TJ Jackson And Family Offended Over Michael Jackson 9/11 Comedy Film


Sky Arts is releasing a film entitled Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon, which has many in and out of the fan community upset over the content and the actor cast to play Michael in the film.

TJ Jackson, Michael’s nephew and the guardian of his three children, tells the TRUTH about what really happened in New York in 2001.

“It’s offensive to me and my family for my Uncle Michael to be portrayed in a comedy taking place around 9/11,” Jackson says in a statement released to Entertainment Tonight.

“Like everyone else, he was distraught, saddened and trying to process what had just happened. Following the events of 9/11, my uncle, Michael, stayed with a family friend in New Jersey for a week before flying back. The rest of our family, immediately took buses back to Los Angeles as planes were grounded. There was no road trip with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. I have no comment on the casting of the project.”

Note: All Things Michael feels the exact same way and will not support this film in its mockery and lies about Michael Jackson.

Sources: All Things Michael | TJ Jackson | Entertainment Tonight

13 thoughts on “TJ Jackson And Family Offended Over Michael Jackson 9/11 Comedy Film

  1. Michael didn’t seem to care much about color over a person’s talent and ability. Do you think he would have cared more about what color skin an actor playing him had or how well the actor did reflecting his nature? I haven’t seen anyone play him well yet. I would like to see someone capture his essence respectfully. I am scared to say this as it may anger some folks but I don’t care if the man is black or white if he does an excellent job. Michael’s legacy is found in his history. I don’t think an actor has any power over that.

    • The issue with this movie is because the event that they are portraying never happened. It’s tabloid rumor and mockery and not the truth. You are right in saying that Michael never cared about color, but the issue of concern with the casting is because the main stream media and public started to call him white after his battle with vitiligo, which is something that he couldn’t help. People thought that he no longer wanted to be black and ridiculed him, even to this day. They think that his race changed because the color of his skin did. He was proud of his race, but it became a tabloid rumor that he always had to deal with. Fans and his family want that public mindset about him to change.

      By the way, I think that Wylie Draper gave an excellent portrayal of him in “The Jacksons, the American Dream” movie. Matter of fact, Michael personally chose him to play the part. Wylie also appears in the Remember the Time short film.

  2. Us fans is not a JOKE, Michael Jackson is not a JOKE, and this film seem to be a JOKE…So please Stop messing with our MICHAEL JACKSON people bother him while he was alive and you still continually bothering him and he is long gone from us but he will always be in our HEARTS always and forever…..Like in MJ song say, Leave Me Alone, stop it just stop doggin me around oooww!!!

  3. Thankful to TJ for his comments. This so called comedy is a fraud, untruthful and disrespectful to ET, MB but most of all Michael. British media – who also produced that hideous autopsy show – strikes again. Shame.

  4. I totally agree. The film is a joke. People are unable to process Michaels life the way it really was so they resort to phantasies. Its going to be a disaster no matter which actor plays him.

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