The Time Sammy Davis Jr. Impersonated Michael Jackson

Sources: Mental Floss | All Things Michael


Sammy Davis Jr. was known for his impersonations—check out his rendition of “As Time Goes By” as 13 different people. So when he hit the stage with Jerry Lewis for a 1988 TV special, he decided to show the audience that his talents weren’t just limited to acts from his era.

Though he briefly mentions Rod Stewart, his main target was Michael Jackson. Davis and Jackson were extremely close—when Jackson was just in his twenties, he would show up at Davis’s house unannounced to immerse himself in the archives, a room downstairs that contained videos of Davis’s performances over the years.

“Michael Jackson is more than a friend,” Davis explains, while also alluding to the fact that the King of Pop borrowed some dance moves from him. “He’s like a son.”

Source: Mymjjtribute

Source: Mymjjtribute

And then he launched into this impression:

Michael returned the favor during a special on February 4, 1990, in which Hollywood’s biggest stars gathered to honor Davis, who was celebrating six decades in show business:

Sadly, the anniversary show was the last time Davis would perform in public. Though throat cancer had mostly stolen his voice by this point, Sammy let his tap shoes do the talking. He died on May 16, 1990—just three months after the tribute aired.

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One thought on “The Time Sammy Davis Jr. Impersonated Michael Jackson

  1. Love this article and amazing pictures. What a special bond between 2 of our greatest entertainers. It’s amazing to see how the little boy from impoverished Gary, IN grows up to be the shining star in all the glitterati of Hollywood.
    Still missing him every day…

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