Students Share Information About Historical Figures And Entertainers At Annual Wax Museum


League Elementary students brought historical figures to life at the second annual wax museum.

The fourth-graders worked on their projects for the last four to six weeks, researching a famous person from history, writing a biography, preparing a display board with many graphics and learning a speech.

Once guests pushed the “button” at each student’s display, they heard the children share biographical information about the person he or she researched. Some youngsters dressed in period costumes, such as Pocahontas and Abraham Lincoln.

Emma Berger, who portrayed Benjamin Franklin — even down to his distinct glasses, had a mock-up of his famous electricity experiment at her display. Inside a Mason jar were a battery-operated light and a key, which was attached to a small, “flying” kite.

Some of the historical figures were from the entertainment industry: Steven Spielberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more.


Ten-year-old Jae Don wore a white hat, similar to one worn by singer Michael Jackson in one of his videos.

“He’s one of my favorite singers,” said the boy, whose favorite song is “Dirty Diana.”

One of the interesting facts Don discovered was that Jackson had eight brothers and sisters.

Torri Reineck, of Norwalk, was visiting the displays of various students she knows. She said she learned Annie Oakley, known for being an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter, died of a blood disorder.

Read the full story here.


Sources: Norwalk Reflector | All Things Michael

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