Young Michael Jackson Fan Wins At World Championships of Performing Arts


When he was a toddler, Ethan Scharneck watched a Michael Jackson video. He hasn’t stopped dancing since.

The 13-year-old has won two gold medals and two silver medals in the World Championships of Performing Arts with his Michael Jackson-inspired routines.

The world championship, held in California, involved performers from more than 50 countries in singing, acting, dancing, modelling and instrumental competitions.

Ethan won gold for his hip hop/funk and open dance performances, and silver in the jazz dance, and song and dance, categories.

The resident of Oteha on Auckland’s North Shore is a self-taught dancer, and says he first started after his father borrowed a Michael Jackson video tape.

“I would just go through all the moves. I would watch it over and over,” Ethan says.

“I was going crazy.”


Ethan only took up singing at the start of the year.

“When I first went for singing lessons I was out of tune, out of key and out of time, but my singing teacher was very encouraging,” he says.

Ethan says he loves the stage and enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and he still keeps in touch with some of them.

He says meeting people from South Africa made him feel at home, as his family emigrated when he was 3.

The City Impact Church School student has aspirations to also take up acting and wants to star in a dance movie and open his own studio in the future.

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