Actress Alicia Vikander Shares Her Best Concert Experience


Swedish actress, dancer and star of The Danish Girl Alicia Vikander lists Michael Jackson’s History tour as the best concert that she has ever attended:

“Michael Jackson came to Gothenburg, my home town, with his History tour in 1997. I was totally blown away by the whole experience, I had never experienced anything like it. I guess from a kid’s perspective, standing in that audience of 60,000 people, I felt totally absorbed and felt like I was transferred to another world and universe.


The feeling that show gave me, with it’s combined music, dance, special effects and storytelling, has always stayed with me in memory. It was addictive, but mostly I got the wish to be a part of passing that feeling forward, for others.”

Check out the full Gothenburg concert below:


Sources: Forbes | All Things Michael

3 thoughts on “Actress Alicia Vikander Shares Her Best Concert Experience

  1. I just saw The Danish Girl yesterday and loved Alicia as well as Redmayne – who has been a fave for a while – her co-star. What a timely article. How nice to find that someone I just newly discovered loves our Michael and actually got to see him live. He obviously passed his love of theater and story-telling on to her. Addictive. Good word!

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