Vegas Twin Dancers List Michael Jackson As One Of Their Tap Dance Heroes


Dance twins Sean and John Scott of Cirque’s “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace recently sat down with to discuss their tap dancing career and experiences in the field. Tell us a little about yourself: Where are you from? How long have you two been dancing?
Sean Scott: We’re from Los Angeles born and raised. My brother and I, at the age of four or five, we were always jumping around, we had all of this energy and we would run around the house just causing chaos and my mom wanted to burn that energy somewhere and one day when she was cleaning the house and she saw Sammy Davis Jr. on TV and she thought maybe she’d put us in tap dancing. So, she enrolled us in tap dancing and we’ve been sticking with it ever since.

VDC: How did you end up in Absinthe?
SS: We were actually in another show at first and that’s when we met the producers of “Absinthe” and they embraced us and we had a good chemistry with them and we definitely wanted to do a collaboration with them and I thought it was a good idea because ever since I’ve been working with Spiegleworld, I’ve been happy here.

VDC: If you we’re in a dance off against the Nicholas Brothers what song would you tap to? What move would be your secret weapon?
SS: I don’t know, maybe a Michael Jackson song. Wow. What move would be my secret weapon? That’s a hard question! I always felt inferior to the Nicholas brothers because I idolize them, you know? They’re the best. If they were around right now, me and my brother wouldn’t have a job. But my secret weapon would be…I can’t say splits because they are masters at it, you know? I guess I’d just kill it with my swag.

John Scott: That’s a good question. Yikes. I probably would do “Pursuit of Happiness.” I don’t think my secret weapon would do anything compared to the Nicholas brothers. I don’t think I would stand a chance, honestly. Not only were they really showy, they were rhythmic as well so they were really good at both of those so I don’t know how I would do. The Nicholas brothers are like everything to me so, I just think if they were dancing now, I wouldn’t be working as much.

VDC: Besides the Nicholas Brothers, who are your tap heroes?
SS: My tap heroes, I would say, I am a big fan of Michael Jackson so I like Michael Jackson. I guess I would say I like Fred Astaire and our tap teacher.
JS: Besides them? I would say Fred Astaire. Fred Astaire was really, really good.

VDC: What is something about tap dancing that most people don’t know?
JS: It’s seriously like, I kind of compare it to insanity. You are the instrument and you can’t just dance to a rhythm, you can’t just dance to a steady rhythm. You’re the rhythm so you have to switch it up. You have to go slower, you have to go faster, you have to go faster, you have to go slower you can go off any beat but you can’t forget that you are the instrument so it’s not just a dance, you know what I mean? That’s why I like tap dancing because it’s like you’re part of a jazz band off to the side because you are a percussionist, you know? But, to answer your question, it’s a full-body movement and so it is very tiring, you know? Very tiring and you can’t fake it especially being in the theater in the round and being that close to everybody, they could tell if you were faking it, you know? It won’t come across as cool or nice if you’re faking it.

Check out Absinthe to see these tapping twins in action Wednesday – Sunday at 8 and 10 p.m.

Read the full article at  Blog Vegas | All Things Michael

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