Live 3D Technology At Coachella Was Originally Meant For Michael Jackson


INDIO, California — Anyone who walked into the Sahara Tent at Coachella shortly after midnight on Friday saw something that no one had ever seen before.

The Lucent Dossier Experience — an L.A.-based collective that combines vocal performances with avant-garde performers and aerial artists — gave a groundbreaking performance using real-time 3D Live graphics for the first time.

It’s Lucent’s 11th year performing at the Indio, California, music festival, but it was their first time taking on anything this ambitious. The 3D LED display tracked graphics that reacted and changed in response to the performers’ movements.

“We’ve all been to 3D movies, but to put it in a live event and to put performers in front of an LED and have the images flying around and past and over the performers…. it’s a brand new world,” Lucent founder and creative director Dream Rockwell told Mashable the day after the show.


She said the technology was originally intended to premiere during Michael Jackson’s tour right before he passed away.

“It’s kind of been shelved all this time,” Rockwell said. After she got connected to 3D Live Events, she took the idea to festival founder Paul Tollett, who — after seeing a demo of the performance — offered them the Sahara stage, Coachella’s home for all things dance music….


Read the full story here


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