Prince Jackson To Release His First Video Production Featuring Omer Bhatti’s New Single


He’s coming straight outta Norway.

Norwegian rapper-singer Omer “O-Bee” Bhatti pays tribute to Bad Boy’s golden era on his new single “Automatic,” exclusively premiering on Rap-Up.

“Running through the city with the bad boys,” he raps. “Shining like Diddy, I’m a bad boy / When it’s time to go and get the cash, boy, my whole squad automatic.”


Over infectious production from Jae Rashidi, the former “Norway’s Got Talent” mentor and judge goes on to “glide on ’em” on the track, which is a modern ode to the past.

“The song is inspired by my love for late ’90s Bad Boy Records-era Diddy,” he says. “That’s why Diddy gets a shout out! I think it reflects my personality. It’s fun and energetic.”

There’s more to come. The video for “Automatic” will also be the first release from King’s Son Productions, a new production company launched by Michael Jackson’s son, Prince, who’s also slated to appear in the visual.

Prince has been sharing glimpses of his work for the past week on his King’s Song Production Instagram account.

Fullscreen capture 6142016 70618 PM

Listen to “Automatic” below.


Sources: Kings Son Production | Rap It Up  | All Things Michael

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