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LOS ANGELES ( — A Grammy award-winning composer is suing Michael Jackson’s estate, claiming the King of Pop never paid him for the work he did on some of his most famous albums and singles.

Michael Lehmann Boddicker’s lawsuit alleges deceitful concealment and seeks several hundred thousand dollars in damages.

The lawsuit filed Thursday states that Boddicker and Jackson began a professional relationship in 1978, and the plaintiff made contributions to the late singer’s “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” “Bad” and “Dangerous” albums.

The plaintiff said he was also involved in composing some of Jackson’s singles, including “Black or White,” “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Blood on the Dance Floor.”

Boddicker said he began documenting his contributions to Jackson’s works in 1989 and made many requests over the years to be paid for his services, according to the lawsuit.

The 63-year-old composer received a Grammy as a songwriter for “Imagination” from the 1984 film “Flashdance.”

An attorney for the Jackson estate, Howard Weitzman, downplayed the lawsuit Friday, accusing the plaintiff of chasing Jackson for money he did not owe.

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  1. I am deeply saddened by Prince’s death and I understand why he didn’t want to sign contracts but this is going to be a legal nightmare. As smart as he was and how he had to have seen what happened when Michael died, I sure hope they find a will before this is all over.

  2. So unfortunate. Boddicker worked on many of Michael’s songs. Another law suit. Another drain on Estate time and resources. Another negative headline. Are these kinds of accusations ever going to end?

    • I would like to know why all these people keep coming forth years and years after he died? The time for filing creditors claims has passed. What makes me mad is that these lawsuits keep the money in probate instead of going to into the trust for the beneficiaries. Maybe they know that and they do it for spite.

      • I agree. Same with QJ. The only hitch I can think of is that these litigations/settlements were in process when Michael died or within the statute of limitations. Wonder if this will start happening to Prince’s estate too.

      • I’m pretty sure that Prince’s estate is going to be much worse than Michael’s. Michael put his affairs in order as much as he could, but he keeps getting sued. Prince had no known will, the government will be after the assets. If there is much left, the split between siblings will be messy, not to mention they will be tied up with false claims from those who claim to be kin. Prince refused to sign contacts because he was ripped off in his early career and didn’t seem to listen to advisers. While this may have worked for him while alive, it will hurt his legacy going forth without a will. The best hope is that he filed a private will, which from what I read would be released when the death certificate is filed. That won’t happen until the cause of death is determined. It doesn’t seem that they will issue a preliminary death certificate like they first did with Michael.

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