Patrick Cox – Shoe Designer For Scream


Have you ever wondered who designed Michael and Janet Jackson’s shoes for Scream? Well, wonder no more!

Shoe designer Patrick Cox is known for his hugely successful Wannabe loafers since the early nineties. His work has earned him a strong celebrity following including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and David Beckham, just to name a few. He was twice awarded the British Accessories Designer of the Year Award in 1994 and 1995, and the Fashion Medal of Honor by the Footwear Association of New York in 1996. His shoes can be found in museum collections worldwide.  While presenting his new brand, Lathbridge, at London Collections Men, he was asked about some of his celebrity clients.

“The first were men, Paul Weller and Jazzie B, and Oasis loved them, too. Michael Jackson’s people faxed me an outline of his foot; we did the shoes for the Scream video – in fact it was Janet Jackson that first called me “Party Pat.”She said: “I like your style – wherever you go there’s a party.”


Just as Scream is known for its visual effects, the siblings futuristic style in the short film is also a head of its time. The Jackson’s wore wear tight, custom-made, black spandex jeans with the look of patent; cone-stitched shirts and clunky patent boots.


They alternate clothing throughout the film from black to silver and white spandex jeans, jackets and fur-trimmed coats, robes and lots of fun accessories.Scream-michael-jackson-11632976-940-1325Janet Jackson scream3scream_mj_by_mercuryz-d38pr5uMJ-michael-jacksons-scream-13195889-853-1004

Michael’s long time costume/fashion designer, Michael Bush and his partner Dennis Thompkins made Michael’s wardrobe for the film.


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