Producer RedOne On Working With Michael Jackson

Sources: People | All Things Michael


RedOne might not be the most recognizable name in music – but he’s responsible for some of the biggest Top 40 hits of the century.

Growing up in Morocco, RedOne was the youngest of his parents’ nine children in a very musical family.

PEOPLE caught up with the musician about his transition to the spotlight, his favorite collaborations and more.

He’s worked with Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey and more – but his favorite collaboration was…Michael Jackson.

RedOne was in the recording studio with the King of Pop several times before his 2009 death and says the experience was like no other.

“The most special one – besides U2, because it’s on a personal level – is Michael Jackson. That was out of this world,” says the producer. “I could not believe it. It was so beautiful to work with him.”

While no songs from their sessions were ever finished, RedOne has said he would consider releasing some of the music for charity. And regardless of what came out of the sessions, the producer says he’ll always remember the late icon for his human side.

“He was an incredible human being. He wanted to go to Morocco and meet my mom. He was like, ‘I wanna meet the mom who raised this kid.’ It’s crazy. Stuff like that. He was very special,” says RedOne.

“Every time I was working with him … You forget that you’re working with him, and then when he starts singing in the microphone, you just get chills, like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Michael Jackson!’ The person that we grew up listening to. That was very, very special.”

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One thought on “Producer RedOne On Working With Michael Jackson

  1. I love this story. The sincerity and admiration with which he talks about Michael is so authentic. So filled with love and awe.

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