The Ultimate Thriller Michael Jackson Tribute Is Coming To Bucharest


Michael Jackson’s  first visit to Romania took place on October 1, 1992 when his career was at its peak.

At that time, the event was so important to Romania. Michael Jackson had included a freshly released country from the communism Strait in his Dangerous World Tour. It not only had great artistic importance, but also political.

The King of Pop performed for the second time in Bucharest in 1996, bringing his new ” HIStory” tour.  The concert series had just debuted before coming to Romania and was the third stop of the long string of shows, after Prague and Budapest. National Stadium in Bucharest was attended by over 80,000 fans, 10,000 more than previously estimated.

In tribute to those shows, “The Ultimate Thriller – Michael Jackson The Tribute – LIVE” will be staged in Bucharest, Romania, by the team of musicians, choreographers and dancers who performed with the “King of Pop” on tour. The event will take place on July 7, 2016 in Constitution Square. Ticket prices for the show start at 80 lei. The show will start at 19:00


Jennifer Batten, Lavelle Smith Jr, Michael Prince, Sam Sims and the rest of the Michael Jackson team will meet again on the same stage seven years since his death for a tribute that will combine hits promoted tours “Bad” and “Dangerous.”

The Ultimate Thriller`s production team includes LaVelle Smith, who was a choreographer and principal dancer for Michael on the “Dangerous”, “Bad” and “History” tours; Mic Thompson, who spent eight years as a principal dancer for Michael and can be seen in the videos for “Dangerous” and “Ghosts” and Michael Prince, Michael Jackson`s longtime personal recording engineer and audio supervisor for all live and television performances. Guitarist Jennifer Batten offered the most electrifying solos on the Bad, Dangerous and History tours; Bass player Sam Smith performed with Michael for Michael and Friends and several other MJ shows. Their insight and experience with Michael Jackson have been instrumental in providing unparalleled authenticity to the production.

Ticket prices at “The Ultimate Thriller – Michael Jackson The Tribute – LIVE”:

  • Normal Category: RON 80
  • Golden Category: 150 lei
  • Diamond Category: 300 lei
  • Rostrum category: 450 lei

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Sources: Infomusic | All Things Michael

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