Washington Wizard’s Kelly Oubre Jr. Honors King of Pop For Black History Month

Source: KUSports.com – By Benton Smith – All Things Michael


Odds are, never in your life have you mentioned legendary singer/songwriter Michael Jackson and Washington rookie Kelly Oubre Jr. in the same sentence — or even came close to thinking about them as having some sort of connection.

Well, for you non-followers of Washington’s NBA franchise, that’s about to change.

Oubre, a rookie out of Kansas, actually posed as The King of Pop for a special project the Wizards organized for Black History Month.

bhm-oubre-stripe-mj-800x800 (1)

As a way to recognize the significant historical and cultural contributions of various people through the years, the Wizards had their players “pay homage to these historic figures as part of their commitment to upholding and honoring their legacies.”

From Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King Jr., to Meadowlark Lemon and Michael Jackson, current Washington players re-created iconic images for Black History Month.



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