To The Gloved And Purple One



Just as quickly as you first captured our hearts

Suddenly, you left us

No time to say good-bye

The shock of your unexpected flight

Has made us all grieve as one

As you brought us together with your music

You have brought us together again to honor you

As invincible as you seemed to be in life

We now realize that you were in deed human

Life is as fragile as the blossoms of beautiful flower

God gave us your beauty to savor and appreciate for a short time

Sometimes we failed to see the splendid beings he created for us

Many now realize a bit too late what a light you were in this dark world

A voice that cried against injustice and felt for those less fortunate

We cry and ask ourselves why did you have to leave us and why now?

You both were aging so gracefully and doing it with great style

But alas, we are left to witness the last stellar performance of two massive stars

Turning into bright supernovas in the history of time

But only God knows what the future and the present would have held for you

He saw the secret pain in your heart and body that man could not

It’s doesn’t make our acceptance of your passing any less difficult

But we know that this is the circle of life for all who live, both small and great

It always seems like the most special people leave us much too soon

You both were definitely high on the list of those who will never be forgotten

We lost the King and the Prince almost seven years apart

We will always miss you and will keep your memory alive in our hearts

Rest in God’s eternal peace

Written By MJ WAS A CUTIE Pie for All Things Michael

5 thoughts on “To The Gloved And Purple One

  1. This brought tears. All over again we feel this great loss and sadness. How could we lose them both!!?? Both beautiful human beings. Both geniuses. Both givers of such joy. My heart has always been with Michael but again I grieve for fans, family and the world.

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