USA Today’s Dad Rock Revisits Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall


On this week’s episode of USA TODAY’s Dad Rock podcast, hosts Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan take a track-by-track look at Off the Wall.

Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” album is a fascinating record in that it presents the rare portrait of the future King of Pop as a hungry, humble artist out to prove himself as more than just a child star.

“If disco could potential evolve into something, and I know inherently it’s probably a form that was inevitably going to burn out … this was one direction that I think disco could have gone,” Foster says of the title track specifically but also the album overall. “It’s little more progressive in the melody; there’s still a really driving beat, but it’s also got that caressing feeling … You could hear it late night on the radio and be comforted by the feeling and the sound of the whole song while still having the theme be ‘off the wall’; I’m gonna get loose.”

The interview starts at 9:30.


Read the full article here

Sources: USA Today – By Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan | All Things Michael

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