Little Girl’s Report On Michael Jackson Leads Her To Learning How To Dance Via Youtube Videos

Source: Revelist | All Things Michael


Adilyn Malcolm: You might not know her name, but you definitely know her mesmerizing videos,which have blown up online with millions of views.

The 12-year-old has become a viral sensation for her dubstep dance moves — the pop and lock techniques require an incredible amount of coordination that many much older than Adi (*raises hand*) could never accomplish.

As if her mind-blowing talent wasn’t enough, in a recent interview with Fusion, Adi revealed that she learned all her moves just by watching YouTube videos.

“It all began with a report for Michael Jackson,” Adi said, “and I went on the Internet, and I fell upon dancing to dubstep and I just started practicing and going on from there.”

Adi added that the advantage of learning online is that she can watch the same moves until she perfects them.

“I just go on YouTube, look on random stuff like ‘how to dubstep,’ ‘how to pop and lock,’ and to learn the move, I usually watch the video over and over and over.”

“If you’re on the Internet, you can really learn and teach yourself — it benefits you because you can watch everything over and over again, but in a classroom you can’t do that,” Adilyn said. “Honestly, because I learned this whole thing from the Internet and the Internet is my generation’s tool to learning these things, I think I can show people that you can do anything if you really have a passion for it.”

Check out the video for more about Adilyn’s impressive moves:

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