K-Pop Singer Lee Hi Reveals Why She Is A Michael Jackson Fan


Kicking off Tuesday’s Naver V app was YG solo artist Lee Hi, launching her first episode of “Hi TV.”

The first segment of her episode was the “Hi Playlist,” in which Lee revealed the songs and artists who personally inspire her and her music.

“So the first artist that I want to talk about today is, Michael Jackson,” she added. “He is one of my favorite artists. I mean, he is the King of Pop.”

During the live broadcast, she confesses, “I’ve been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was little.”

Lee Hi explains, “I have so much respect for him. I fell for him because he had a really long career, from when he was part of Jackson Five until he promoted as Michael Jackson. He has his own unique beat.”

She continues, “I learned about him through my older sister. She loved him so much that she would pull the television into an embrace when he came on. I even remember a time she cried while declaring she would marry him. I should thank my sister for that.


The starlet even went on to reveal that prior to coming up with the title “Seoulite” for her previous album, she originally wanted to name it “Simmering,” which Lee said was something she heard Jackson saying during one of his TV concert performances.

“After learning this word I really wanted to use it and thought it would be a perfect fit to my album. But after much discussion we all eventually decided that ‘Seoulite’ was the best way to go,” says Lee.

Lee then unveiled her Top 4 favorite Jackson hits which included, “I Want You Back,” “Thriller,” “Xscape” and “Love Never Felt So Good.”

Lee Hi then enjoys Michael Jackson’s music with her viewers as she plays Jackson Five’s classic hit “I Want You Back.”

Later on in the near hour-long episode Lee went on to the “Hi Healing” segment of her show where she doles out consoling advice to fans struggling in life.

Video: http://www.vlive.tv/video/10786/HI-TV—Episode-01


Sources: KPop Herald | Soompi | Allkpop | All Things Michael

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