David Gest’s Final Radio Interview About His Delight At Reuniting The Jackson’s

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration

One of David Gest’s final radio interviews reveals the late star discussing his good friend Michael Jackson and reuniting The Jackson 5 back in 2001.

Music producer Gest died at the age of 62 on Tuesday , with the cause of death being treated as unexplained.

The US star grew up with Jackson and his brothers in California, and was close friends with the family.

Opening up about their bond in a radio interview with Compass FM in Grimsby, he recalled the moment he called the iconic singer to ask him to perform with his brothers once again.

“I was very fortunate to produce his last concert when I reunited him with the Jackson 5 in 2001 and I’ll tell you how that happened,” he said.

mj 30th

“I was living in California and we were both living in a city called Encino and we lived about a few blocks from each other. I woke up and I heard The Love You Save by The Jackson 5 – that was always my favourite Jackson 5 song.

“I thought I want to hear this live and I said I’m going to reunite them. So I called Michael and I said I’m going to do a concert and it will be your 30th anniversary in show business and we’ll reunite you – and he said no.”

He continued: “So I called his assistant Frank and I said you’ve got to help him talk me into this and we decided we’d take a trip to San Francisco, we’d go there for a few days and we’d go to this memorabilia show because Mike loved memorabilia and we convinced him on that trip to do it.

“And I’ll never forget when we went into rehearsal the first day and they started to sing The Love You Save and I just looked at them and go, ‘I can’t believe I’ve reunited The Jackson 5 and I’m actually doing a TV special and two live concerts.’


“It was incredible because they were my favorite group as a kid and I grew up with their music.”

The 2001 television special was the highest rated in history.

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Sources: Mirror | All Things Michael

One thought on “David Gest’s Final Radio Interview About His Delight At Reuniting The Jackson’s

  1. “…highest rated in television history.”

    Frank Cacsoo tell this story
    a little differently but all three of them made this happen. Thank you for an amazing show and one of Michaels few last times on stage.

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