Michael Jackson’s $1.5M ‘Gone With the Wind’ Oscar Is Missing

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter | All Things Michael

Michael Jackson arrives at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in Santa Maria, California, May 19, 2005. The mother of Michael Jackson's teen accuser praised Jackson as an øangelø and was eager to participate in a 2003 video defending his reputation, a family friend testified Thursday in the singer's child molestation trial.  REUTERS/Phil Klein

When Michael Jackson died unexpectedly in 2009 at age 50, the executors of his estate began taking inventory of the mountains of valuable assets the entertainer had left behind. But one prized Jackson possession eluded their investigation: the best picture Oscar awarded to legendary producer David O. Selznick for the 1939 classic Gone With the Wind. Jackson, a movie buff throughout his life, had purchased the Academy Award in 1999, paying $1.54 million in a Sotheby’s auction (the 1940 Oscar was awarded before there were rules against selling them), still the most ever shelled out for a golden statuette. (Before the auction, the sellers had estimated its worth at a mere $300,000.)

DAVID O. SELZNICK (Best Picture, GONE WITH THE WIND) picks up his Oscar from MERVYN LE ROY, 3/2/40

DAVID O. SELZNICK (Best Picture, GONE WITH THE WIND) picks up his Oscar from MERVYN LE ROY, 3/2/40

Jackson is presumed to have kept the Oscar at either his Neverland estate near Ojai, Calif., or at the Los Angeles home where he was living when he died. But the Oscar was not found among his belongings, according to the estate. A Jackson family member might have absconded with the trophy, it might simply be hidden and unaccounted for in a storage facility with other possessions, or it might have been stolen during the commotion surrounding his death. Regardless, if it does show up, Jackson’s executors will be waiting to reclaim it.

“The estate does not know where the Gone With the Wind statuette is,” Jackson attorney Howard Weitzman tells THR. “We would like to have that Oscar because it belongs to Michael’s children. I’m hopeful it will turn up at some point.”

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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s $1.5M ‘Gone With the Wind’ Oscar Is Missing

  1. I remember reading Bill Whitfield’s statement in the book “Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days”. He talked about Michael sending him and Jovan Beard back to pack up the Las Vegas house and to retrieve a silver metal briefcase from his closet…this briefcase seemed very, very important to MJ. When Whitfield opened the briefcase, two Oscar statues for Gone With The Wind were inside. So, we know that MJ had the statues with him in Virginia sometime during the summer of 2007. Hopefully this story will shed some light on the whereabouts of the statues.

    • I was thinking the same thing, Patricia, but then Bill said Michael took the Oscars with him when he left the Cascios (where he stayed after Virginia) to attend Jesse Jackson’s bday party in Oct 2007 in LA so we know they got back to California. After that Michael moved into the Palomino house in Las Vegas which had underground storage in secret tunnels where he kept millions in artwork and probably the Oscars. In Oct 2008, Michael asked Bill to bring the Oscars from Vegas to the Bel Air Hotel where he was staying briefly before he moved to Holmby Hills so it’s fairly certain they got to Carolwood. My bet is still on Tohme.

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