World Celebrates Vitiligo Day on June 25th #MJforever


Just one day to go.

World Vitiligo Day 2016 is almost upon us. Here’s some of the major news:

Firstly, there’s a big rally taking place in Washington DC. So big, in fact, that we’re having to start on Friday evening to pack everything in! I can’t tell you all that’s happening in this newsletter, so please go here to read the full program.

In Toronto, meanwhile, there’s an unmissable party taking place at Woodbine Beach on Lake Ontario from 5pm to 9pm on Saturday. It’s all about empowering youth to overcome bullying, and celebrating the beauty of vitiligo. Marcus Haran – an unstoppable, rising star of hip-hop who has vitiligo himself – will energize us with his music. Find out more on his Facebook page.

Of course, WVD isn’t just going on in North America – there are events taking place across the world, far too many to detail here. Keep your eye on our Instagram, or better, send us your photos!

From Prague, this year’s headquarters under the presidency of Prof. Jana Hercogová, the team will be organizing a media event at the Bulovka University hospital, and reaching out to international media outlets to raise awareness across Europe and beyond.

Now – and I know I’m thinking ahead here – but I also want to get the ball rolling for WVD 2017. The HQ next year will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil, under the presidency of Professor Paulo Cunha (photo). Prof. Cunha is well known for his unerring support for the vitiligo cause and he does incredible work with underprivileged communities, including with many Amazonian tribes – who have no access to medical care or dermatological services.

Now back to this year, as I hope you can lend your support in some way to World Vitiligo Day 2016.

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Because, let me tell you – you’re making a massive difference. Just look at what we’ve achieved with UN since this campaign launched just four years ago. We smashed through our 500,000-signature target for our petition to the Secretary-General, and now we’re on the way to 1million on our campaign website.

And, our application for membership to the UN Council on Economic and Social Development was recently unanimously accepted. That really is BIG news – read more about it here.

Also, you can take heart from the progress being made in the search for a cure. In just the last few years, fifteen biotech and major pharmaceutical companies have either established their own, or supported external vitiligo research programs. Drug development takes about ten to twelve years, so potential cures and ground-breaking treatments may already be nearly half-way through the process. Check out our Scientific Reviews on the latest in research.

So, together we are making a huge and very positive difference. But we need your support now more than ever.

Please donate whatever you can to help us. No amount is too small and every single cent goes towards the fight against vitiligo

Thank you and best,


WVD campaign global coordinator

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VRfoundation’s Instagram

2 thoughts on “World Celebrates Vitiligo Day on June 25th #MJforever

  1. I so wish Michael were here to see this. What he suffered was unimaginable but look what an impact, once again, he’s had on the world.

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