Soul Sounds Female Choir Celebrates Nature With Michael Jackson Hits And More To Aid Animal Charity

Michael Jackson-Earth Song

On March 17 when the Soul Sounds, Sri Lanka’s much celebrated highly awarded premier female choir put on a riveting performance they called ‘Born Free,’ a concert in aid of the Animal Protection Trust. The featured a repertoire of songs for all music and animal lovers.

Yes, the Soul Sounds were clearly different, dazzling, their faces exotically painted. The harmony, the tonality seemed to take on a different timbre. Tossed aside was their characteristic swing and sway movement. Instead they lunged, prowled, made looping movements with their bodies. They threw themselves into a new idiom, and wove into vibrant new group postures, while they sang….


The stage was appropriately forest-like and mystical. And when the lights dimmed and the musicians gathered and the first chords were played and a huge lion paw filled the backdrop screen…the singers burst in through the entrance doors of the auditorium, making a dramatic entrance protesting vibrantly in song…’they don’t really care about us!’

It was from the Michael Jackson medley: the ‘Earth Song’. It was appropriately earthy and hugely energetic. And then the singers gathered into position on stage and suddenly quieted to pause for Shehara Liyanage’s silvery voice as it lifted in solo and she began the Earth Song in earnest which beautifully lit up by the whole choir.

Dinushka Jayawickreme’s solo of Michael Jackson’s ‘Will you be There’ with the choir was haunting. It was more than a song…more than lyrics…more than movements…climaxing with Lilanka Boteju rendering the perfect piece of poetry to bring a lump in the throat to many a listener….


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Sources: Daily News | All Things Michael

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