Committee Wants Gary To Better Utitlize Its Connection To The Jacksons


Some Gary residents are attempting to create excitement around a series of events honoring favorite son Michael Jackson and his family.

They’re asking others, including the city, to get involved in something positive for a city that’s seen better days, WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports.

The Jacksons are “the greatest entertainment family the world has ever seen,” says activist Kwabena Rasuli. “Let’s utilize it, let’s benefit from it.”

Rasuli says the Jacksons could do for Gary what Elvis has done for Memphis and generate millions.

Locals say a steady influx of tourists come to 2300 Jackson Street, the small house where the Jackson family started their career in music.

Gordon Keith, who early on signed the Jacksons to his Steel Town Records label, says the family said they would never forget their roots in northwest Indiana.

“I’m still waiting on them to keep that promise,” Keith says.

For more information about the Committee To Honor The Jacksons In Gary, go to the group’s Facebook page.

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7 thoughts on “Committee Wants Gary To Better Utitlize Its Connection To The Jacksons

    • I don’t think that they are allowed to use government tax payer dollars to buy memorabilia at auction, even if they could afford it. The museum idea has been floated around for years, but nothing has come of it. His mother has a charity event in his honor around his birthday. Last year they gave away free haircuts and school supplies.

      • They can. Other cities do it all the time as an investment in tourism. For example Nashville offered Fisk University a hefty sum to purchase the Carl van Vecthen art collection. We alumni and the board were against it so they didn’t sell to the city.

      • That’s interesting. Thanks for letting me know. I guess it works different depending on where you live. Where I live, the government has all these rules in place about what you can spend with government funds. For example, we can’t even buy paper plates with government funds. Even if someone donates something, it has to go through this long process due to ethics rules.

  1. I think it’s the city’s responsibility – along with the Jacksons if they choose – to help Gary. Never forgetting your roots is not a promise to fund a city’s turn around. The Jackson have already provided a great deal of money to the city in tourism since Michael died. I don’t like Mr Keith’s tone. Sounds a little bit like old sour grapes to me. Just sayin.

    • He’s never gotten over the fact that the Jackson’s left to sign with Motown. He is bitter. He says they never gave him credit for what he did, which wasn’t that much. The Jackson’s were known and opened for big acts before they signed with him. He needs to let it go.

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