‘Kid of Pop’ Lands In Spotlight With Michael Jackson Moves

Sources: Southbend Tribute – By Kathy Borlik | All Things Michael

He’s got the moves. Ziynne is his stage name. Everyone needs a stage name when you are 8 years old. In grade school in the Mishawaka area, he is Ziynne Ward. Some people call him the Kid of Pop.

For the past four years he has been dancing to the music of Michael Jackson. He comes complete with a red jacket and a sparkly glove. The crowds love him. Recently he performed in Milwaukee with the Jacksons (Tito, Jackie and Marlon) at a charity event at the Wisconsin Center. This past Saturday, he performed at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City.


Ziynne auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” television show in Detroit in the fall. But the family hasn’t heard anything. A promotional video for AGT has images of the young dancer. Check out the video at the 40-second spot www.youtube.com/watch?v=StBXOxGTDAA.

He is the son of Stephen and Stephanie Ward. His dad said it is a “God-given talent. He has never taken a dance lesson. We are proud and amazed with him. It is very natural for him.”

Dad Stephen said he noticed when he carried his infant son and listened to music, the little boy rocked back and forth with the beat of the music. “In preschool, I went into the classroom and he was performing, and the other kids sat in a circle and watched. The teachers all had their phones out and were recording him.”


By the time he was in kindergarten, the movie “Michael Jackson’s This is It” was released. Ziynne was as happy as he could be.

He has performed at local events and festivals. The Jackson family members were impressed, according to Stephen. And that may open more doors for him, according to dad.

Check out his website — www.Ziynne.com — for a look at the performance schedule.


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