Here’s How Michael Jackson Influenced Hip Hop Today


The King Of Pop.

Seven years ago, we lost the greatest entertainer of our era, Michael Jackson. The singer was preparing to give one more run with the This Is It tour. It was to be his first major tour since HIStory in 1997, at 50-years-old.

Just days before the tour was set to begin, Jackson passed away, shocking millions and millions of fans around the world.

Jackson’s music was an inspiration for generations. Not only you, but your parents, and even possibly their parents all grew up listening to the sounds of MJ whether it was Jackson 5, Ben, Off The Wall, Bad,Dangerous, or This Is It.

His music has transcended through different genres. Including hip hop. In 1991, he was looking for a brand new flavor to add to his music. That’s when he hired Teddy Riley to produce the classic albumDangerous using the then popular sounds of New Jack Swing. He’s worked with artists such as Eve, Heavy D, Jay Z, Ice Cube, The Notorious B.I.G. and more throughout his career too.


Jackson’s influence in hip hop throughout the years has grown as we keep his music alive through samples. Artists such as Jay Z, to Nas, to Fabolous, to Jadakiss has at one time or another shown their appreciation by sampling the King of Pop. Or at least one time or another Moonwalked through the kitchen.

Remember back in 2001 when he even showed up to Summer Jam alongside Jay Z?!

Celebrate the life of Michael Jackson with some of his influence through hip hop below.


Sources: Hot97 | The Best of Internet |  All Things Michael

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