Seven Years…..#MJforever


Dearest Michael:

It’s been 2,555 days since you went away

I still think of you day and night

I miss your radiant smile, your sweet laugh and your melodious voice

Your generous and courageous heart

You are my inspiration and hero

The world is a far less nicer place

From the absence of your endearing warmth and grace

I’ve loved you since I was a little child

Today, I love you still

For you are the beat of my heart

The sun and moon in my sky

My friend when friendless

My comfort when lonely

My joy when blue

My beautiful, magical angel

I will always, always, love you


MJ 1993 Angel 16

8 thoughts on “Seven Years…..#MJforever

  1. I’m not sure about anybody else but I still have very difficult time in accepting that Michael is actually gone. It has also been known that Michael likes to play hoaxes and jokes on people and wonder if this is one of them. It’s very hard to tell. I so miss him and his artistry

    • I know that there are people in the fan community who believe that Michael is alive, but I am not one of them. While it is true that Michael liked to joke and play, this is different from just getting a laugh. I am been a fan since I was a little girl in the J5 era and I do know that Michael loves his fans, his children and family, especially his mother. He would not want to hurt us or them. Some fans killed themselves when they heard that he died. He would not want anyone to grieve over him or kill themselves. I believe that the tears that his mother cries when she talks about him are real. Also, pretending to die and coming back would gain him nothing. The media and many others would make certain his career was over, not to mention the criminal aspects from faking a death. I do not believe that Michael would fake his death. He’s too kind to do something like that.

  2. I echo the same the same thoughts and feelings of Michael. I don’t know who you are ATM but with my full name, (first, middle, and last name) are also ATM. Ironic isn’t it. If you’re interested in emailing, send a new comment it will be sent to me by email Because I’ll receive new comments from this post

    • Hi Alice, ATM stands for the initials of my site All Things Michael. I’m the administrator and founder. I usually spell it out, but didn’t this time. I’m glad you liked it. Michael inspires me to write many things. Some I keep private because its just from me to him, especially at the times when I’m going through and I miss him. It’s a coping mechanism. I love him so much and he’s been a great inspiration to me. I have a poetry section in the menu section if you’d like to read more. My earlier posts were very sad but I think I’ve gotten better as time has moved on. My poetry section is under my nickname, MJ WAS A CUTIE PIE. The other poetry sections were written by my friends Lindy and Baby.

  3. Beautiful. I’m having a hard time reading anything today – actually the last several days – but your words touched me deeply. Thank you.

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