Hear Michael Jackson’s “Starlight” Demo For “Thriller”

Sources: Boing Boing | All Things Michael


“Thriller” was written by Rod Temperton and produced by Quincy Jones. The song was inspired by the Jacksons hit, “This Place Hotel.” Earlier titles of the song included “Starlight,” “Starlight Sun” and “Give Me Some Starlight.”

The title was changed to Thriller after Michael told Temperton he wanted something that would appeal to kids. Temperton commented:

“Originally, when I did my Thriller demo, I called it Starlight. Quincy said to me, ‘You managed to come up with a title for the last album, see what you can do for this album.’ I said, ‘Oh great,’ so I went back to the hotel, wrote two or three hundred titles, and came up with the title ‘Midnight Man’. The next morning, I woke up, and I just said this word… Something in my head just said, this is the title. You could visualize it on the top of the Billboard charts. You could see the merchandising for this one word, how it jumped off the page as ‘Thriller’.”


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