Teen MJ Fan With Asperger Syndrome Gives Back


RENO, NV – Falynne Lewing has loved Michael Jackson ever since she was a little girl, which eventually led to her trying to mimic the King of Pop’s moves. For most of her life, Lewing has also faced many challenges dealing with Asperger Syndrome. Yet, that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She puts on an annual Michael Jackson tribute show to raise money for the Autism Coalition of Nevada, so that other kids like her can get the help they need.

“I know a lot of people with autism and things related to that. So, it’s really close to my heart. I really want to give back to those wonderful people,” she says.

This year, Lewing is working hard to make the show bigger and better.

“Definitely more dancers, we’ve got some b-boys now, some aerialists. A lot more new songs, but definitely expect Smooth Criminal and all the hits to be in there still,” she says.


Lewing says she spends about 3 hours a day practicing, and dedicates even more time to planning out the show.

“(It’s) a lot of work for sure. Been in my garage for months trying to plan this stuff, recording for the dancers, lots of tutorials,” she says.

Lewing will be performing in the Eldorado Showroom, which holds special significance for her.

“A few years ago, back in 2012, we came here to see a Michael show. It was a tribute called “Man in the Mirror”, and that really got me started on what I do now. So, it’s really an honor to be back here and perform on the same stage,” she says.


Lewing’s show is packed with lots of high-energy dancing, singing, and an entire cast of special guest performers. What’s probably most impressive, is that Lewing is self-taught. The 14 year-old says that having Asperger Syndrome has not discouraged her from doing what she loves, and she encourages other kids with disorders on the autism spectrum to do the same.

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Reach for the stars,” she says.

Lewing’s show is Saturday, January 9th, at 7 p.m. All proceeds will benefit the Autism Coalition of Nevada.

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Sources: Kolo8 | Falynne Lewing | Bonnie Lamrock| All Things Michael

Falynne is a very talented young lady. Check out some of her artwork below!

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