Timbaland Wins Michael Jackson’s Song Lawsuit


theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Timbaland scored a victory in the legal battle accusing him of stealing a musician’s work and using it as his own for a Michael Jackson track, with the artist who filed suit against the music producer dismissing all claims against him without being paid.

A musician named Sidney Swanson filed a federal lawsuit against MJJ Productions – the company in charge of releasing the Michael Jackson’s music, Timbaland and Sony Music.

The man explained he released a song entitled “On the Move” back in 2002. He accused Timbaland of stealing his music for the song, “Chicago” – which he produced and was featured on Michael Jackson’s posthumous album “Xscape” – and he filed suit for copyright infringement.

He demanded damages for the copyright infringement along with an injunction against MJJ Productions, Timbaland and Sony from continuing to distribute the song.

Timbaland fired back at the unknown musician’s allegations that he stole music for Michael’s song, “Chicago”. The music producer denied all claims he infringed on the man’s copyright.

He explained that he produced MJ’s song by himself and created it independently. He even said the musician doesn’t even own a valid copyright to his 2002 song and therefore he cannot even sue for infringement.

Timbaland demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out and the man be awarded NOTHING.

Then on March 24th, docs were filed in the case by Swanson explaining he is dismissing all claims against Timblanad and Sony Music and he will not be able to re-file the suit ever again.

Swanson says he is dismissing his entire lawsuit against the music producer and label over claims they infringed on his copyright. Further, he has agreed with the defendants to not seek any money from them for his court costs. He also acknowledges under oath that even though he is dismissing his lawsuit he is not being paid a dime from Timbaland or the label.


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Source: The Jasmine Report | All Things Michael

One thought on “Timbaland Wins Michael Jackson’s Song Lawsuit

  1. More damn unfounded bs & more money wasted defending against ridiculous lawsuits. The guy shld have to pay the Estate’s legal bills!

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