Prince Jackson Announces LMU’s Heal LA In Dedication To His Father And HTWF

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In keeping with the humanitarian spirit of his dad, Prince Jackson announced on his Instagram page a new organization at his university, Loyola Marymount, entitled Heal LA.

Though he didn’t say if he will preside over this endeavor, he did indicate that it was dedicated to his father, Michael Jackson and his former charitable foundation Heal the World.

The caption reads:

“Student organization at LMU // Ending: Child Abuse, Homelessness & Hunger // Dedication to Michael Jackson & HTWF // Est. 2016.”

Prince has also been cryptically tweeting and posting about big things that are going to happen this year.



We later found out that Prince is starting a new company entitled King’s Son Productions, featuring video production services.

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Can’t wait to see all that Prince will do this year and in the future!

4 thoughts on “Prince Jackson Announces LMU’s Heal LA In Dedication To His Father And HTWF

  1. Prince’s sensitivity, intelligence and caring for others is carrying Michael’s legacy forward. He is an amazing young man.

  2. ‘A name is given, but a title is earned’ – love that! Thank you for the heads-up on Prince’s big and beautiful plans, and for always being first with the news! God bless Prince – he continues to make his father proud.

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