Thriller Live Show Leaves Reporter At A Loss For Words

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Michael Jackson fans will be hit by, will be struck by, a fabulous performance at the Marlowe Theatre this week.

Thriller Live, packed with the King of Pop’s most famous songs, is running at the Canterbury venue this week – with the last performance on Saturday, June 25.

Looking back on the American superstar’s career, the show takes the audience on a chronological tour through the eras, spanning four decades.

Thriller was Michael’s biggest hit album – and was the best sold of all time.

And still today – people of all ages, even those who were born towards the latter end of his life, still know the words to his chart-topping tracks.

Flawless choreography and stunning voices show exactly the impact Michael had on people’s lives through his music.

Lead vocalist Cleopatra Higgins has the most amazing voice which accompanied the breathtaking work of the dancers who did not put a foot wrong.

Donning the classic bowler hat, and the curly locks MJ had in music videos such as Billie Jean and Thriller, Sean Christopher impersonated the star perfectly.

From the classic moon walking, to the pulsating movements that are associated with the star’s historic dances, it was almost like the late King of Pop had returned to the stage, for one last time.

The show kicked-off with Who’s Loving You – released in 1969 when Michael was a part of the Jackson 5, shortly followed by I’ll Be There and I Want You Back.

Within a year of the brothers being a part of the music business, they became one of the biggest household names in pop.

The Sixties era is captured by the colourful costumes, the flares, sparkle and the chunky heels.

And as each song rolled into another, you start to remember just how many well-known songs Michael released, even as a young lad. He just kept on getting bigger and better as the years went on.

The show wasn’t all song and dance as the lead vocalists would often step in and tell the fans about MJ’s successes.

And the faint hearted should be warned that the cast has the audience on their feet on at least two occasions throughout the show.

Depending on where you are sitting, lead vocalists Adam Bernard and Shaquille Hemmans split the audience in half, getting each group to clap and cheer on command.

Asking ‘if you’re ready to party’ – I think by then most people were bopping their heads or tapping their feet to the music, uncontrollably.

With the show being called Thriller Live – the anticipation is definitely for when the Thriller performance comes on – and as expected – it was definitely one to remember.

The dancers creep in from the auditorium doors and onto the stage dressed as zombies, and Sean Christopher is just incredible as he leads his fellow dancers into the choreography that everyone knows, emerging from the smoke.

The mood-setting lighting leaves you wondering where to feast your eyes first – and the hidden backing band who make quick surprise appearances throughout were superb.

Reporters should never be lost for words, but quite frankly I was so impressed with this one, I’m not sure there’s enough words to do it justice.


Source: Kenton Online | All Things Michael

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