Sources: ABC11.com | All Things Michael

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“Dancing is everything to Jonah this is his main interest, his single interest and he loves it,” Edie said.

“Everybody loves to watch him dance,” she said. “We go places and he’ll dance, just start dancing at a restaurant when he gets bored, and people will stop, and servers will stop and certain people will get his autograph and say ‘you’re really going to be something one day.'”

“I just like him because he’s the king of pop,” Jonah said.

“We were at the beach and we saw “This Is It,” his last concert, so that’s how I began to like him,” he said.

Edie said he practices copying MJ’s signature moves for hours every day.

“He’s watching videos when he comes home from school, into the night. We have to actually get him off of it to go other things because he loves it so much,” She said.

She said she hopes Jonah’s dancing will lead to bigger and brighter things for him in the future.

“I feel like everybody should do something that makes them happy, this is what brings him joy, and his dancing brings joy to other people,” Edie said.

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