Thriller Live To Overtake Evita As The 17th Longest Running West End Musical

Sources: Leek Post And Times – By Abigail Lander | All Things Michael


On Wednesday December 16, at the 2901st performance at the Lyric Theatre, Thriller Live will overtake Evita, which opened in 1978, to become the 17th Longest Running West End Musical of all time. It is testament to the enduring appeal of Michael Jackson and his music.

It’s no wonder this show has broken records, it is absolutely incredible, and a glorious tribute to the undisputed King of Pop the late Michael Jackson.

Thriller Live came to The Regent Theatre stage with an updated version of the show, including new songs, videos, costumes and special FX from Thursday February 11 until Saturday February 13.

The auditorium was packed out for this show, and deservedly so, the talent of the performers are out of this world, with some of the best singing and dancing I have ever seen or heard.

As we were guided through the performances of some of the greatest hits from Michael’s’ career as a member of his family’s group The Jackson Five and his solo albums, accompanied by narration from some of the performers, I found a whole new love and admiration for Michael Jackson and his extraordinary talent as a performer, singer, dancer, entertainer and song writer.

It was clear to see that each one of the performers was having the time of their life on that stage and filled with pride to be representing such an amazing talent, and it’s no wonder, with his vast repertoire of hits, people call Michael Jackson one of the greatest entertainers there ever was.

But Michael was not only an incredible entertainer, he was an avid campaigner and humanitarian for the environment, equality and human rights, and my particular favourite performance of the night was Earth Song, when the singers and dancers completely captured and embodied the fierce, passionate spirit of the song and its powerful message.

The atmosphere was electric and the audience couldn’t get enough of it and were literally dancing in the aisles, and after seeing this powerful production I realise the huge talent that the world has lost….

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