Zendaya Lists Dressing Up Like Michael Jackson As One Of Things To Know About Her

Sources: USA Today – By Jaleesa Jones | All Things Michael


In case you needed another reason to love Zendaya, please allow us — or rather, Glamour— to give you the exhaustive list. The 19-year-old K.C. Undercover actress and singer is featured in the magazine’s March issue (on national newsstands today) and dishes on 19 facts you may not have known about her in a Glamour video.

Her rightful stanning over The King of Pop: “There was a period of my life where I dressed like Michael Jackson.”

Her unabashed honesty: “My very first acting gig was James and the Giant Peach and, let’s just say, I didn’t have any lines.”

Her love for pizza: “I’m a vegetarian but I don’t like vegetables. Well, technically, I like vegetables but I would much rather have a pizza.”  (Wouldn’t we all?)

The CoverGirl also discussed the importance of using her star power to champion causes.

“I don’t just sing, dance, and act because I love it.”

Zendaya told Glamour, adding, “You have to have a purpose, and mine is to connect with the world, to get across messages that are important.”

The most important message she’s campaigning to get across? HIV/AIDS awareness. Zendaya is an ambassador for the UNAIDS Foundation and is currently coordinating a return trip to South Africa to speak at the International AIDS Conference this summer.

“AIDS can affect everyone,” she told the magazine. “If I can make it cool for young people to buy a certain handbag, maybe I can make it cool to be safe, protect yourself, get tested—to love yourself.”

For more details on Zendaya’s activism and rising fame, access the full feature here.

Check out some of Zendaya’s past clothing tributes to Michael below.




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