Happy Birthday Wishes To Prince Jackson!


There are so many opportunities just waiting for you
You’ll accomplishment much no matter what you do

Follow your dreams and give it all you’ve got
Remembering there are many on your side who love you a lot

Praying for your protection, asking angels to clear your way
And sending best wishes for a happy 19th birthday!



Peace and love,

From All Things Michael

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wishes To Prince Jackson!

  1. I woke up this morning thinking about Prince before I even realized it was his birthday tho I knew it was in Feb. Those Jacksons are just in our DNA, aren’t they? What a precious child he was and what a remarkable young man he’s grown up to be. Michael would be so proud. Happy birthday, Michael’s beloved first born.

    • Yes they are very much in our hearts. Every year that they get older I must fight the urge to cry, wishing that he were here to see them. I can only image how they must feel. Would have loved to have seen Prince driving him around in his truck or Mercedes, laughing and having fun.

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