop artist Romero Britto bought a painting to add to his personal collection.

Great Apes founder Patty Reagan says Bubbles is highly intelligent and loves painting.

“Bubbles loves to paint and draw so we give him a tray with about 5 non-toxic colors that won’t harm him if he eats it. Mostly Bubbles paints abstract compositions and has a lot of fun doing it.”

For more information about this exhibit and to register, click here.

Sources:  SunSentinel/All Things Michael

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